Chapter 1404: The Three Great Mentors of Blood and Soul!

Chapter 1404: The Three Great Mentors of Blood and Soul!

“Do you know why I’m heading to the abyss passageway?” Qin Lie asked in a heavy tone.

“Nope.” Enos shook her head before replying carelessly, “I don’t really care. But whatever it is you’re planning, I promise that I’ll do my best to support you.”

Qin Lie looked astonished.

He could still remember the first time he saw Enos. She had been a bossy and arrogant woman who had never given him face even at the Origin World.

However, her attitude today was a complete turnaround compared to how she had acted before. He actually found her infinite tenderness towards him a bit difficult to get used to.

Enos smiled beautifully like a blooming flower at the sight of his astonishment. “I want you to grow powerful, and your bloodline to become more perfect than ever before. That way, I’ll be able to reap the greatest benefit from you.”

“You’re different from how I remember you to be,” Qin Lie said while frowning.

“What’s past is past. Why would I treat you the same way I did when we’re no longer enemies?” Enos smiled at him.

Qin Lie nodded and stopped talking. He turned his attention back to the abyss passageway.

Enos followed him closely from behind.

Normally, it was impossible to travel all the way to the abyss passageway without running into a single Abyss Devil in the process.

However, no one had really tried to stop him or Enos probably because Enos was the direct descendant of the Great Lord of the Frost Desolation Abyss, Dawson.

As a result, Qin Lie was able to reach the abyss passageway without any issues.

The gigantic abyss passageway looked like a hurricane that connected heaven and earth. It was a passage that linked the Frost Desolation Abyss to all other Abyss levels.

Qin Lie stood near the entrance and felt waves of terrible energy emanating from inside. His expression gradually turned serious.

“It seems like there are a lot of Abyss Devils operating inside the abyss passageway as of late. Why are they here? Are they all searching for that black hole that leads straight to Spirit Realm?” Qin Lie asked.

“That seems to be the case.” Enos thought to herself before saying, “There has been a lot of rumors regarding Spirit Realm circulating throughout all of the Abyss levels recently. I think someone has been spreading these rumors on purpose. It is said that the ultimate secret of the universe is hidden deep within Spirit Realm, and that piqued the interest of some Abyss Devils.”

She paused for a moment before wrinkling her brows. “You should know that we, the Abyss Devils aren’t really all that interested in the outside world. Our own world—one hundred and eight levels in total—is plenty big already, and we don’t really enjoy exploring worlds that have no abyss devil energy whatsoever.”

“Spirit Realm is one such place. It is completely devoid of abyss devil energy, and there is literally no reason for us to travel of our own accord there unless there is something that really piques our interest. Even for hunting, we still would’ve chosen a different realm with stronger foes in them.”

“Spirit Realm… is just too weak for us.”

Enos shook her head as she said this. In her eyes, the flesh of a Spirit Realm natives might not even be worthy of filling the gap between her teeth.

“The God Race thinks that Spirit Realm is their exclusive property, so it’s unlikely for them to be the ones who spread the rumors. It has to be someone else,” Qin Lie said sternly.

Suddenly, Great Master Tian Qi popped into his mind.

Great Master Tian Qi was a Spirit Race clansman who had stayed in Sky Bearing City for the past three hundred years. Hence, he was quite familiar with Spirit Realm.

Considering that the God Race was about to show up, could it be that Great Master Tian Qi was planning to damage their plans and grab a piece of the pie for himself? Was the purpose behind the rumors to spread chaos in Spirit Realm?

“Have you heard of a Spirit Race expert called Great Master Tian Qi?” The idea of asking Enos’ opinion about this suddenly entered his mind.

“Great Master Tian Qi?” Enos thought carefully before shaking her head. “I’ve never heard of such a person, but… I can ask father about this right away. Luckily for us, we haven’t left the Frost Desolation Abyss yet, so I can communicate with my father anytime using a bloodline secret art.”

She closed her eyes as her bloodline slowly grew active.

Silent waves of soul energy rolled off her body, and a while later she opened her eyes and said, “My father said that there is no one called Great Master Tian Qi (Heaven Abandonment) in the Spirit Race, but there is a Great Sage called Tian Qi (Heaven Enlightenment). That Great Sage is well-versed in the most mysterious arts the Spirit Race has—the arts of fate—and even the chief of the Spirit Race himself treats him with great respect. He is the one who has been guiding the entire Spirit Race from the shadows all this time.”

“Great Sage Tian Qi?” Qin Lie’s eyes lit up.

The “Qi” in both “Tian Qi”s might share the same intonation, but they were in fact two different words. Even better, they were both well-versed in the mysterious arts of fate. At this moment, Qin Lie was almost one hundred percent certain that Great Master Tian Qi was none other than the Great Sage of the Spirit Race, Tian Qi!

“What kind of a person is he?” Qin Lie asked seriously.

“According to my father, Great Sage Tian Qi is a wise man among the Spirit Race. Much of their strategic decisions are formulated by him.” Enos said while staring at the abyss passageways. “In fact, it seems like he was the one who captured the Demon Spirits of Space and Time living in the abyss passageway, took them back to his homeworld and converted them into demon pets.”

“The Demon Spirit of Space and Time?” Qin Lie was momentarily confused by the name.

“It’s the creature your people coined “Eight-eyed Demon Spirit”.” Enos thought for a moment before explaining, “The Demon Spirits of Space and Time may be born in the abyss passageway, but they are one of the strangest life forms in the entire universe. It seems that their bloodline system is different from us Abyss Devils.”

“My father said that the black holes existing in the abyss passageways right now had all been created by the Demon Spirits of Space and Time a long time ago. This strange race loves to connect the abyss passageway to different realms, and they are the reason why the abyss passageway became a galactic level spatial hub that is connected to nearly infinite number of  worlds and space.”

“Unfortunately, they were ultimately captured by the Spirit Race and converted into their demon pets.”

“The person who transformed the Demon Spirits of Time and Space into the pets, Eight-eyed Demon Spirits, is none other than Great Sage Tian Qi of the Spirit Race. Him, the previous Blaze Family patriarch Lieyan Yuan, and the Soul Race’s Imperial Soul Monarch are known as the Three Great Mentors of Blood and Soul.”

Qin Lie shivered once before murmuring, “Lieyan Yuan, Imperial Soul Monarch…”

Finally, his maternal grandfather’s true name—Lieyan Yuan—was revealed to him. This was also the first time he heard of the title “Mentor of Blood and Soul”.

“What are the Three Great Mentors of Blood and Soul?” he asked.

“According to my father, it is a title granted to the distinguished with the deepest knowledge regarding their respective bloodline system and the soul,” Enos answered.

“What else do you know?” Qin Lie pressed her further.

This time Enos shook her head and said, “That was all my father had told me; I’m just repeating his words. He said that you can ask him again if you have further questions once you’ve returned from the abyss passageway. Also, he’s cultivating right now, and the reason I can communicate with him briefly is because his blood flows through my veins. But even then, this connection cannot last too long in his current state.”

“Alright.” Qin Lie gave up.

He inhaled deeply before zipping towards the abyss passageway like a bolt of lightning.

Enos hesitated for a second before activating her bloodline power. Only then did she carefully enter as well..

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