Chapter 1426: Advanced Devilization

Chapter 1426: Advanced Devilization

Flaming Sun Abyss.

Qin Lie's two Soul Beast avatars talked with Ice Emperor and Dawson as his main body gradually recovered the bloodline power of the Demon Spirit of Space and Time.

He floated silently above the Origin Sea.

"Glug glug!"

The boiling Origin Sea gave off thick purple abyss devil energy. The abyss devil energy floated into the sky and spread into all parts of the Flaming Sun Abyss.

"The creator of the Abyss..."

His Blood Soul Beast avatar, through Dawson's explanation, had a clear understanding of the uniqueness of an Abyss Creator.

Of the Eight Purgatories of the Abyss, seven of the eight Devil Monarchs were Abyss Creators.

Only Devil Monarchs had hopes of breaking the limit of a rank ten bloodline and becoming an Abyss Master.

And the Abyss Master was the true ruler of all Abyss levels. He could command all Abyss Devils in the Abyss, and make all of the rank ten Great Lords of the Abyss and Devil Monarchs follow his orders.

One hundred and nine Abyss levels, countless Abyss Devils. Once they united, it would be the end of days for all other races.

The Soul Race, Spirit Race, and God Race together would not be a match for all one hundred and nine levels. The Abyss Master was... the master of the universe.

"Since I am so lucky to become the creator of the Flaming Sun Abyss, I have hope of becoming a Devil Monarch of the Eight Purgatories. Therefore, I should treasure my Abyss Devil Race bloodline..."

Seated above the Origin Sea, he contemplated his future path as he tried to activate his Abyss Devil Race bloodline.

The deep purple bloodline crystal chains suddenly shone with purple light with his second heart as the center.


He roared into the sky, giving off Abyss Devil–like bellows as he tried to activate the potential in his Abyss Devil Race bloodline.

Suddenly, the thick abyss devil energy that had been rising out of the Origin Sea furiously flooded towards him like a river flowing into the sea.

The dense energy burrowed into his bloodline when it reached his body.

In a flash, his physical body was filled with thick abyss devil energy.

He probed around with his mind.

He could feel that when the tendrils of thick abyss devil energy entered his body, they were immediately absorbed by his Abyss Devil Race bloodline.

The deep purple bloodline crystal chains flowed in his blood and filled his veins.

"Clang clang! Clang clang clang!"

His second heart gave off ear-deafening beats. The powerful pulse caused his expression to change slightly.

But a second later, the deep frown was replaced by a look of joy.

He suddenly found the abyss devil energy flooding his body was slowly entering his organs, bones, and flesh under the guidance of his Abyss Devil Race bloodline.

The abyss devil energy seemed to be refining his body!

A wave of mixed numbness and piercing pain came from his physical body. He shouted and bared his teeth as he felt intensely with his mind.

His eyes turned from a normal color to a deep purple like eyes of Ling Yushi or Enos.

This was a sign that the Abyss Devil Race bloodline was rushing into his head.

Then, his hair turned deep purple. Next, his bones gave off a wave of cracks. As he breathed, he inhaled and exhaled deep purple abyss devil energy.

He started to give off ancient presence of the Abyss.

At this time, if any other races were here, they would think that he was a high rank Abyss Devil.

His other bloodlines’ presences were completely overcast by the Abyss Devil Race bloodline.

"Advanced devilization!"

Ancient characters of the Abyss appeared from his second heart. He shook and suddenly understood the meaning of the words.

His Abyss Devil Race bloodline, body, and soul were all moving according to a special method.


His body, which had been floating above the Origin Sea, suddenly fell according to his thoughts.

He submerged himself in the Origin Sea.

The boiling Origin Sea was full of the countless specks of light. It was these lights that had brought life from the abyss passageway into the Flaming Sun Abyss.

The ones that had entered the ground became the plants, and the ones that had fallen into water morphed into little demon insects, which later on washed up on the shores of the Origin Sea.

His body, giving off strong Abyss Devil presence, fell into the Origin Sea, light purple shield immediately covering his body.

The fragmented lights in the Origin Sea seemed to be attracted by his body and gathered from all directions.

At this moment, the Flesh Filling Tombstone in his chest changed based on his thoughts and shone with seven rays of godly light.

Deep purple blood flowed within the rays of godly light, and spread to the Origin Sea.

It was the blood he had extracted from the multiple rank eight and nine Abyss Devils in the abyss passageway and also the Demon Spirit of Space and Time.

The blood contained secrets of the rank eight and nine Abyss Devils.

The specks of light saw the blood spill out and furiously rushed over.

They sucked in the blood of the Abyss Devils and merged with the droplets.

Soon, the light dots underwent an obvious transformation.

The fragments first turned to purple cocoons. The blood cocoons absorbed the abyss devil energy of the Origin Sea, and the fresh Abyss Devil blood to make their life seeds and then broke out of the cocoon.

The demon insects, and little Abyss Devils with wings appeared out of those blood cocoons.

They flew out of the Origin Sea, and immediately fought to eat the plants. When they gathered bloodline power, they started to fight each other.

From those demon insects and small Abyss Devils, Qin Lie saw the bloodline shadows of high rank Abyss Devils. He knew they had benefited from the Abyss Devil Race bloodlines in the Flesh Filling Tombstone and they skipped several generations of evolution.

Qin Lie himself sank in the Origin Sea, and the Origin Crystal floated out

The Origin Crystal which had been refined into a Soul Altar appeared, and he immediately felt as though he was one with the Flaming Sun Abyss.

He seemed to be able to see the power of the Flaming Sun Abyss, the existing laws which changed along with the Origin Crystal.

He felt intently.

Gradually, he found the "Flaming Sun" imprint which existed on the Origin Crystal, his blood boiling.

He could feel that the thick abyss devil energy of the Flaming Sun Abyss seemed to be a heated presence. He felt the environment of the Flaming Sun Abyss gradually start to transform towards the environment of the Extreme Flame Abyss he had once visited.

When he named the Origin World "Flaming Sun," the Abyss level seemed to change correspondingly.

The Frost Desolation Abyss was always bone-chillingly cold. The Extreme Flame Abyss was covered in erupting volcanoes and flames. The Darkness Abyss was forever in darkness. The Shining Abyss always was bright...

Whenever each Abyss level got a name, its environment seemed to be predetermined at that moment.

The Abyss level called "Flaming Sun" had yet to change because he, the creator, hadn’t immediately returned.

Right now, he and the Origin Crystal were both in the Origin Sea.

The Flaming Sun Abyss recognized the mysterious laws of the Abyss hidden within the Origin Crystal and tried to recreate the environment based on the name “Flaming Sun”.

The world was designed to suit him.

Human Genesis Realm experts, after refining nine-level Soul Altars, could attempt to create a unique world like this, and then comprehend the changes in the laws of the universe.

Yet he, with his one-level Soul Altar, could begin to do that early.

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