Chapter 1406: Spike Devil

Chapter 1406: Spike Devil

Shattered Ice Realm.

Currently, the Spirit Realm experts led by Pei Dehong were waiting at the periphery instead of attacking the God Race.

Despair Devil King and Terror Devil King had left Shattered Ice Realm a long time ago, and the Ice Emperor had gone away as well. Although the giant dragon Affleck hounded the group day and night to attack Shattered Ice Realm, his attempts were rejected by Pei Dehong again and again.

Affleck was close to running out of patience.

Affleck knew that a great number of his clansmen was still trapped by the Profound Ice Family. If they could defeat the enemy, then his clansmen would surely be set free from captivity.

However, Pei Dehong was worried that there would be more God Race experts waiting for them inside Shattered Ice Realm. That was why he didn’t allow Affleck to act recklessly.

The reason Pei Dehong gave him was that they should wait for a reply from Sky Mender Palace and the Ji Family and confirm their stance regarding Qin Lie.

One day, a realm entrance finally appeared inside a cave at the periphery of Shattered Ice Realm.

Kong Kun stepped out of the portal and stopped respectfully before Pei Dehong. He said, “Sky Mender Palace and the Ji Family has seen the image that was captured using the Heaven Reflecting Divine Mirror.”

Pei Dehong’s spirit lifted up. “What is their answer then?”

Kong Kun’s face suddenly darkened, and he shook his head despite everyone’s hopeful looks. “The Ji Family and Sky Mender Palace promises to treat the Qin Family as an enemy if they are truly colluding with the God Race. However… they claim that the evidence we provided only proves that Qin Lie and Profound Ice Family are in some sort of relationship.”

Pei Dehong’s expression turned dark when he heard this.

“How dare they take such a vague stance even though the evidence is clear for everyone to see!” Hong Ju exploded in fury. “How can the Ji Family, Sky Mender Palace, and the Ancient Beast Race be so foolish when the Profound Ice Family has already established themselves in Shattered Ice Realm! Truly disappointing!”

An Asura Race rank ten bloodline expert was just about to speak up when his expression suddenly changed drastically.

A few other Asura Race experts had turned pale white as well. A message seemed to have reached them at the same time.

“Those two Devil Kings are moving towards our Asura Realm!” That was the only sentence the leader of the Asura Race group left behind to Pei Dehong and Affleck before he and the rest of the warriors left Shattered Ice Realm. They hadn’t even looked back once at their allies.

Affleck looked absolutely ashen.

The remaining experts gathered at this place looked hesitant as well.

Meanwhile, at the Profound Ice Family’s two starships.

Han Che was wearing a serious expression on his face. If one were to look hard enough, they might even catch a glimpse of worry in his eyes.

“Have we not managed to contact our people yet?” he asked in a heavy tone.

Bing Hui shook his head in puzzlement. “It’s strange. None of the messages we’ve sent to the spatial passage have gotten any replies. Logically speaking, they should’ve received our messages and responded a long time ago.”

A moment of hesitation later, he added, “Also, those who went into the spatial passage haven’t returned as well.”

Han Che pondered for a moment before ordering, “In that case, I want you to soul probe the spatial passage and find out what’s going on. I don’t know why, but I’ve been having a bad feeling as of late. Also, Mia hasn’t returned from her excursion with Qin Lie even though it’s been a long time already.”

“Mia should be fine, right?” Bing Hui exclaimed.

“She is. I can sense her life presence, her soul presence and even her current location. It’s vague, however. Wherever she is, it should be… quite far away from where we are now.” Han Che frowned. “Still, I should’ve been able to contact her through the soul after I executed my bloodline secret art if she were in Spirit Realm.”

“You can’t contact her?” Bing Hui’s expression changed.

“Mn.” Han Che nodded. “Investigate the spatial passage first. If something really has happened to it, then we will need to use that abyss entrance and seek out the black holes we’ve concealed inside the abyss passageway. It will enable us to communicate with the other families and secure us a path of retreat.”

“I will arrange our men to guard that abyss entrance right away!” Bing Hui promised.


Inside the abyss passageway.

Qin Lie glowed like a blue light ball as he and Enos fell towards their destination.

Qin Lie’s surrounding was filled with violent starbursts, strange light beams, and spatial gaps that opened and closed instantly.

All these natural disasters terrified Enos greatly. She had no choice but to stick close to Qin Lie.

Growing calmer and calmer, Qin Lie obeyed the sensation of his bloodline and continued to drop down the abyss passageway.


Suddenly, a purple fog appeared at the distance and revealed the vague outline of a gigantic Abyss Devil.

The Abyss Devil was covered in sharp, sinister-looking spikes from head to toe like a porcupine. Its hands were shaped like sharp claws, and its pupils were shining with the light of bloodthirst and cruelty.

“That’s a rank nine Spike Devil. It’s probably from the Extermination Abyss. We would do well to avoid him,” Enos said quietly.

“Rank nine…”

Qin Lie had frowned immediately after he saw the rank nine Abyss Devil. Naturally, he had no intentions of provoking a Lord of the Abyss.

“It looks like he’s coming for us though,” Enos added.

Qin Lie concentrated upon hearing her words, and he discovered that the Spike Devil shrouded in purple fog was rising swiftly towards their direction.

The Spike Devil that looked a little vague at the beginning suddenly looked a lot clearer. It then let out a harsh sounding roar.

“This Abyss Devil looks like a First Devil too…” Enos said bitterly, “Spike Devil is a low rank Abyss Devil of the Extermination Abyss with an average bloodline rank of three to four only. The fact that this Abyss Devil was able to evolve to rank nine probably means that it’s going to be a difficult opponent. Should we… find a way to avoid him?”

“How do you suggest we do that?” Qin Lie asked.

“Don’t you have the Demon Spirit of Time and Space’s bloodline? This is the abyss passageway, a home ground of sorts for you. Can’t you find a way with the bloodline inheritance you possess?” Enos asked urgently.

Meanwhile, the rank nine Spike Devil was roaring like he was crazy.

As the Spike Devil continued to charge towards Qin Lie and Enos, the light dots he passed through exploded one after another in astounding fashion. They were so powerful that they caused the Abyss Devil to roll round and round.

Some of the spikes on his body were even shattered by the explosions.

However, the Spike Devil’s momentum towards Qin Lie and Enos had never changed despite its sorry appearance. It was gradually getting closer and closer to them.

“What prompted that guy to go crazy all of a sudden?” Qin Lie asked with a confused look.

“Who the hell knows!” Enos screamed.


Suddenly, a bolt of lightning flew out of Qin Lie’s chest, and the Thunder Emperor Mark at his chest area burned hot.


The Spike Devil roared angrily before purple lightning bolts burst out from his body and enveloped itself entirely. Shockingly enough, thunderous booms could be heard from the purple fog as well.

The Spike Devil stared straight at Qin Lie’s chest—or more specifically, the Thunder Emperor Mark that was covered in lightning—with greed and hatred.

“Does a Spike Devil have lightning attribute bloodline?” Qin Lie asked curiously.

“Of course they do!” Enos replied.

“Boy! Are you that damnable Thunder Emperor’s inheritor?” The rank nine Spike Devil suddenly questioned Qin Lie using the language of the Abyss. His eyes were filled with violence and madness.

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