Chapter 1421: The Bloodthirsty Demon Spirit

Chapter 1421: The Bloodthirsty Demon Spirit


The black hole that Han Che and Bing Hui had used to enter the abyss passageway had turned into dust in a brilliant burst of light.

The many races and experts who were stuck in the confrontation suddenly noticed that the black hole had been destroyed.

The glaring rays of light instantly gathered near the cluster of black holes. They could also see an icy blue wisp of light withdrawing swiftly towards where it came from.

“Is that…” Assad was the first to react in astonishment. “Qin Lie?”

Indigo smiled and nodded slightly. “I don’t know how he managed to come back either.”


Suddenly, Qin Lie boldly emerged from the black hole where the icy blue thread had come from.

“Hello everyone!” he said with a grin on his face.

Just now, he had sent Enos back to the Frost Desolation Abyss with Star Door. Since he had destroyed the black hole connecting Spirit Realm to the abyss passageway, he had fully achieved his objective.

If he so wished, he could instantly return to the Frost Desolation Abyss, Sky Bearing City, or the Flaming Sun Abyss.

Moreover, he was currently inside the abyss passageway, and the Demon Spirit of Space and Time bloodline inside his body had come fully active. Qin Lie was certain that not even Assad or Han Che would be able to capture him right now.

The reason he dared to show himself openly to the peak experts of the universe was because he was certain that he could make a full retreat no matter what.

“The black hole that connected Spirit Realm to the abyss passageway was something that I had created by accident. The reason I came here today is to destroy it with my own hands,” Qin Lie said unhurriedly after he had completely calmed down. “Now that the black hole has been destroyed, the only way left to reach Spirit Realm is through the stars. Heh, the God Race is closer to us, but even with their giant starships travelling at top speed it’ll still take them two years to reach Spirit Realm at least. As for the Soul Race, the Spirit Race, and the Abyss Devils, they’re even further away from Spirit Realm than the God Race is. You guys will probably have to travel even longer before you can make it to Spirit Realm.”

Every race and expert gathered in this place wore serious expressions on their faces the moment they heard this.

Han Che’s face especially was so chilly that it was as if he could freeze his surroundings with his eyes alone.

“Why are you doing this? You obviously possess the Blaze Family bloodline, and the Blaze Family had treated you like a kin when they ran into you at the Origin World. Why had you decided to betray us?” Han Che asked in a chilly tone.

Everyone else looked confused by his question.

In reality, a lot of people including Assad and Narsen didn’t know Qin Lie too well.

If Qin Lie hadn’t appeared in the Origin World and won the fight for the Origin Crystal despite his competition, they wouldn’t have paid attention to him even now.

Right now, Qin Lie was surrounded by a strange aura. It was gradually catching their attention.

Everyone here was a famous bloodline expert in their own race. Right now, they were all intensely curious about Qin Lie.

They were curious why Qin Lie, a non-Abyss Devil, was able to evolve the Origin World into the Flaming Sun Abyss. They were also curious about the Demon Spirit of Space and Time aura that was leaking out of his body, and his connection to the God Race...

“I am a human of Spirit Realm, and I have no desire of seeing Spirit Realm being destroyed or the natives’ lives being lost to your whims.” Qin Lie pondered for a moment before staring seriously at Han Che. “I don’t want to become enemies with the God Race either. If you promise to stay put in the outer realms and cease your invasion on Spirit Realm, no harm will come to the both of us, don’t you agree? As for Mia and the Profound Ice Family members, if you give me your word that the Profound Ice Family will forfeit this invasion, then I will promise to find a way to send them away from Shattered Ice Realm safely.”

“And if I disagree?” Han Che asked coldly.

Qin Lie thought for a moment again before replying, “I won’t do anything to Mia. However, the Hundred Races are eventually going to mount a combined strike against your trapped clansmen at Shattered Ice Realm. This time, they won’t have to face you or Bing Hui. Moreover, I heard that the Three Emperors of the human race are at least as powerful as you are… I doubt many of your clansmen will survive the battle.”

“You will do nothing but watch?” Han Che asked.

Qin Lie nodded in response. “I won’t interfere with the battle at least.”

Han Che then replied in a chilly tone, “I’m all eyes then! Let’s see if the Hundred Races of Spirit Realm are truly capable of destroying my army!”

Clearly, Han Che had rejected Qin Lie’s offer.

Qin Lie’s own face had darkened in response.

He had hoped to persuade Han Che, and subsequently the Profound Ice Family into promising not to partake in the God Race’s invasion of Spirit Realm.

If Han Che had given his word, he would’ve found a way to convince the Ice Emperor to allow him to send the Profound Ice Family members currently trapped at Shattered Ice Realm away from Spirit Realm. He would’ve used the realm entrance connecting Boluo Realm and the Frost Desolation Abyss to send them to the Frost Desolation Abyss first, and then back to the God Race from the abyss passageway.

Spirit Realm wouldn’t need to deal with the Profound Ice Family this way.

He knew full well how terrifyingly powerful all five families of the God Race were. He didn’t want to fall out with the God Race unless it was absolutely unavoidable.

He had tried his best to prevent a do-or-die war between the God Race and Spirit Realm. Even if the war turned out to be unavoidable in the end, he still would like to see the God Race weakened and the Hundred Races given a bit more time.

