Chapter 1418: Chaos

Chapter 1418: Chaos

Han Che felt more and more uncertain as he stared at the many familiar faces before him.

He and his people had been waiting for news to return from the spatial passage recently.

However, the four God Race families had never replied to them.

Having received his orders from Han Che, Bing Hui had gone to the spatial passage they came from to take a look. He immediately discovered that the location the spatial passage was supposed to connect to was gone, replaced by a whole new space that was completely unfamiliar to him.

It was at that moment Bing Hui realized that the Profound Family’s arrival at Shattered Ice Realm two years ahead of time was probably not a lucky coincidence, but a trap.

After that, Abyss Devils kept popping out of the Star Abyss at Shattered Ice Realm.

The Abyss Devils had immediately engaged the Profound Ice Family experts standing guard at the entrance in battle the moment they saw them.

Of course, the low rank Abyss Devils stood no chance against so many rank ten bloodline warriors.

Realizing that they had been trapped in Shattered Ice Realm, Han Che turned his attention to the Star Abyss and went in with Bing Hui. He had hoped to reach a God Race territory from the abyss passageway and reestablish communication channel with the other families.

However, the first thing that greeted him immediately after he emerged from the portal was the faces of the Soul Race, the Spirit Race, the Abyss Devils, and even the Bone Race and Winged Races. Everyone was gathered at this one place, and Han Che was struck by a bad feeling when he saw this.

Qin Lie’s presence had only made Han Che even more confused than before.

“Mia had left with you, hadn’t she? If you’re here, then where’s Mia?” Han Che’s face turned cold as he stared at Qin Lie with eyes that as cold as ice. “Also, if that spatial passage that connects to Shattered Ice Realm really is the work of the Blaze Family, then why can’t we contact the rest of our clansmen?”

“Boy, don’t you think you owe us an answer?” Bing Hui was wearing an unfriendly look as well.

“Qin Lie? He’s Qin Lie?” Assad of the Spirit Race was caught off guard.

A moment of surprise later, Narsen suddenly came to realization as he yelled, “He’s the guy who stole the Origin World from Oktan!”

“The guy who stole the Origin World?” A rank nine Abyss Devil pondered over his words for a moment before yelling, “Doesn’t that mean he’s the creator of the Flaming Sun Abyss?!”

The moment Han Che had spoken the name “Qin Lie”, Assad and Narsen had immediately figured out his identity one after another. Even the Abyss Devils had burst into commotion.

For a time, everyone’s gaze was focused on Qin Lie.

“It’s him…”

The souls of the two princes shook violently. They started stretching their soul tendrils towards Qin Lie.

Qin Lie’s identity as the creator of the Flaming Abyss was exposed because of Han Che’s one line.

Every Abyss Devil who had wanted to travel to Spirit Realm earlier went mad with greed the moment his identity was confirmed.



The group of rank eight and rank nine Abyss Devils stared at him like a pack of wolves would stare at a lone sheep.

“Shit!” Qin Lie swore inside his head.

“Where’s Mia?” Han Che snorted coldly before yelling, “Get out of my way, you damn Abyss Devils!”

He abruptly fired a blast of icy light at Qin Lie. Every Abyss Devil within Qin Lie’s vicinity was caught in the blast as well.

Bing Hui was also doing the same thing. He wordlessly stabbed a blast of icy light straight at the group of Abyss Devils.

The two Profound Ice Family members had gotten angry because Mia wasn’t right by Qin Lie’s side.

They had both assumed that Qin Lie was a traitor to the God Race!

“Grandfather, he’s my… friend. He once saved my life at the Origin World!” Meanwhile, Indigo pleaded urgently to her maternal grandfather.

Assad looked confused. “He’s your friend?”

“If he hadn’t helped me, I would’ve been killed by Oktan and Thamur in the Origin World already!” Indigo begged him with a pitiful, almost tearful look on her face, “Grandfather, I owe him my life!”

Originally, Assad was going to focus all of his strength onto Narsen and the two Soul Race princes.

However, he hesitated when he heard Indigo’s request, and saw the two Profound Ice Family members losing their cool.

While Assad was still stuck in indecision, the Abyss Devils standing next to Qin Lie and Enos had been caught by the blast.

The icy blast imprinted with the laws of absolute frost swung down on their heads without mercy.

All rank eight Abyss Devils who were touched by the icy blast were instantly frozen into ice.

Even the rank eight Abyss Devils could only excrete thick Abyss demonic energy from their bodies and resist the attack with their bloodline power.

“Let’s go!”

Qin Lie grabbed Enos and changed his bloodline in an instant. Suddenly, a large amount of ice blue light spilled out of his body.

When the light blue screen wrapped around Enos and Qin Lie, the duo suddenly flashed away like a bolt of blue lightning from right under Han Che and Bing Hui’s noses.

“Eh!” Assad let out an exclamation of surprise. “What a pure Demon Spirit of Time and Space aura!”

Narsen of the Satorius Family and the two Soul Race princes suddenly froze in surprise when they saw how Qin Lie was making his escape.

It was clear that they weren’t expecting Qin Lie, a mere rank eight bloodline expert, to move as fast as he was inside the abyss passageway.

“It’s the presence of a Demon Spirit of Time and Space!” Narsen let out a snort before saying, “We are inside the abyss passageway. Only the Demon Spirits of Time and Space can move faster than any other races here!”

“How did he come to possess the presence of a Demon Spirit of Time and Space?” the Second Prince voiced his curiosity.

“According to my knowledge, he’s a mixed-blood between a human and a God Race clansman. Logically speaking, he shouldn’t have the blood of the Abyss Devil Race in him. However, it is also a fact that the Origin World he had stolen had evolved into the Flaming Sun Abyss. Does this make any sense to you?” Narsen countered.

Both the princes of the Soul Race fell silent when they heard this.

They had thought that their race’s holy artifact, the Soul Suppressing Orb, would never acknowledge someone of another race.

However, Thamur had confirmed that the Soul Suppressing Orb was in Qin Lie’s possession right now.

Somehow, this man was able to acquire the acknowledgement of the Soul Suppressing Orb, transform the Origin World into the Flaming Soul Abyss and possess the aura of a Demon Spirit of Time and Space...

There were too many things that broke the common sense here. It made them more and more curious about Qin Lie.


“Bing Hui! Find him and bring him to me!” Han Che yelled.

The rank ten Bing Hui looked upward before nodding seriously. “I will!”

After that, he took off in a beam of icy light and chased after Qin Lie and Enos.

Han Che, patriarch of the Profound Ice Family hadn’t really lost all of his reason and didn’t chase after Qin Lie himself. Instead, he took out his family’s Flesh Filling Tombstone and embedded a wisp of his soul origin inside it.

“My name is Han Che, the Profound Ice Family seems to have fallen into a trap, and we’re currently being trapped inside Spirit Realm. I need the Blaze Family to confirm if a boy named Qin Lie is really part of their family immediately!”

Han Che sent out his soul message using the Flesh Filling Tombstone.

The soul thought floated straight towards an unknown black hole in a way that couldn’t be detected even with the soul and vanished without a trace.

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