Chapter 1422: Retreating Safely

Chapter 1422: Retreating Safely

The Demon Spirits of Space and Time were one of the strangest races in the entire universe to begin with, and they were exceptionally powerful in the abyss passageway.

Very few people knew just how much it had cost the Spirit Race to capture them and bring them back to their homeworld.

That didn’t include Assad and Narsen. They knew that the Spirit Race had dispatched nearly all of their peak experts in order to capture the Demon Spirits of Space and Time!

No one knew better than the Spirit Race’s rank ten bloodline warriors the terror that was these beasts and the abyss passageway.

That was why the other races were shouting in fear and shock when the rank eight and rank nine Abyss Devils were devoured by the black holes, but the Spirit Race experts were simply looking on indifferently.

They seemed to have predicted this outcome from the beginning. They seemed to know that rank eight and rank nine Abyss Devils wouldn’t be able to deal much damage to Qin Lie as long as he was still in this black hole–infested area.

Reality had proven their judgment right.

The dozens of roaring Abyss Devils charging madly towards Qin Lie in an attempt to kill him were all devoured by those mysterious black holes.

The black holes Qin Lie had drawn over using the Demon Spirit of Space and Time bloodline in him were connected to many death zones that could instantly end any life with their apocalyptic spatial power storms.

Forget a rank nine Abyss Devil, even Terror Devil King and Despair Devil King would’ve been turned to ash if they were careless enough to get caught in those black holes.

There was zero chance they would survive the encounter!

“What a terrifying black hole!”

“Qin Lie has control over those black holes?! No wonder Han Che had left so quickly after leaving behind his threats... Could it be that even Han Che wasn’t sure if he could defeat him here?”

“This boy is unbelievably strong!”

The experts of the Winged Race, the Bone Race, and some other unknown races were all staring at Qin Lie with their eyes wide open.

They were stunned by the amount of power Qin Lie had displayed. Before the demonstration, a couple of rank eight bloodline warriors had wanted to ambush Qin Lie while he wasn’t looking. However, they had all changed their minds since.

Qin Lie hovered at the center of the spinning black holes he controlled them using the blue threads inside his body.

It was almost as if the area he occupied had become the scariest forbidden zone in the entire world. It was a zone that could seemingly devour any living being who dared to intrude its space.

“Swoosh swoosh swoosh!”

Meanwhile, the ice blue colored threads continued to direct the Abyss Devils’ blood into the Flesh Filling Tombstone.

Qin Lie could sense the energy inside the Flesh Filling Tombstone rising dramatically by the second.

The flesh and blood energy of dozens of rank eight and rank nine Abyss Devils was comparable to a sea of blood. As a result, the Flesh Filling Tombstone was recharged like never before.

Unfortunately, the Demon Spirit of Space and Time bloodline power inside his body was rapidly diminishing.

Moreover, there was currently no way to replenish it immediately.

“Pssh pssh! Pssh pssh!”

The bloody black holes suddenly moved in front of Qin Lie like they were some sort of natural shields.

The remaining Abyss Devils hurriedly paused their charge after witnessing the horrifying, bloody death of the first group of Abyss Devils.

After that, not a single Abyss Devil dared to step into that black hole infested area any longer.

In fact, they were finally looking at Qin Lie with a bit of fear. The murderous roars in their throats were suddenly cut short as well.

Although the Abyss Devils had stopped in their tracks, Qin Lie didn't dare let his guard down. Narrowing his eyes, he carefully collected all of the Abyss Devil blood he could gather from the black holes.

A short while later, when he was finally done with his task, Qin Lie let out a long sigh of relief before smiling cruelly and sinisterly. “All rank eight Abyss Devils may feel free to challenge me at the Flaming Sun Abyss. Anyone who manages to kill me there and consume my heart will naturally become the new master of the Flaming Sun Abyss.”

After that, the blue threads broke free from the black holes and reentered his body in just a few seconds. They looked as agile as spirit snakes.

He shot Indigo a glance before smiling brightly at her, nodding. “See you around.”

