Chapter 1413: Flaming Sun Abyss

Chapter 1413: Flaming Sun Abyss

At the beginning, the Abyss hadn't had a hundred and eight levels.

Most of the levels in the present Abyss had formed gradually afterwards.

The Abyss hadn't given birth to a new level for too long.. Many high rank Abyss Devils had forgotten the Abyss level they lived in now had formed slowly.

The most obvious feature about the birth of the new Abyss level was that the abyss passageway would join it with the rest of the Abyss.

This created a special connection between the Origin World and the rest of the Abyss.

Those Devil Monarchs and Great Lords of the Abyss would immediately feel it.

They detected the changes in the Abyss immediately.

When Qin Lie’s Origin World connected to the top of the abyss passageway and the mysterious light drilled through its heaven and earth, the Origin World had become a true Abyss level.

The news spread through the Abyss—a new level was born!

The one hundred and ninth Abyss level.

Qin Lie's soul shadow looked down on the minuscule changes in the new level of the Abyss like an ancient deity.

He saw billions of mysterious specks of light coming from the abyss passageway.

They seemed to contain seeds of life and quickly spread through the Origin World and disappeared, soaked up by the world’s earth like a sponge.

Deep in the Origin Sea.

Countless light fragments fell like rain into the deep purple water.

They merged into the Origin Sea, becoming its eternal part. The Origin Sea came to life, its water boiling, absorbing the power capable of spawning life.

"Pew pew!"

Gradually, the Origin Sea became boiling purple lava that gave off enormous amounts of purple abyss devil energy.

A rice-sized black dot suddenly flashed in the boiling Origin Sea and a ripple of life came from that small dot.

Soon, a demon insect many time smaller than the Demon Armor Insects appeared on the surface of the Origin Sea.

That small demon insect looked around dazedly and was washed towards the shore as the Origin Sea boiled.

When it was washed up, it twisted its small body and crawled upwards, absorbing the deep purple abyss devil energy as it searched for anything edible to eat.

The shadow formed by Qin Lie's soul gradually appeared above the Origin Sea and looked at its changes.

"A little life born from the Origin Sea. The lowest demon insect, not even an Abyss Devil..."

"Glug glug!"

As the Origin Sea boiled, enormous bubbles appeared. When those bubbles popped, they released even thicker abyss devil energy.

The life-carrying specks of light that had come from the abyss passageway seemed to be slowly transforming as they landed in the Origin Sea.

Soon, some other strange little insects appeared from the Origin Sea and were washed to the surface.

Short grass filled with abyss devil energy suddenly grew on the land close to the Origin Sea.

Qin Lie’s soul shadow was like an eye in the sky, observing the newly born plants and insects filling the new Abyss level.

Once those strange plants grew up, they started to absorb the abyss devil energy and grew rapidly.

The little demon insects that had washed up from the Origin Sea saw those plants and immediately went over to feed on them.

The little demon insects became energetic and powerful after eating, waving their claws and shouting weakly.

Some stronger demon insects felt they had enough power and started to fight each other. The winning insect would consume the loser entirely.

One demon insect who finally obtained victory left the Origin Sea’s shore and went to a safe area to coil up and start its first bloodline transformation.

Qin Lie's soul shadow slowly shrunk and floated above the demon insect.

The transforming demon insect seemed to instinctively feel his existence. Its small body suddenly bowed to the ground, kowtowing to him to show its submission.

Qin Lie's soul shadow felt the small demon insect’s terror and awe.

This was the instinctual fear that the lowest of Abyss Devils would feel when they encountered a powerful ruler.

Qin Lie's soul shadow looked at the small demon insect, this little thing that didn't even count as an Abyss Devil and had a strange feeling—this was his people.

He seemed to understand.

His soul shadow floated away from the small demon insect back into the sky of the Origin World.

He felt the changes in this Abyss level with his soul...

A long time later, he gradually recovered and looked towards the abyss passageway, and the specks of light spraying in all directions.

He realized the moment this Origin World connected to the abyss passageway, it truly started to change.

The penetration of the abyss passageway caused this Origin World to connect to the other Abyss levels. Then, the mysterious passageway spread the seeds of life.

These seeds might have come from the abyss passageway or other levels.

They entered the ground, the Origin Sea, and through absorbing the abyss devil energy and other powers of this level, they had either taken roots and became plants or entered the Origin Sea and became the lowest and most basic of beings of the Abyss.

The Abyss plants and those small demon insects caused this Origin World to flourish with life.

This moment onward, this Origin World was capable of nurturing life. That meant it could no longer be classified as an Origin World.

It was a true Abyss level!

He suddenly realized the Abyss levels right now were mostly the result of Origin Worlds.

Even those Great Lords of the Abyss, including the Devil Monarchs of the Eight Purgatories, at the beginning, were the small demon insects he saw.

He believed the small demon insects, if they could survive the bloody battles, would transform their bloodline and one day become the preliminary Lords of the Abyss, and even the rank ten Great Lords of the Abyss.

"A completely new Abyss level..."

His soul consciousness surveyed the Abyss level, feeling the strange transformations, his thoughts moving.

"Flaming Sun, let it be called the Flaming Sun Abyss," he thought.

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