Chapter 1420: Finding Another Way

Chapter 1420: Finding Another Way

Abyss passageway.

After Qin Lie had activated the Demon Spirit of Space and Time bloodline in his body, he covered tens of millions of kilometers of distance in an instant all while carrying Enos.

The Demon Spirits of Space and Time were born in the abyss passageway. That was why their flight speed far exceeded any other races as long as they remained inside this spatial hub when their bloodline power came active.

Even the rank ten Bing Hui flying at top speed wasn’t able to catch up to Qin Lie.


Suddenly, Qin Lie stopped at a black hole cluster and stared at one particular black hole.

It was the same place where he had obtained the soul fragments of the rank ten Demon Spirit of Space and Time earlier. The black hole led to a strange world filled with ice blue crystals.

“How did we come back to this place?” Enos exclaimed in surprise.

Frowning, Qin Lie didn’t answer her question immediately. Instead, he circulated his bloodline power and extended several wisps of blue tendrils towards the black hole cluster. 


The moment the blue tendrils reached the cluster of black holes, they immediately triggered a series of blue sparks.

The blue threads that was formed using the Demon Spirit of Space and Time bloodline energy started slipping into the black holes and piercing them like needles.

Qin Lie himself was slowly closing his eyes.

When the blue threads entered a certain black hole, the scenery on the other side of the black hole immediately appeared inside his mind.

It was a bloodline secret art he had acquired after inheriting the rank ten Demon Spirit of Space and Time inheritance. It was called “Star Perception”.

Thanks to Star Perception and the blue threads, the sceneries on the other side of the black holes were transmitted as images into his head. As a result, he had a clear idea what kind of world was residing behind the mysterious black holes.

Most of the worlds the cluster of black holes were connected to were desolate and lifeless spaces.

Moreover, most of them didn’t contain any kind of natural energy at all. They looked like galaxies that had perished since a long time ago.

The Demon Spirits of Space and Time were born inside the abyss passageway. They were natural explorers of the infinite universe.

Not all of the worlds existing inside the abyss passageway were formed naturally. In fact, a large majority of these spatial whirlpools that were connected to the outer realms had been created by the Demon Spirits of Space and Time themselves.

A powerful Demon Spirit of Space and Time could spend its entire life digging tens of thousands of black holes of varying sizes. Although there was no limit to the types of worlds the black holes were connected to, their origin points were normally clustered.

The black hole cluster in front of him was none other than the base of explorations of the rank ten Demon Spirit of Space and Time.

Even the black hole that led to Shattered Ice Realm had existed amidst the cluster of black holes built by another powerful Demon Spirit of Space and Time.

The Demons Spirit of Space and Time almost never fought among themselves. They almost always had had a private zone of their own.

Powerful Demon Spirits of Space and Time normally dug black holes between their zones so that they could communicate and interact with each other as well.

What this meant, was that there should be a black hole among these black holes that could take them straight back to where Indigo and the others were gathered.

In fact, he had just absorbed this piece of inheritance while he was deciphering the rank ten Demon Spirit of Space and Time’s fragmented memories not long ago.

“Will that Profound Ice Family expert be catching up to us soon?” Enos couldn’t help but ask.

Still closing his eyes, Qin Lie said, “He will, but it will take him some time.”

Enos relaxed after hearing Qin Lie’s affirmative reply. Then, she asked again, “You could’ve teleported straight back to the Flaming Sun Abyss using the bloodline ability you’ve gotten from the Demon Spirits of Space and Time, right?”

Qin Lie nodded. “I could, but if I did that I wouldn’t be able to accomplish my objective and destroy the black hole that connects the abyss passageway to Spirit Realm.”

Surprised, Enos said, “Does that mean you’re…”

“I’m working on it,” Qin Lie said.

Enos finally understood what Qin Lie was doing. That was why she fell silent and stopped disturbing his concentration.

Qin Lie’s eyes had never opened once throughout the conversation. After Enos had fallen silent, he continued to explore the different realms using the blue threads.

Many of the spaces these black holes were connected to were literal deathzones. They were filled with unbelievably destructive explosions.

Moreover, these explosions were so scary that even a rank ten Great Lord of the Abyss would perish immediately.

He knew that these particular black holes were traps left behind by the Demon Spirits of Space and Time.

Every black hole cluster contained a nest a Demon Spirit of Space and Time had constructed for themselves. The dark blue world he saw where the demon spirit’s corpse was hidden was none other than its nest.

In order to protect its own nest, the Demon Spirit of Space and Time had made sure to also construct black holes that led to instantaneous death traps.

Anyone who entered these black holes recklessly would turn to ash in an instant.

The purpose of these murderous black holes was to confuse their pursuers and cover up the Demon Spirit of Space and Time’s nest. It prevented the enemy from searching through the black holes one by one and discover its true world.

Only a member of the race could use the bloodline secret art “Star Perception” and probe these deadly black holes with a thread of bloodline power. This way, they wouldn’t need to risk their lives.


When the blue threads entered black holes that led to literal zones of death, they would perish all of a sudden.

This meant that Qin Lie had lost a tiny portion of his bloodline energy.

However, that wasn’t the only bloodline thread he had. He was exploring multiple black holes using multiple bloodline threads at once, and he could easily withdraw them and search the next unexplored black holes if he had missed his target.

Qin Lie swiftly searched through the black holes using the Demon Spirit of Space and Time bloodline power.

The sceneries bloomed and died in his head in a series of flashes.


Finally, a familiar scene appeared in his head all of a sudden.

Han Che of the Profound Ice Family was holding a Flesh Filling Tombstone as if in communication with a complicated expression on his face.

The rank eight Abyss Devils who were caught in the ice blast remained frozen just like before.

The rank nine Abyss Devils were still roaring and fighting off the God Race’s power of absolute frost.

Assad of the Spirit Race was looking downward and saying something he couldn’t hear to Indigo.

Narsen and the other two Soul Race clansmen looked upward where the abyss passageway was and wondered if they should make a trip to the Flaming Sun Abyss first.

Everyone else such as the Bone Race and the Winged Race were quietly moving away from the transcendent bloodline races so as not to get caught in their conflict in case anything were to happen.

“I found it!”

A blue thread sneakily swam through the black hole cluster before shooting toward the black hole where Han Che and Bing Hui had come from.


Indigo was conversing with Assad when she suddenly raised her eyebrows as if she had sensed something.

The reason she could sense this was because the origin of Qin Lie’s bloodline was none other than her mother’s own demon pet. Moreover, that demon pet had spent many, many years taking care of her…

Blue eyes lighting up, Indigo stopped talking with Assad and focused all of her concentration on the impossibly thin blue thread.

She watched as the thread finally entered the black hole Han Che had come from.


Suddenly, the black hole that connected the abyss passageway and Spirit Realm glowed dazzlingly with light.

The ball of light wriggled and shrank to the size of a rice. Then, it expanded in an instant and burst into smithereens.

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