Indigo gave him a smile before responding softly, “We will meet again.”

After that, Qin Lie’s figure shrank to the size of a rice before he abruptly dove into the black hole right behind him.

His aura swiftly faded away after that.

After Qin Lie had left the scene, the Winged Race, the Bone Race, and other foreign races hesitated for a moment before leaving the scene as well. Whatever motives they may have had when they first came here, it seemed that they were all in agreement that it was time to leave.

Reverence flashed through the surviving Abyss Devils’ eyes as they stared at the black hole cluster.

They hesitated for a moment before shooting a fierce glare at Assad and Narsen. Finally, they turned to leave as well.

Suddenly, the only people left in this safe zone beyond the cluster of black holes were the Spirit Race clansmen and Soul Race clansmen.

Narsen held his silence for a moment before asking Assad suddenly, “I can sense the bloodline power of an Abyss Devil and a Demon Spirit of Space and Time on that Qin Lie. Who is he?”

As the patriarch of the Satorius Family, he had once participated in the Spirit Race’s operation to hunt down the Demon Spirits of Space and Time. He was aware of everything that had happened during that operation.

Since Narsen knew the Demon Spirits of Space and Time intimately, he also knew that the bloodline activity Qin Lie had displayed earlier, the blue threads that had flown out of his body, and his control over the black holes were practically identical to the methods of that one deadliest Demon Spirit of Space and Time they had to fight back then.

That was why he was certain that Qin Lie was somehow strongly connected to that Demon Spirit of Space and Time; the strongest of its kind.

“You should head to Spirit Realm personally if you wish to know the answer,” Assad said suddenly.

His words caught the rank ten bloodline warriors behind him and Indigo next to him off guard.

“Grandpa…” Indigo looked like she wanted to say something.

Assad shook her head and motioned for her to keep calm for the moment. Then, he threw out a star map to Narsen.

Even Narsen was confused at this point.

“You can use this star map as a guide if you wish to travel to Spirit Realm. It won’t take you to Spirit Realm immediately like a black hole would, but it should still shorten your travel time significantly and enable you to arrive at Spirit Realm just a tad faster than the God Race,” Assad said indifferently. “The Great Sage drew this star map. You don’t have to worry about being led astray.”

Narsen grew more and more puzzled. He asked darkly, “Haven’t you set up this elaborate trap in order to kill us in the first place? Why have you suddenly changed your mind at the last minute?”

“It is as you say.” Assad nodded.

“Why?” Narsen growled.

Assad suddenly looked more serious than ever before. “That Qin Lie… I sense great danger from him!”

“Him?” Narsen let out a cold snort before replying disdainfully, “You and I both know that didn’t really kill those rank eight and nine Abyss Devils with his own strength. It was his bloodline and his connection to the black holes that really caught them off guard. Maybe his little tricks were flashy enough to fool those Abyss Devils, the Winged Race, and the Bone Race, but they could hardly fool you and me! I don’t think that a mere rank eight mixed-blood can threaten your seat in any way.”

“You’ll understand what I was afraid of after you’ve gone to Spirit Realm and learned more about him,” Assad replied.

After that, Assad forcefully left the scene while ignoring Narsen’s follow-up questions and his clansmen’s puzzlement.

The baffled Narsen and the two Soul Race princes were the only ones left at the scene.

“Surely Assad must’ve left because he thought that he wasn’t strong enough to kill all of us?” A Satorius Family expert declared proudly.

But Narsen shook his head and said, “There are more bloodline experts waiting in the black hole they had used to return home. Moreover… the Great Sage may be waiting among those reinforcements as well.”

The speaker’s face suddenly turned pale with fright.

He said with eyes that were filled with fear, “If the Great Sage really is waiting for us, then I doubt we’ll be able to escape our ill fate even with the aid of our two allies.”

“Assad is the patriarch of the Spirit Race, but he said that he sensed great danger from that Qin Lie. What is he referring to?” The second prince of the Soul Race asked.

“Perhaps we should trust Assad this one time and travel to Spirit Realm using the star map he gave us,” Narsen suggested.


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