Chapter 1414: Abyss Creator

Chapter 1414: Abyss Creator

"Flaming Sun Abyss!"

After he thought this, the Soul Altar that rose from his body and was made from the Origin Crystal suddenly shone with light.

Threads of his soul within the one-level Soul Altar suddenly turned purple and twisted together furiously.

Not long after, two ancient characters of the Abyss were imprinted on his Soul Altar with his soul threads as ink.

At the same time, his second heart started to beat strongly.

The deep purple Abyss Devil Race bloodline gathered at his second heart boiled like the water of the Origin Sea, the deep purple bloodline chains twisting and gradually turning into the two ancient characters.

His Soul Altar and second heart's Abyss Devil Race bloodline both transformed as his thoughts moved.

At this moment, the new Abyss level, and the Origin Sea that was giving birth to new Abyss beings changed as well.

"Flaming Sun Abyss!"

"Flaming Sun Abyss!"

"Flaming Sun Abyss!"

The Great Lords of the various Abyss levels all felt this.

In this moment, they all knew the one hundred and ninth level of the Abyss was named "Flaming Sun."

At the top of the abyss passageway.

The rank nine and rank ten Abyss Devils came out of nowhere and gathered.

These Abyss Devils who were famed in the Abyss levels roared as they charged towards the top of the abyss passageway.

They were all Abyss Devils at the level of the Lords, and ruled over other Abyss levels.

However, none of them had truly ruled an Abyss level.


They roared, releasing their bloodline power, as their mighty bodies charged towards the top of the abyss passageway.

The attempted to charge into the newly-formed Flaming Sun Abyss.

Purple layers of light made from the laws of the Abyss suddenly formed at the top of the abyss passageway and came down.

Those rank nine Lords of the Abyss, and rank ten Great Lords of the Abyss were burned when touched by the laws of the Abyss, their bodies flaming up.

These powerful Abyss Devils howled in pain as they fell from the top of the abyss passageway.

Their bodies were wounded to various degrees.

"The creator of the Flaming Sun Abyss only has a rank eight bloodline!"

"Damn it! A rank eight was able to have the abyss passageway penetrate the Origin World and turn it into a new Abyss level!"

"The new Abyss level is protected by the core laws of the Abyss. All Abyss Devils above rank eight bloodline are unable to enter Flaming Sun Abyss from the abyss passageway."

"Only Abyss Devils with the bloodline rank equal or lower to the creator’s can enter the Flaming Sun Abyss through the abyss passageway."

"But it’s too dangerous for Abyss Devils below rank nine to travel through the abyss passageway."

The Lords and Great Lords of the Abyss gathered to charge into the Flaming Sun Abyss and kill its creator, devouring their heart.

If they killed the heart of the Abyss Devil that had created the Flaming Sun Abyss, they would replace them as its master.

These Abyss Devils were not true rulers of their Abyss levels.

There were usually more powerful Abyss Devils with more powerful bloodlines ruling over them.

Unless those stronger Abyss Devils died, they had no hopes of becoming the masters of their respective Abyss levels.

Due to this, once they found Flaming Sun Abyss was forming, they gathered here and attempted to barge into the Flaming Sun Abyss through the abyss passageway. They would kill Qin Lie, eat his heart, and replace Qin Lie as the master of the Flaming Sun Abyss.

But they were obstructed by the core laws of the Abyss.

In order to protect the creator of the new Abyss level, the laws of the Abyss would stop all invaders with higher bloodline rank than the creator.

The laws were fair.

Because Qin Lie's bloodline rank was only eight, the core laws outside Flaming Sun Abyss would stop any invader with rank nine or ten bloodline.

None of the Abyss Devils that had come were below rank nine. Thus, all of them had been stopped.

They had not expected the creator of the newly formed Flaming Sun Abyss to only have rank eight bloodline.

This had never happened before in the history of the Abyss!

They could not overcome the fundamental laws of the Abyss and forcefully enter the Flaming Sun Abyss from the abyss passageway. After cursing their rotten luck, they left.

Below the abyss passageway, Qin Lie's floating soul consciousness gradually returned.

At the same moment, the glowing Soul Altar quickly disappeared into his glabella.

He took a deep breath, opened his eyes, and found that his Soul Altar and his Abyss Devil Race bloodline were all imprinted with two ancient Abyss Devil characters—Flaming Sun.

"Flaming Sun..."

He murmured, purple lightning flashing through his eyes as he blinked.

At this time, no more blue lights were flooding in the top of the abyss passageway.

He looked around and found he didn’t move an inch. He found Enos looking at him strangely.

"What is it?" he asked.

"I saw the two ancient characters, I know... a new level has formed in the Abyss." Enos looked deeply at him and said, "Even my father was forced to wake up from comprehending the laws of the Abyss. He told me the new Abyss level is called ‘Flaming Sun’."

Qin Lie frowned and said, "It was because of me.”

"As expected!" Enos was extremely excited and shouted, "After three million years, the Abyss finally has a new level! And your bloodline should only be rank eight right now?"

"Yes." Qin Lie nodded.

"Ha!" Enos couldn't help but laugh and say, "I think that the Lords and Great Lords of the Abyss gathered in the abyss passageway must be cursing right now, cursing the founder of the Flaming Sun Abyss for only having a rank eight bloodline!"

"What do you mean?" Qin Lie was puzzled.

"A new Abyss level would face great challenges. If Abyss Devils of similar or lesser rank enter the new Abyss level and kill its creator, eating their heart, they can replace the creator and become the level’s master," Enos explained. "But the Abyss has its own laws. Those Abyss Devils with strength surpassing the creator will be affected by the Abyss and stopped outside the new Abyss level. Only Abyss Devils of rank eight and below can enter the Flaming Sun Abyss."

"But such weak Abyss Devils can’t travel to the top of the abyss passageway without fatal danger."

"Due to this, you might be the safest Abyss Creator in history."

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