Chapter 1411: Old Enemy

Chapter 1411: Old Enemy

"Do not misunderstand!"

Stanca saw Qin Lie's expression and knew he had misunderstood. He hurriedly explained, "I have not done anything to Enos, and I also have no malicious intent towards you."

Qin Lie, walking out of the black hole area, heard him say this and his expression eased slightly. However, his eyes were still wary as he looked at the Spike Devil and said to Stanca, "Why are you with this Abyss Devil?"

The Spike Devil howled lowly, thick murderousness in his savage purple eyes.

Stanca snorted. "Do not forget our agreement!"

The rank nine Spike Devil suddenly remembered he needed Stanca to search for a new home for the Spike Devil Race.

The Spike Devil’s anger immediately subsided.

"I was born in the Extermination Abyss and he is from a race of the Extermination Abyss, so I know him," Stanca explained. He continued, "According to him, an expert calling himself the Thunder Emperor completely damaged the place where the Spike Devil Race lived and refined all the thunder and lightning the race required to live."

"He recognized the mark on your chest to have belonged to this man."

"That person destroyed his homeland, and forced the Spike Devil Race to search for a new place to live. Therefore, he hates everything related to that person."

Stanca explained on behalf of the rank nine Spike Devil and told Qin Lie what the Thunder Emperor had done in the Extermination Abyss

Qin Lie listened silently.

Once Stanca finished, he said, "I do have a mark on my chest from the Thunder Emperor, but I have never met him and do not know what he did in the Extermination Abyss."

He turned to the Spike Devil. "You can seek revenge, however... the result will be the same as earlier."

"Argh!" the Spike Devil howled.

Stanca shouted at him, "Leave us alone and wait for me, I have something else to discuss with him. If you truly want to find a place suited for the Spike Devil Race, you will follow my instructions, understand?"

The rank nine Spike Devil was unwilling but still left under Stanca's threat.

When he was far, Stanca's expression was serious as he said, "I smelled your presence from the Spike Devil. When I learned you were in the abyss passageway, I used a secret art to follow as I want to tell you some information."

"What?" Qin Lie stilled.

Stanca thought for a moment and said, "You and I fought side by side in the Origin World. Also, I was able to leave the Origin World later because of your arrangements with the remaining Winged Race clansmen. Therefore, I feel both I and the Winged Race owe you one."

Qin Lie's expression eased, and he said, "You are welcome."

"I came to tell you Thamur of the Soul Race and Oktan of the Spirit Race’s Satorius Family are still alive, and both are currently hidden in the abyss passageway.." Stanca did not hide anything and said, "I do not know how Thamur and Oktan managed to survive, I only know they hate you greatly."

"They should have heard that a black hole that leads towards Spirit Realm has appeared in the abyss passageway so they came."

"Because they know that Spirit Realm is your homeland."

"They want to use the abyss passageway to go to Spirit Realm and get revenge. Other than Thamur and Oktan, there seem... to be some other Soul Race clansmen and some survivors of the Satorius Family that the Spirit Race hadn’t finished off!"

"Their forces are powerful. While they may not be able to make waves in Spirit Realm, they are enough to defeat you."

Hearing Stanca's description, Qin Lie's expression was dark as he frowned.

Enos asked, "The Spirit Race didn't manage to kill the Satorius Family completely?

"The Satorius Family is a strong one among the Spirit Race families, and because of Oktan's existence, many of the experts of Spirit Race have sided with them and feel they can rise again." Stanca had a serious expression. "Just after what Oktan did in the Origin World was leaked, before Indigo returned, the Satorius Family seemed to learn they were exposed and left the realms of the Spirit Race early."

"While they were attacked a few times in their retreat, they did not lose many people."

"After that, the members of the Satorius Family disappeared, and no more news of them came. No one knew where they’ve gone."

"The Winged Race only recently learned that they have met with Oktan and Thamur. They are in the abyss passageway and moving towards the black hole connected to Spirit Realm."

"They are going to gather their entire family to go to Spirit Realm!"

Enos's eyes flashed with purple light. She thought and then said to Qin Lie, "The Satorius Family and the Soul Race experts should not just be targeting you by going to Spirit Realm."

"Oh?" Qin Lie stilled.

"They are most likely coming for the secrets hidden in Spirit Realm," Enos said confidently.

Qin Lie nodded slowly.

"Soul Race..."

He believed that the Soul Race clansmen led by Thamur were primarily headed to Spirit Realm for the spirit artifact he was in possession of.

Also, they might be searching for the First Prince of the Soul Race.

"Not good." He sighed inwardly.

As a black hole connecting to Spirit Realm opened, the news about Spirit Realm suddenly spread among the levels of the Abyss.

Many Abyss Devils, as well as foreign races were greatly interested in Spirit Realm.

At this moment, the five families of the God Race disappearing into Spirit Realm caused the other invading races to believe that Spirit Realm had secrets they weren’t aware of.

Spirit Realm suddenly became a fat piece of meat in the eyes of the other races.

The four transcendent bloodline races and even smaller races like Bone and Winged Races wanted to investigate Spirit Realm.

That black hole connecting to Spirit Realm immediately became important and the focus of attention to all races.

Qin Lie woke up from his thoughts a while later and said to Stanca, "Thank you for telling me the news."

Stanca snickered, "Why are you in the abyss passageway? Alright, don't tell me. If you are not going to that black hole, you won't be in trouble."

"My goal in coming to the abyss passageway is precisely that black hole," Qin Lie said coolly.

At the words, Stanca's expression changed slightly. He grimaced, "Then your chances of encountering Oktan and Thamur will increase greatly. The threat of the abyss passageway will multiply several-fold."

"I will be careful," Qin Lie said.

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