Chapter 1410: Trace Back

Chapter 1410: Trace Back

In the ancestral land of the Spirit Race.

Within a deep valley shrouded in countless lights, there were many enormous crystal balls.

The balls were dozens of meters in diameter and filled with colorful liquids, shining under the bright sunlight.

One of the crystals balls had blue liquid, and the bottom of the crystal ball was covered in icy blue crystals. Those crystal pieces shone like jewels and had strong spatial vibrations.

Inside the crystal ball, eight shining eyes floated among the icy blue crystals.

If Qin Lie was present, he would realize the blue liquid inside the sphere was the blood of the Demon Spirit of Space and Time. The eight shining balls inside were its missing eyes.

At this time, the eight shining eyes suddenly crashed against the crystal ball.

Blue rays of light battered the spherical walls of the crystal ball. The blood of the Demon Spirit of Space and Time became unusually wild.

A Spirit Race female child with a ponytail suddenly flew from the distance. She glanced at the changes within the crystal ball and hurriedly sent a message outside.

A while later, Great Master Tian Qi, also known as the Great Sage of the Spirit Race, appeared.

"Master, look!" the female child said urgently.

The Great Sage Tian Qi looked towards the eight eyes hitting the ball and frowned as though he was calculating something.

He then took out a staff covered in jewels and pointed at the crystal ball, shooting out a thin film of light, covering it.

Inside the crystal ball, the Demon Spirit of Space and Time's eight eyes seemed to be frozen in place.

Great Sage Tian Qi took back his staff. After a while, he murmured, "I didn’t expect the boy would find your corpse so soon..."

"Master, why have you always kept it?" the female Spirit Race child asked.

"Its bloodline and eyes contain the laws of space and time power. When Indigo grows some more and her bloodline reaches rank ten, she can attempt to analyze the secrets within." Great Sage Tian Qi smiled and said, "Whether the Spirit Race can become the top of the four transcendent bloodline races in the next million years will depend on how high Indigo's bloodline will go."

“Thus, I need to prepare anything that can increase Indigo's bloodline beforehand to ensure her smooth progress to rank ten."

"Only then will the future fate of the Spirit Race be completely changed."


In the abyss passageway, Enos stood next to the area of the black holes, bored.

Her purple eyes flashed and she looked gravely behind her, shouting, "Spike Devil!"

The rank nine Spike Devil that Qin Lie had trapped previously appeared from afar and was slowly getting closer.

Enos looked towards where Qin Lie had disappeared and then at the Spike Devil, hesitating.

At this time, another presence came from behind the Spike Devil.

"Stanca!" Enos was shocked.

"Enos!" Stanca was also shocked and said, "Why are you here?"

"Why are you with the Spike Devil?" Enos asked curiously.

Stanca stilled and said, "Half of my blood belongs to the Abyss Devil, and I come from the Extermination Abyss, which is also where this Spike Devil comes from. Isn’t it normal that we know each other?"

"Where is the boy?" the Spike Devil shouted.

"You came for Qin Lie?" Enos reacted and raised her guard. "What do you want? You also want to attack Qin Lie just like the Spike Devil?"

"Of course not." Stanca shook his head. "I want to see Qin Lie for other matters. Also, the Spike Devil promised me he will not attack even if he sees Qin Lie."

The Spike Devil snorted and did not disagree.

Enos looked in puzzlement at them, hesitated and then pointed at the area of black holes. “Qin Lie went over there and entered one of the black holes. He hasn't come out yet. I’ve been waiting for a long time here. I don't know when he will come out, or if he will."

"So that's how it is." Stanca thought for a moment and said, "Then I will wait with you."

Enos frowned. "What do you want with him?"

"I'm very curious why you are with him? Based on my knowledge, in the Origin World, your relationship with him... didn't seem very peaceful?" Stanca snickered and said, "Don't forget that Qin Lie's fiancee is in Nine Hells Purgatory. You are stealing from Miss Ling like this, aren't you worried she will come for you?"

Pausing, he ignored Enos's ugly expression and continued, "Your father is powerful, but Ling Yushi's bloodline source is the Devil Monarch of Nine Hells Purgatory. Are you sure you are not causing trouble for your father?"

"Do not worry about me!" Enos said coldly.

Stanca laughed and said, "I'm just warning you out of concern. Wouldn’t want you to play with fire and get burned. Your call."

"Stop wasting your words!" Enos snorted.

Stanca laughed but spoke no more. He waited at the border of the area of black holes with Enos.


In another space.

The eight balls of light flew out of the Demon Spirit of Space and Time's body and disappeared into Qin Lie's new heart. Qin Lie closed his eyes and sat down, feeling the changes in his body.

That rank ten Demon Spirit of Space and Time corpse turned into dust and dissipated.

It seemed to have merged with this strange realm, becoming pure power.

A long time later, Qin Lie woke up, his expression puzzled and dazed.

Blurry scenes seemed to fly out of his bloodline and appear in his mind.

He stood for a while and sighed. He seemed to understand what cruel things had happened to the native race of the abyss passageway.

A moment of silence later, he looked at the empty Demon Spirit of Space and Time and said, "I will do my best to gather your scattered memories and remnant souls. Whether I can recover the prosperity of the Demon Spirit of Space and Time Race... I cannot guarantee it."

Leaving these words behind, he disappeared through the rice-sized black hole.

In the next moment, he appeared within the abyss passageway, and saw the Spike Devil and Stanca. His expression changed slightly and thought that Enos was being held hostage.

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