Chapter 1417: Like Sitting on Needles

Chapter 1417: Like Sitting on Needles


Enos exclaimed in a soft tone. She knew that it was unlikely for her and Qin Lie to remain hidden now that Indigo was here.

Indigo and Qin Lie were close back at the Origin World, so there was no way he could conceal his presence from her even after he had activated his Abyss Devil Race bloodline and presented himself in the shape of a high rank Abyss Devil.

Therefore, Enos thought that Indigo would expose Qin Lie at first notice.

But contrary to her expectations, Indigo only glanced at Qin Lie once before shifting her haze to Narsen of the Satorius Family.

That was the last time Indigo glanced at her and Qin Lie. It was almost as if they never knew her in the first place.

A moment later, Enos suddenly realized what was going on and said to Qin Lie, “It looks like you’re closer to Indigo than I thought. I didn’t think she would pretend that she didn’t recognize you.”

Qin Lie himself was wearing a look of surprise.

Indigo knew that he had claimed an Origin Crystal for himself. Naturally, she would be entirely right to guess that he was the reason behind the newly-formed Flaming Sun Abyss.

Since he was the creator of the Flaming Sun Abyss, plenty of rank eight, rank nine, and even rank ten Abyss Devils had started treating him like prey.

All Indigo needed to do was to expose him, and the rank eight and rank nine Abyss Devils around him and Enos would jump them right away.

If anyone of the Abyss Devils had successfully killed him and consumed his heart, they would become the new master of the Flaming Sun Abyss.

The rank nine and rank ten Abyss Devils couldn’t kill him outside the abyss passageway because they were restricted by the laws of the Abyss. Therefore, the simplest and most direct method to replace Qin Lie as the new ruler of the Flaming Sun Abyss was to kill him there and then.

There weren’t many Abyss Devils who could resist the lure of becoming the master of a newly-formed Abyss level.

This was the same for Indigo or the Spirit Race clansmen. Even they could be tempted to kill him and obtain an entire Abyss level to themselves.

Indigo had obviously recognized him, and all she needed to do was to tell her grandfather Assad about him, and he would be captured and killed. She would obtain everything he ever had. But not only did she do no such thing, she even pretended not to know him at all.

No wonder even Enos said that he was close to Indigo.

Qin Lie’s gaze skipped past the Abyss Devils and the Spirit Race clansmen to look at Indigo, just like the rest of the foreign experts around him.

Indigo was wearing a blue dress with a hem that was adorned in gemstones. Not only did the gemstones look dazzling and tempting, they were clearly no ordinary objects considering the fearsome energy that was rolling off them.

Indigo looked as pretty as a doll, and now that she was growing up she no longer looked as childlike as before. She now looked a little like an adolescent.

Her clothing and personal adornment were all absolutely gorgeous. It made her look like a fairy in blue clothes who had descended from heaven.

The Spirit Race experts beside her were all at rank nine or rank ten, but from the way they guarded and cherished her, it was clear that her safety and well-being were their prime target.

Indigo was already extremely beautiful in her own right, and the way the Spirit Race experts grouped around her only made her look more noble and attractive.

Many high rank Abyss Devils, Bone Race clansmen, Winged Race clansmen and more were secretly observing her and talking among themselves quietly.

“That girl is the Spirit Race’s transcendent Spirit Seed! She’s an abnormal existence who possesses all four attributes of time, space, fate and life, and she is the first Spirit Seed like that in the history of the Spirit Race!”

“She’s Assad’s granddaughter, and her existence has never been revealed until recently. If she hadn’t gone to the Darkness Abyss to gain experience and showed her bloodline abilities inside the Origin World, no one would’ve even heard about her!”

“The Satorius Family was jealous of her insanely powerful bloodline. That was why they had sent Oktan into the Origin World to attempt to assassinate her. Unfortunately, Oktan failed in his attempt, and the Satorius Family was forced to move out of Spirit Race’s territory.”

“They had nowhere to go. That was why they had tried to hide and recuperate in Spirit Realm. In the end though, they couldn’t escape Great Sage Tian Qi’s machinations.”

The foreign experts said while observing Indigo in secret.

“Great Sage Tian Qi’s machinations…”

Qin Lie raised an eyebrow at this comment. Could it be that “Great Master Tian Qi” had purposely gifted him a drop of the rank ten Demon Spirit of Time and Space’s blood?

