Chapter 1416: Sudden Change

Chapter 1416: Sudden Change

The black holes of various sizes gathered together as though they contained innumerable secrets.

It was strangely calm around those black holes. There were no bright beams of light and fatal explosions threatening their lives.

Many Abyss Devils, and experts of foreign races were scattered around the black holes, looking at one particular, that seemed to have been specially marked.

That black hole had threads of purple blood that clearly belonged to the Abyss Devil Race.

"What is that?" Enos asked.

She knew that Qin Lie, who possessed the Demon Spirit of Space and Time bloodline, wasn't just the creator of the Flaming Sun Abyss, he also created the black hole connected to Spirit Realm.

Qin Lie led her from the Frost Desolation Abyss all the way here with a clear target. He obviously could feel the true location of the black hole through the Demon Spirit of Space and Time bloodline.

"Yes." Qin Lie nodded.

"What do you prepare to do?" A hint of worry flashed through Enos's purple eyes. She said, "So many Abyss Devils and experts of other races are gathered here. They all want to enter Spirit Realm through the black hole. If they detect you destroyed the black hole, would they spare you?"

Qin Lie frowned and said, "I will be careful."

He focused on the people gathered around the black hole to Shattered Ice Realm and were observing it. He was curious why those people hadn't hurriedly passed through the black hole to Shattered Ice Realm.

He listened to the conversation of the Abyss Devils.

The Abyss Devils here were from different levels, mostly rank nine and eight. None of the rank ten Great Lords of the Abyss had come.

This was clearly unlike the Abyss Devils gathered below the Flaming Sun Abyss.

For the rank ten Great Lords of the Abyss, a new Abyss level was more attractive than the rumors about Spirit Realm.

The Terror Devil King and Despair Devil King had entered Spirit Realm out of coincidence. They had seen the sudden formation of the black hole during fighting and entered out of curiosity.

Qin Lie had deliberately activated his Abyss Devil Race bloodline, and his eyes and hair had turned dark purple.

Standing next to Enos, they both looked like ordinary high rank Abyss Devils.

The Abyss Devils scattered about thought of them as their own, and were not cautious about speaking.

He listened for a while and quickly understood why they were not in a hurry to enter.

The Abyss Devils who had come from the Icestone Abyss had sent three Abyss Devils in to avoid any accidents.

The other Abyss Devils waited here for the three Abyss Devils to guarantee there was nothing wrong on the other end and notify them before they entered.

They worried there was a trap at the other end of the black hole.

The three Abyss Devils who had entered first hadn't returned to the abyss passageway yet.

Due to this, the Abyss Devils gathered here, and the other races started to doubt the black hole.

Then, Abyss Devils of other levels entered the black hole as well but none of them returned.

The other Abyss Devils did not dare to rashly enter.

Then, the sudden formation of the Flaming Sun Abyss had disturbed the Abyss Devils there and divided their attention.

They became more hesitant and wavered between going to the Flaming Sun Abyss and Spirit Realm.

"Shattered Ice Realm... had something happened over there? Otherwise, why haven't the Abyss Devils returned?" Qin Lie thought.

A black cloud flashing with lightning suddenly appeared in the abyss passageway above.

That black cloud fell towards the area with black holes and gave off waves of powerful bloodline presence.

"Spirit Race!" A rank nine Lord of the Abyss snorted.

"A rank ten Spirit Race member is hidden within!" an elder of the Winged Race shouted.

These words alarmed the gathering of Abyss Devils.

As the black cloud almost fell into the black hole area, the thick black mist on the perimeter gradually dissipated.

Spirit Race clansmen with blue hair and eyes appeared in the black mist.

The leader was an old Spirit Race clansman with a dark expression. It was Oktan's grandfather, the patriarch of the Satorius Family, Narsen.

"The Satorius Family of the Spirit Race!"

"Haha, they have recently been chased by the Spirit Race and driven out of the Spirit Race’s realms. They have nowhere to hide. Going to Spirit Realm to hide is a good idea."

"Yes, they can only stay in a place like the abyss passageway and Spirit Realm to avoid the pursuit of the Spirit Race."

"The Spirit Race has an extraordinary Spirit Seed, and caused the Satorius Family's plans of ruling the Spirit Race to come to a close. They attempted to kill the Spirit Race genius, they are so narrow-minded!"

The Abyss Devils from the various Abyss levels saw the Satorius Family incomers and started to mock them.

"Satorius Family..."

Qin Lie looked at the incomers and frowned slightly, instinctively searching for Oktan's tracks.

If Oktan was present, he and Enos would be immediately recognized.

Fortunately, after glancing at the Satorius Family members, he still couldn’t see Oktan.

He was slightly reassured.

At this time, he had not yet destroyed the black hole. If Oktan delayed him, it would affect his plan.

If Spirit Race clansmen of Narsen's level targeted him, he would be in even greater trouble.

Suddenly, he felt something and looked towards the black hole area.

Blue light shrouded one of the small black holes. Tall figures suddenly appeared from that black hole.

Behind those figures was the small Indigo who walked out last.

This was another group of Spirit Race clansmen.

"The Great Sage was right, the Satorius Family really came here!" shouted the present patriarch of the Spirit Race, Assad.

Behind Assad were several dozen Spirit Race clansmen, including three rank ten bloodline warriors.

"Assad!" Narsen shouted angrily.

The Satorius Family members saw Assad and the Spirit Race experts appear and paled.

They suddenly realized their plan of going to Spirit Realm was within the calculations of the Great Sage Tian Qi.

Maybe the news that the black hole was connected to Spirit Realm had been purposefully spread to lure them here.

"Everyone, the Spirit Race is going to punish traitors, make distance!" Assad shouted.

The Winged and Bone Races, as well as some smaller races moved aside at the Spirit Race patriarch's shout.

Only the rebellious Abyss Devils ignored Assad.

Qin Lie and Enos had originally wanted to dodge but seeing the Abyss Devils motionless, they could only awkwardly stay where they were.

At this time, a bright gaze came from behind Assad.

That gaze came from Indigo.

Under that gaze, Qin Lie grimaced and had an even more awkward expression.

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