Chapter 1405: Bloodline Protection

Chapter 1405: Bloodline Protection

Inside the abyss passageway.

Many mysterious beams of light could be seen flying through the wide passage, along countless light dots sparkling like stars. Sometimes, they would explode intensely after some fierce vibrations.

The instantaneous, extraordinarily powerful impact of the explosions could kill even a rank seven Abyss Devil.

There were hundreds of millions of black holes inside the mysterious abyss passageway. There were also all kinds of spatial nodes, strange spacetime gaps, light beams, light specks, distorted and unstable spatial currents, and sudden, intense explosions...

Normally, only a rank nine Abyss Devil could travel the abyss passageway with relative safety.

Even the weaker clansmen of the God Race, the Spirit Race and the Soul Race had to be escorted by a rank nine senior if they wished to travel through the black holes, enter the abyss passageway and make way to other Abyss levels.

In reality, it was most dangerous for a rank eight expert like Qin Lie to use the abyss passageway.

The dangers that might occur any second could easily kill a rank eight bloodline expert instantly, and even wipe out their very soul.

Moreover, it was entirely possible to run into other experts inside the abyss passageway and be killed if they were unlucky.

Inside the abyss passageway, Qin Lie floated quietly while activating his Eight-eyed Demon Spirit bloodline.

Gentle blue slowly rippled off his body in a circular pattern before wrapping around him like a sheen of ice. When the blue light screen became fully formed, he felt like his soul was at peace all of a sudden.

He also felt like he had returned “home” for some reason.

The last time he was brought here by Lieyan Yang, he had felt something similar while hiding inside the fiery man’s Flame World.

Just now, he got confirmation from Enos that the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit or “Demon Spirit of Time and Space” really was born in this place.

When Qin Lie had activated the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit’s bloodline, he was completely exposed and void of protection.

However, the terrifying spatial vibrations and tiny but deadly explosions moved away from him as if they had a mind of their own, even though he wasn’t doing anything at all.

This discovery greatly surprised him.

“It looks like you have the Demon Spirit of Time and Space’s bloodline in you, else there would be no way for you to hang around this place in such a calm fashion.” Enos’s purple figure appeared beside him suddenly. She was wrapped inside a dark purple light shield, and she was staring at Qin Lie with amazement in her eyes.


After she had returned from the Origin World, her father Dawson helped her ascend to rank eight bloodline.

However, it wasn’t enough to unconditionally survive in the abyss passageway. It was entirely possible for a sudden phenomenon to kill her instantly.

The last time she had used the abyss passageway, she had been escorted all the way to the Darkness Abyss by a rank nine Lord of the Frost Desolation Abyss.

But this time, there was no one around to escort her. Her father hadn’t made such an arrangement either.

That was why she had hesitated for a moment prior to entering the abyss passageway.

It was because she was aware what kind of danger awaited her inside.

In the end, she chose to enter the abyss passageway. 

At first, she thought that Qin Lie would be treading every step with caution just like her. However, she immediately noticed that Qin Lie was surrounded by a blue halo the moment she entered the abyss passageway.

Even stranger was the fact that the terrifying light beams, the occasional explosions and the distorted spatial powers were moving away from him unnaturally.

When the moment of surprise was over, Enos finally understood why Qin Lie had felt no fear when he had entered to the abyss passageway.

“If you don’t mind, can I move closer to you?” She smiled at him and said, “I may have evolved to rank eight already, but I cannot lower my guard even for a second or risk those deadly natural disasters getting close to me. On the other hand, you and the space around you are clearly a safe zone. I wouldn’t be harmed by the dangers inside the abyss passageway as long as I stay close to you.”

Qin Lie nodded with his eyes shut because he was searching for the black hole that led to Spirit Realm with his Eight-eyed Demon Spirit bloodline.

Enos let out a secret sigh of relief and carefully moved closer to Qin Lie.

“Eh!” However, she exclaimed in surprise as her purple wings suddenly extended in full before wrapping around her tightly.

It was because the light beams and distorted spatial powers had suddenly and consciously surging towards her.

It would appear that the natural disasters and restrictions that existed everywhere inside the abyss passageway were protecting Qin Lie. They wouldn’t allow anyone to disturb his peace.

Enos had no choice but to flap her wings and spend even more bloodline power to defend herself from the strange energies surging towards her.

“Qin Lie!” she shouted.

Qin Lie finally snapped out of his reverie and turned to shoot her a glance. Once he realized the weirdness that was happening around him, he pointed a finger at Enos and shot a bit of blue starlight straight at her purple wings. 

The starlight was in fact a drop of his own blood. The blood was imprinted with the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit’s bloodline energy and ice blue bloodline crystal.

Miraculously, after the starlight had become attached to Enos’s wings, the light dots and distorted spatial powers that threatened to overwhelm Enos suddenly faded away like tidewater.

Enos was very astonished. This time, when she walked towards Qin Lie once more, the strange energies scattered around Qin Lie didn’t try to target her again and moved away on their own.

She subconsciously stared at the blue starlight that was attached to her wing.

The rice-sized starlight was in fact a drop of shining blood. It had the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit’s unique presence in it, and it seemed to be protecting her in secret.

Her eyes grew more and more joyful as she moved closer towards Qin Lie while still staring at the starlight.

“The God Race bloodline, the Abyss Devil Race bloodline, the Demon Spirit of Time and Space bloodline… just how many bloodline systems does he have? If those bloodline systems can all evolve to near perfection, and if I can truly become pregnant from his life seed… would my child eventually become a overlord that can rule all of the Abyss?”

The more she thought about it, the brighter her eyes became.

“I found it!” Qin Lie suddenly declared.

“Found what?” Enos snapped out of her daydream.

She was right next to Qin Lie, and since her wing had a drop of Qin Lie’s blood on it, she was no longer threatened by the natural disasters of the abyss passageway.

“I’ve found the black hole that connects this place to Spirit Realm.” Qin Lie said darkly, “The reason I’m here is to destroy that black hole and prevent more Abyss Devils from entering Spirit Realm.”

“Ah!” Enos exclaimed in surprise. “But according to my knowledge, a lot of Abyss Devils are planning to enter Spirit Realm through that black hole. I doubt you’ll be able to destroy that black hole right in front of all those Abyss Devils without any complications. Moreover, it’s very possible that a Lord or even a Great Lord of the Abyss is staying near the black hole.”

“That’s not a problem. That black hole was created through my bloodline power, so naturally that I have ways to erase it from the abyss passageway.” Qin Lie grinned confidently at her. “We are in the abyss passageway, and the Demon Spirit of Time and Space’s bloodline flows in my veins. To a Demon Spirit of Time and Space, destroying a black hole it had created itself is an incredibly simple task. There is no one who will be able to stop it!”

“Oh, I see,” Enos replied.

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