Chapter 1407: Enlightenment

Chapter 1407: Enlightenment

“Thunder Emperor!”

Qin Lie shook as he looked down at the Thunder Emperor Mark etched across his chest. Suddenly, he understood why the Spike Devil had come for him.

This rank nine Spike Devil had actually met the Thunder Emperor in the past. The Thunder Emperor Mark on his chest was the reason the Spike Devil was acting so violently and bloodthirsty.

Had the Thunder Emperor, one of the Three Emperors of the human race gone to the Extermination Abyss and clashed against the Spike Devil in the past?

A moment later, he voiced his question tentatively in the language of the Abyss, “How do you know the Thunder Emperor?”

“So you are related to him!” the Spike Devil roared angrily.


Purple lightning bolts the size of rivers burst out of the Spike Devil’s body before he charged straight towards Qin Lie.

The Spike Devil’s deep purple pupils were crawling with lightning, and his entire body was booming with the terrible noise of thunder. His fierce and forceful bloodline power was so great that even the brilliant lights adorning the interior of the abyss passageway had moved away from him as if they were subconsciously aware of his strength.

“Watch out!” Enos screamed.

Qin Lie’s expression changed. He was well versed in Heavenly Thunder Eradication, and he could sense a terrifying presence of thunder from the purple rivers.

He immediately got himself ready to unleash his full power.


Suddenly, Qin Lie’s Eight-eyed Demon Spirit bloodline turned incredibly active.

The seemingly natural light specks, unknown stars, spinning whirlpools and light beams swimming around him burst into movement.

An instant later, the world around him was fully enveloped in deep blue light.


The purple river of lightning created by the Spike Devil clashed fiercely against the blue light and triggered a massive explosion.

The surrounding area was instantly flooded with shattered colors of purple and deep blue.

“The bloodline of the Demon Spirit of Time and Space naturally draws in the random energies existing inside the abyss passageway to protect you.” Enos’ eyes lit up with pleasant surprise as she said, “Moreover, the Demon Spirit of Time and Space bloodline in you must be pretty high rank considering these reactions.”

The area between Qin Lie and the Spike Devil continued to explode furiously while she was speaking.

The rank nine Spike Devil kept attacking the natural disasters standing in his way, hoping to crush them with sheer power before getting close enough to Qin Lie to kill him.

Qin Lie himself wasn’t moving at all. In fact, he was closing his eyes, focusing all of his attention onto the Eight-Eyed Demon Spirit bloodline inside him and studying its changes.

As he studied the deep blue bloodline crystals with his soul consciousness, he could vaguely see eight dazzling light specks growing brighter where the bloodline had converged.

Suddenly, he recalled seeing eight brilliant balls of light inside the bloodline crystals back when he had awakened Star Abyss at Shattered Ice Realm as well.

The eight light balls seemed to be hidden deep within the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit blood crystals. They looked like the eyes of an Eight-eyed Demon Spirit, and they contained seemingly infinite wonders.

Moreover, the core secret art of the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit’s inheritance and bloodline seemed to be tied to the eight light balls as well.

Eigh blue starlights slowly but surely started to glow from Qin Lie’s body as they became scattered inside eight of his meridians.

At first, the eight starlights were only as big as a firefly. However, they began absorbing the unknown energies existing inside the abyss passageway immediately after they came to life.

The eight starlights started growing at a visible rate, bright and dazzling.

Dozens of seconds later, after they had grown to the size of a ball, they flew out of Qin Lie’s body and started circling around him.

The unique and strange energies inside the abyss passageway surged in from every direction and flooded over Qin Lie like an invisible tide.

Then, Qin Lie sucked in a deep breath as a burst of blue starlight suddenly appeared in his eyes. It was as if he was injected with an infinite amount of strength during that one instant.

While spilling blue starlight from his body and surrounded by dancing sparks, Qin Lie looked at the Spike Devil and let out an angry shout.


The blue river of light immediately poured down on the rank nine Spike Devil’s head, flooding it entirely.

The purple fog that was firing purple lightning in all directions vanished into nothingness immediately.

The only thing that came out of the blue sea of light was the reluctant roars of the Spike Devil.

Qin Lie let out a snort before sucking in a deep breath, causing the eight brilliant balls of blue light to vanish into his body in response.

“Let’s go.”

He then ignored the Spike Devil, grabbed Enos and sank deeper into the abyss passageway. However, he was suddenly moving several times faster than before.

They were moving so quick that even Enos was feeling dizzy as she stared at the scenery around her passing them by at the speed of light.

She immediately realized that Qin Lie’s movement speed inside the abyss passageway had somehow been improved to an unbelievable rate.

In fact, it was way faster than when a rank nine Lord of the Abyss had escorted her through the abyss passageway some time ago.

When she recalled Qin Lie’s trance and the strange phenomenons that were created by the Demon Spirit of Time and Space’s bloodline and connected the dots, she realized that Qin Lie had probably just experienced an enlightenment and learned a couple of new tricks. He must be using some sort of special bloodline power to be moving this quickly.

Her guess was correct.

The Spike Devil’s mad attempt to kill him had actually caused his bloodline to boil up in that moment.

In fact, when the eight light balls flew out of the deep blue bloodline crystals in his blood and into the open, he suddenly had the very strange feeling that he was the true master of the abyss passageway.

The moment the thought had surfaced to his mind, the unknown energies existing inside the abyss passageway started pouring into him from every direction.

To his surprise, these unknown energies were filled with some sort of broken soul tendrils. These soul tendrils… belonged to the Demon Spirits of Space and Time who had perished inside the abyss passageway.

Even now, bits and fragments of memories were occasionally entering his body.

The memory fragments had immediately slipped into the deep blue bloodline crystals the second they entered his body. He had to examine them carefully to realize that the memory fragments had ultimately merged into the eight starlights inside the bloodline crystals.

Although the eight balls of starlight embedded deep inside the bloodline crystals were hidden from view, they were clearly absorbing the leftover memories that were scattered inside the abyss passageway.

That was how he came to be making his way towards the black hole that led to Spirit Realm while absorbing memories.

“The Demon Spirit of Time and Space... Time and space. The Spirit Race’s bloodline also includes time and space, which is why Great Sage Tian Qi had turned this race into their demon pet. It is because their bloodline characteristics are perfectly compatible with the Spirit Race’s own bloodline.”

Qin Lie thought to himself. “Were the Demon Spirits of Time and Space killed en masse when the Spirit Race was trying to capture them? Why else would there be so many soul fragments in the abyss passageway?”

Suddenly, a terrible sorrow overcame him out of nowhere. He almost felt like he could see the vision of a carefree race suddenly being met with a tragic fate when the Spirit Race had attacked and wiped them out without warning.

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