Chapter 1415: Turning Devil

Chapter 1415: Turning Devil

In the abyss passageway, a gigantic black cloud floated slowly.

The bright specks of light and chaotic spatial power that were ever-present in the abyss passageway, as well as wild energy explosions would be destroyed if they approached the black spheric cloud.

Terrifying power sprouted outwards all the time from the black cloud.

Suddenly, that black cloud that was quickly sinking towards the bottom of the abyss passageway stopped.

Inside the black clouds, dozens of Spirit Race clansmen looked up towards the top of the abyss passageway.

"A new Abyss level has formed." One of the older Spirit Race clansmen had a hooked nose and dark eyes giving people a dark and evil feeling. He looked at another person and snorted, "If you were able to kill Indigo in the Origin World, our family would not have had to leave our home, and be in such difficult straight. And you or Thamur would have been the creator of the newly formed Abyss."

"This was my mistake," the person responded respectfully with a bowed head.

If Qin Lie was here, he would immediately recognize the speaker was Oktan of the Spirit Race’s Satorius Family.

At this time, Oktan had an expression of obedience facing his grandfather's scolding. He said, "I will do my best to make up for this."

The patriarch of the Satorius Family, Narsen, looked coldly at Oktan and said, "Your bloodline has also reached rank eight. That Qin Lie must be the creator of the newly-formed Flaming Sun Abyss. If there are no surprises, his bloodline rank should also be rank eight. You have a chance now."

Oktan's eyes lit up and he shouted, "I can take over the Flaming Sun Abyss!"

"Yes," Narsen said gravely.

At this time, wisps of blue flame moved from the other side of the black cloud.

One of the soul shadows changed and released Thamur's soul presence. He came next to Narsen and Oktan and said, "The creator of the new Flaming Sun Abyss should be Qin Lie. Based on Qin Lie's bloodline advancement rate, he should have reached rank eight recently..."

Before he stopped speaking, Oktan reacted and said, "You also want to go to the Flaming Sun Abyss and attempt to kill Qin Lie?"

Thamur snickered and said, "Based on the laws of the Abyss, if anyone of the same rank can kill the creator and refine their heart, they can become the new master."

"You two both lost to Qin Lie in the Origin World. I hope you will grab the chance this time," Narsen said coldly.

"I will do my best!" Oktan shouted.

"Go!" Narsen nodded and said.

Thamur’s soul and Oktan's shadow flew away from this black cloud at his nod of agreement.

Thamur and Oktan who had left the Origin World and received an unexpected opportunity for their bloodlines to reach rank eight seemed at ease as they moved through the abyss passageway.

They went straight for the top of the abyss passageway.

Within the black clouds, two Soul Beasts suddenly appeared in the direction Thamur had come from.

Those Soul Beasts were naturally occupied by Soul Race experts.

The two Soul Race clansmen slowly came to Narsen's position. One of them asked, "Our plans do not change? We’re still headed for Spirit Realm?"

Narsen thought for a moment and said, "We will wait for a while by the black hole."

"Good," one of the Soul Race clansmen responded.

Then, the two Soul Race clansmen retreated back into the darkness.

That enormous black cloud still carried the Satorius Family members and Soul Race experts towards the bottom of the abyss passageway.


"Where is the black hole located? How long until we can reach it?"

Within the blue light, Enos looked at the flashing light around her and asked, seeing Qin Lie's casual expression.

"Soon." Qin Lie narrowed his eyes and smiled coolly, saying, "Do not worry. If I can reach its vicinity, I can use the bloodline power of the Demon Spirit of Space and Time and erase that black hole from the abyss passageway. The Abyss Devils going towards Spirit Realm cannot connect to the Star Abyss of Shattered Ice Realm and cannot return from Spirit Realm.”

"Won't Despair Devil King and Terror Devil King kill millions of Spirit Realm's denizens?" Enos said curiously.

She had never gone to Spirit Realm but from the human race, Asura Race, and other races’ clansmen in the Frost Desolation Abyss, she could see the combat power of the races of Spirit Realm was far weaker than the Abyss Devil races’.

Terror Devil King and Despair Devil King were two famed Devil Kings of the Abyss and could rival her father.

She thought that if Terror Devil King and Despair Devil King couldn't return to the Abyss, it would not be a good thing for the races of Spirit Realm.

"Do not underestimate the races of Spirit Realm." Qin Lie thought for a moment and said, "There are some races of Spirit Realm that are always in a rapid state of growth. Some of the experts, through contact with the God Race and Soul Race, have left Spirit Realm twenty thousand years ago, walking among the stars. Only you do not know of them."

"The Thunder Emperor that the Spike Devil spoke of is an expert like that?" Enos realized.

Qin Lie smiled, nodded and said, "Yes, the three emperors of the human race should have the strength to fight the Terror Devil King and Despair Devil King."

"I hope I will have the chance to go visit Spirit Realm," Enos said with eagerness.

Qin Lie hesitated and said, "If your father does not rashly invade Spirit Realm, if we can maintain a good relationship, I’d gladly welcome your visit in Spirit Realm."

Enos smiled. "It it certainly possible."


In an area where blue lights gathered, there were many black holes of various sizes.

This was a strange area of black holes similar to the one Qin Lie had encountered before.

Many Abyss Devils were gathered in this area, and shouting loudly as though it was a marketplace.

Many of the high rank Abyss Devils occasionally looked towards the top of the abyss passageway and hesitated, wondering if they should try their luck at Flaming Sun Abyss.

"A new Abyss level. If I can kill the creator, and refine their heart, I can become the new master of that level."

"I hear that place called Spirit Realm contains an ultimate secret of the universe. Even Terror Devil King and Despair Devil King have gone there."

"Should I go to Spirit Realm or the Flaming Sun Abyss?"

The Abyss Devils gathered here talked in the language of the Abyss excitedly.

Some other races which were not Abyss Devils were also gathered around other parts of the black hole area as though they were discussing something.

Among them were the Bone and Winged Races’ clansmen.

As they talked, Qin Lie and Enos descended from the abyss passageway above.

Qin Lie, who deliberately activated the Abyss Devil Race bloodline of his second heart was shrouded in abyss devil energy. He released the ancient energy of the Abyss and caused the pair to look like two high rank Abyss Devils.

The many Abyss Devils and other races’ clansmen gathered there did not react to their arrival.

They only thought the pair was just another two Abyss Devils.

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