Could everything be a part of Great Sage Tian Qi’s plan?

Qin Lie subconsciously looked around him when the thought had entered his mind. He suddenly had the feeling that Great Sage Tian Qi was watching his every move right now.

“Assad! You’d better not stop me from travelling to Spirit Realm!” The chief of the Satorius Family, Narsen, snorted coldly before saying, “If you can pave the road for your granddaughter and assist her to become the next chief of the Spirit Race, then why can’t I plan out a future for my grandson, Oktan?”

His shady gaze swept across Indigo once before he continued, “Plus, I don’t believe that she must become the next chief just because she has multiple bloodline attributes! The girl is too young and soft. Even if she has astounding number of bloodline attributes, I still don’t think she’s smart enough to lead our race to a whole new level of glory!”

“Just because you don’t believe in her potential, doesn’t mean that everyone else thinks the same thing as you.” A rank ten bloodline expert behind Assad spoke up in a chilly tone, “Plus, you still shouldn’t have sent Oktan into the Origin World to assassinate her no matter what!”

“You tried to murder our race’s Spirit Seed. That is the one thing we absolutely cannot accept!” another Spirit Race rank ten bloodline warrior said.

Ten Spirit Race bloodline warriors including Assad blocked the way in front of the black hole. It was clear that they had no intentions of letting the Satorius Family travel to Spirit Realm safely.

Meanwhile, the Satorius Family only had two rank ten bloodline experts in total, including Narsen.

On the surface, it seemed like they were utterly inferior to Assad’s group.

“What do you want, Assad?” Narsen asked.

“Surrender and come back with us to our ancestral land. Your refined blood will be used to nurture our demon pets, and in return, I promise to keep the Satorius Family bloodline alive, and not harm anyone in your family who’s below rank eight,” Assad said in a heavy tone.

“I see. So you want to use our power to improve your demon pets’ rank and bloodline energy!” Narsen chuckled oddly before turning his head suddenly. “What do you think of this plan, my friends from the Soul Race?”

Suddenly, a pitch black cloud appeared from behind the Satorius Family.

Two Soul Beasts slowly appeared from the pitch black cloud. They were even bigger than the ones Qin Lie currently possessed.

They were both rank ten Soul Beasts!

The blue fire in the Soul Beasts’ eyes gradually turned brighter.

A ghostfire flew out of the Soul Beasts’ glabella and transformed into a shadow that looked like a wisp of green flame. “What do you think of your chances of success if we are to join forces with them, Assad?”

“The Soul Race’s Second and Third Prince!?” Assad’s expression changed.

“It’s the Imperial Soul Monarch’s two sons!” Some of the Abyss Devils had turned pale with shock too.

A tremor had suddenly coursed through Qin Lie’s body as well.

Not only did the two Soul Race clansmen possess two rank ten Soul Beasts as flesh puppets, the Soul Suppressing Orb in his head had suddenly turned hot and unbearable in their presence.

The Spirit Race chief, the Soul Race’s princes, the Abyss Devils, the Bone Race, the Winged Race and more…

Suddenly, the black hole that lead to Spirit Realm had become one of the most dangerous places in the universe.

If these powerful races were to all enter Spirit Realm through the black hole he had created with his bloodline, he didn't dared to imagine the consequences.

Not even the Three Emperors of the human race would be able to handle this many invaders, would they?

This problem was one of the biggest headache Qin Lie had experienced in his life.

He was really starting to regret his reckless action of connecting Shattered Ice Realm to the abyss passageway. It had caused so much unexpected troubles.

“Swoosh swoosh!”

Suddenly, two figures flew out of the black hole that led to Spirit Realm.

“Han Che! Bing Hui!” an elderly man among the Winged Race exclaimed.

“The damnable God Race has shown up as well!” an Abyss Devil yelled angrily.

Assad, Narsen, and the even the two Soul Race princes had suddenly frozen in indecision when they saw Han Che and Bing Hui.

Everyone was staring at the two God Race clansmen at this moment.

Of course, Han Che and Bing Hui who were trying to reconnect with the other four God Race families were equally shocked to find so many “old friends” gathered at one place when they had arrived.

“What’s going on? Why are you all here?” Han Che asked in a daze.

Then, his attention turned to Qin Lie, who was slowly trying to shift backwards and hide among the Abyss Devils. “How come you’re here too, Qin Lie? And where’s Mia?”

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