Chapter 1408: Bloodline Call

Chapter 1408: Bloodline Call

In the abyss passageway where the rank nine Spike Devil were.

Tens of thousands of bolts of purple lightning, accompanied by roars of thunder, shot out of the blue sea of light. Long after Qin Lie and Enos let, the power of the blue sea of light subsided greatly. The Spike Devil finally managed to break free using its bloodline power.

Once the Spike Devil broke free, it immediately searched for Qin Lie and Enos's shadows and gave wild howls.

But Qin Lie and Enos had left long ago.

The Spike Devil roared a while, and released its soul consciousness to search. It gave up in the end, and sank down in the abyss passageway.

A while later, a small black hole appeared in front of the Spike Devil's enormous body.

He stared at the black hole as his bloodline and soul power seemed to form a soul connection with someone on the other side of the black hole.


Suddenly, Stanca's figure appeared from the black hole the Spike Devil guarded.

When Stanca passed through the black hole, he glanced at the Spike Devil, his eyes shining with light. He asked using the ancient Abyss language, "Who did you fight earlier?"

He detected Qin Lie's weak presence from the Spike Devil.

Stanca was skilled in soul secret arts. When he had been in the Origin World, his soul power was not affected by the absolute darkness, and he could feel the surrounding souls and beings.

Qin Lie and the Spike Devil had just fought. The strange power that infuriated the Spike Devil carried a thread of Qin Lie's soul presence, the hint that Stanca captured.

"The successor to the Thunder Emperor!" the Spike Devil roared and continued his explanation. "That person calling himself the Thunder Emperor harvested all the thunder energy in the Extermination Abyss where my race lived and destroyed our lands. I will not give up on him!"

Stanca stilled and then understood.

He was like the Spike Devil and once lived in the Extermination Abyss. His birth father was the Great Lord of the Extermination Abyss, the one to rule the Extermination Abyss.

He knew the bloodline of the Spike Devil resonated with lightning and thunder, and knew the area that the Spike Devil lived was the place with the densest lightning and thunder in Extermination Abyss.

This rank nine Spike Devil had transformed step by step at that place, eventually becoming a rank nine Lord of the Abyss.

But as the Spike Devil tried to advance even further, an expert called the Thunder Emperor appeared and refined all the thunder energy in that place.

Back then, all the Spike Devils together were not a match for the Thunder Emperor. They could only watch as the Thunder Emperor ravaged their home.

After the Thunder Emperor left, the lightning and thunder that area had created was completely gone.

Then, the Spike Devil Race was forced to leave their home. This rank nine Spike Devil used the abyss passageway to move through different levels to find another level suitable for his race to live in.

Stanca and this rank nine Spike Devil met here because he had found another place with lightning and thunder suitable for the Spike Devil Race. He wanted to use that land to make a transaction with the Spike Devil.

"Stanca, are you sure you found a suitable place for us?" the Spike Devil asked.

Stanca woke up from his thoughts and glanced at the Spike Devil. He said, "Where did the person fighting you go after?"

"I don't know," the Spike Devil said.

Stanca frowned and immediately used bloodline secret arts to search using Qin Lie's presence on the Spike Devil.

After a while, Stanca's eyes lit up. He murmured, "Qin Lie might have come for the black hole..."

"What did you say?" the Spike Devil said.

"Nothing." Stanca focused and said, "Come with me. However, you have to promise me. When you see the Thunder Emperor's successor, do not rashly attack."

"Why?" The Spike Devil snorted.

"Promise me you’ll listen to me. Otherwise, we will separate immediately!" Stanca's face turned cold.

"If I listen to you, will you find a place suitable for our bloodline to grow?" the Spike Devil asked.

"Yes," Stanca answered.

"Alright, I can listen to you," the Spike Devil responded.

The two formed an agreement and sank down into the abyss passageway, Stanca at the front as though he knew the location.

At the same time, Qin Lie led Enos and flew rapidly through the abyss passageway.

During this time, he also absorbed the memory fragments from the Demon Spirits of Space and Time scattered around the abyss passageway. He attempted to piece together the memories and comprehend the deeper mysteries of his bloodline.

An unknown amount of time later, the Demon Spirit of Space and Time bloodline within him suddenly pulsed.

A strange feeling formed from his bloodline and mind. He unconsciously slowed down and used the blue light to lead Enos to another area.

That area flashed with black dots of light. When he looked closely, he found those lights were black holes of different sizes.

Black holes were everywhere in the abyss passageway, but it was rare to see an area with such density.

When Qin Lie and Enos got close, they found almost thousands of black holes in this small area, each of them giving off unstable spatial vibrations and leading to unknown places.

"Is this what you wanted to find?" Enos said curiously.

"No." Qin Lie shook his head and looked around in amazement at the many black holes. He said, "Do not come close. I feel this place is dangerous. I might be safe but you... if you enter, you may not be able to come out."

Enos looked at the black lights, thought and nodded. "Alright, I will stay outside."

Almost all areas of the abyss passageway were filled with all kinds of dangers, but there was no explosions, no unstable spatial power, no cold wind that could destroy souls and no strange corrosive power around the area they had come to.

The surrounding area was so strangely calm, as if it was not a part of the dangerous abyss passageway.

"Be careful." Qin Lie took a deep breath and activated the bloodline power of the Demon Spirit of Space and Time. He covered his body with blue light and slowly entered the strange place filled with black holes.

Just after ten meters, he stopped with puzzlement underneath a fist-sized black hole.

The Demon Spirit of Space and Time's bloodline inside him became unusually active as though it was urging him into the black hole.

He hesitated a long time and finally chose to trust the feeling. He turned into a blue beam of light and flew into the black hole.

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