According to Qin Ye, the Qin Family had a plan that could increase the amount of Genesis Realm experts and rank ten bloodline experts in Spirit Realm. Everything had been set in place, and all they really needed was time.

For every bit of time he bought, Spirit Realm would grow stronger until the day the God Race showed up.

Maybe the God Race would give up on invading Spirit Realm if they arrived three to five years later, only to discover that there were almost a hundred Genesis Realm experts and rank ten bloodline experts among them.

It was his hope that the God Race would think that attacking Spirit Realm would result in a terrible loss, and that they would choose to leave just like the last time.

Unfortunately, Han Che had clearly turned down his goodwill.

“Qin Lie, it won’t be long before we reach an ultimate decision regarding your treatment,” Han Che said while narrowing his eyes. “When that happens, someone will be sent to capture you. Unless you choose to hole up inside that Flaming Sun Abyss forever, someone will eventually find you and bring you to us. Actually, that’s not right. Even if you’ve decided to hole up inside the Flaming Sun Abyss forever, we can still send people at the same bloodline rank as you are to grab you. You’d better watch out.”

To everyone’s surprise, Han Che chose to leave right after he said this. He had vanished in a flash of ice.

The patriarchs of the four families had told him through the Flesh Filling Tombstone that he was not to kill Qin Lie no matter what.

He was also aware that Qin Lie would leave immediately through the star door the second he was threatened, not to mention that they were inside the abyss passageway right now.

Realizing that there was nothing he could do to Qin Lie right now, Han Che calmed down and chose to return to the God Race through the secret black hole for now. He would discuss with the patriarchs and the elders about Qin Lie long and hard after that.

That was why he had chosen to leave first.

The moment Han Che had left, the power of absolute frost he had unleashed earlier vanished as if it had a soul consciousness of their own.

The rank eight and rank nine Abyss Devils who had been frozen earlier suddenly relaxed.

The Abyss Devils immediately fixed their violent and bloodthirsty gazes at Qin Lie the moment they were freed.

“The creator of the Flaming Sun Abyss!”

The Abyss Devils’ breathing grew rapid as their hearts beat like thunder.

Purple clumps of abyss devil energy mixed with their bloodline power suddenly exploded from where they stood like brilliant fireballs.


The bloodthirsty Abyss Devils pounced towards Qin Lie madly in an attempt to be the first to devour his heart. This would make them the next master of the Flaming Sun Abyss.

Assad, Narsen of the Spirit Race; the two princes of the Soul Race; the Winged Race and the Bone Race were all watching and waiting.

They all seemed to know that Qin Lie could leave whenever he wished.

No one seemed to think that the rank eight or rank nine Abyss Devils were capable of killing Qin Lie instantly inside the abyss passageway, especially when Qin Lie had proven himself capable of executing the Demon Spirit of Space and Time’s bloodline secret arts.

“There are no rank ten Great Lords of the Abyss among you, and we’re in the abyss passageway. There’s no way you lot will be able to tear me apart and eat me as easily as you wish.” Qin Lie shook his head with a smile.

Suddenly, blue threads suddenly flew out of his eyes.

They immediately shot towards the black holes of varying sizes nearby.

The fan of blue threads that had opened up around him actually made Qin Lie look like a peacock for a moment.

Suddenly, the black holes broke free from their static positions and began to move.

In an instant, the black holes that had been dead and silent for tens of millennia flew towards the Abyss Devils like the like gaping beastly maws.

The hundreds of black holes started generating waves of powerful suction force that pulled at the Abyss Devils. Rank ten bloodline warriors such as Assad and Narsen could even glimpse the infinite amount of apocalyptic magnetic storms behind the black holes.

The patriarch of the Spirit Race, Assad, couldn’t stop his face from twitching. It was almost as if he couldn’t bear to watch the cruel death that was about to visit the Abyss Devils very soon.

“How terrible…” Even Narsen was shaking his head.

As rank ten bloodline warriors of the Spirit Race, they were both aware of the terrible price the Spirit Race had paid in order to capture the Demon Spirits of Space and Time and bring them back to their homeworld.

Their knowledge of the race that was the Demon Spirit of Space and Time exceeded every outer realm experts there were, and definitely the Abyss Devils.

They knew just how destructive the Demon Spirits of Space and Time could be inside the abyss passageway.

When the rank eight and nine Abyss Devils charged towards the black hole cluster, they suddenly discovered that their bodies were being pulled into the active black holes against their will.

“Kacha! Crack rack crack!”

The noise that leaked out the black holes was weak, but it was without a doubt the terrifying noise of someone’s bones exploding into pieces.

After that, every Abyss Devil that had plunged into a black hole was crushed and ground into blood mist in an instant.

In the next moment, a rich amount of Abyss Devil blood flowed through the icy blue threads that were connected to the black holes.

But just before the gigantic, river-like volume of blood could enter Qin Lie’s body, the Flesh Filling Tombstone suddenly flew out into the open.

The blood vanished into the Flesh Filling Tombstone and turned into refined flesh and blood energy.

“The Flesh Filling Tombstone!”

“The Blaze Family’s lost Flesh Filling Tombstone!”

“It was in his hands all this time?!”

The onlookers immediately boiled up in excitement.

In just an instant, dozens of rank eight and rank nine Abyss Devils had forever vanished inside those terrible black holes.

Moreover, their blood had been extracted by the Demon Spirit of Space and Time’s blood threads and transformed into energy for the Flesh Filling Tombstone.

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