Chapter 1403: Jealousy

Chapter 1403: Jealousy

Serine was known as the “Black Tulip” in Suluo Realm. She was the goddess in many Asura Race youngsters’ dreams, and she was famous not just in Suluo Realm, but also the Asura Realm.

The descendants of Asura Race’s ancient families all coveted the beautiful Serine. In fact, many young noble warriors had searched Suluo Realm high and low for her after the place had fallen into their hands.

When they heard that Serine and the Cullen Family had escaped Suluo Realm, the Asura Race warriors had even ventured deep into Spirit Realm in search for her.

Serine was a flower that shook the hearts of every man in the Asura Race.

Right now, the “Black Tulip” who was coveted by countless young Asura Race clansmen had discarded her black armor and stood naked right in front of Qin Lie.

Serine was a tall woman. Even Qin Lie was only slightly taller than her.

Her body was firm and muscular due to constant fighting. Her breasts were impressively huge, and her legs were long and attractive.

At the beginning, Qin Lie had a taunting expression on his face. However, he froze suddenly after Serine had taken off her clothes and stood in front of him naked.

He narrowed his eyes and allowed his gaze to swim across Serine’s naked body slowly. Occasionally, he would click his tongue in wonder while commenting, “Not bad, not bad at all. Huge breasts, a thin waist, a pair of long legs…”

Serine was bowing her head in embarrassment until she heard his humiliating comments. Then, she suddenly looked up at him with anger. “Can you give me an answer already?!”

“Answer?” The corner of Qin Lie’s lips lifted. “What answer?”

Serine’s face turned cold as she suddenly put on a new set of black armor once more. “If you can help me contact Lord Dark Soul Beast and help me become his soul servant, I promise that I will become yours today—but only today! This offer wouldn’t even exist if you hadn’t saved us!”

“What if I don’t agree?” Qin Lie smiled.

“In that case, we no longer owe each other anything.” Serine let out a soft snort. “You’ve seen me naked, and that is your reward for saving us, and so ends our relationship with each other. Once I’ve returned to Lord Dark Soul Beast’s territory, I will ask Curtis and the others to take my message to become a soul servant to him.”

Serine knew that the Dark Soul Beast’s original name was “Cadak”, and she had never stopped believing that Cadak was the ruler of this multiracial territory.

Even now, she simply thought of Qin Lie as one of the more important pawns among Cadak’s soul servants. She thought that Qin Lie might be even more important to the Dark Soul Beast than Curtis.

It was because she could sense a trace of the Dark Soul Beast’s unique soul presence from him.

That was why she had thought that asking Qin Lie’s help to carry her message to the Dark Soul Beast was more useful than asking Curtis or the others. That was why she was willing to pay the price with her own body.

If Qin Lie had turned her down, she would still return to Curtis to achieve her objective.

Having witnessed Qin Lie’s current strength, Serine had decided to do everything she could to become the Dark Soul Beast’s soul servant. She wished to obtain great power in a short amount of time and gather enough strength for the Cullen Family to face the future just like Qin Lie.

“I see. In that case, you may seek out Curtis for your request,” Qin Lie said indifferently before turning away.

“What a foolish woman.” However, he paused when a woman’s voice had suddenly reached them from afar. An instant later, a purple light had descended right next to Qin Lie and transformed into Enos.

“A high rank Abyss Devil!” Serine’s expression changed.

Right now, Hester, Naji, and the Cullen Family members were busy dealing with the frozen rank eight Giant Scorpion Devil and the frozen rank seven Abyss Devils.

Serine thought that Enos had shown up for the Giant Scorpion Devils and the Abyss Devils because they had been her subordinates or something.

She thought that Enos had shown up to take revenge for them.

Enos was clad in purple combat gear, and she was even more attractive and charming than Serine was. The natural air of nobility and pride as a high rank Abyss Devil she exuded also made her stand out compared to Serine.

Enos was barefooted as she stood next to Qin Lie while staring meaningfully at Serine with her purple eyes. Suddenly, she said, “To think that she would offer her body as a condition. How does she not know that your seed is capable of bringing her and her entire race to a whole new level?”

Serine was completely confused. She had no idea what Enos meant.

However, it seemed obvious that Enos and Qin Lie knew each other well. At the very least, they didn’t look like sworn enemies.

“How did a soul servant of Lord Cadak’s become affiliated with a high rank Abyss Devil…” Serine was very puzzled.

“How did you find me?” Qin Lie frowned.

“Salleh happened to run into me while he was heading to the abyss passageway. He told me about you, and so I came,” Enos explained. A moment later, she asked suddenly, “Are you heading to the abyss passageway? I recently heard that there’s a black hole that leads into Spirit Realm there. Are you here for that black hole?”

“How did you know about that?” Qin Lie’s expression changed.

“The news had spread to many people already. I don’t know who was the first leak, but I’m certain that most high rank Abyss Devils are already aware of it, considering even I know. I’m also sure that many Abyss Devils had made the connection between this news and the news about the great secret hidden deep in Spirit Realm already. They must all be getting restless,” Enos replied.

Qin Lie’s expression was dark and gloomy. His patience suddenly evaporating into thin air, he told Serine, “You should leave as soon as possible.”

“Girl, you’ll never know what kind of price me and my family have to pay in order to acquire his seed. Moreover, you seriously believe that you’re the one who gets the shorter end of the stick by surrendering your body. What a joke,” Enos said mockingly.

Serine was still completely confused.

Losing all interest in Serine, Qin Lie started moving towards the abyss passageway. It didn’t take long for him to vanish before Serine’s gaze completely.

After Qin Lie had left the place, Enos’s eyes suddenly turned cold and merciless. Even her smile had turned sharp and icy.

Serine couldn’t help but shiver in fright. A terrifying killing intent was leaking out of the young Abyss Devil’s body, and it was all she needed to tell that Enos was greatly tempted to kill her right here and now.

She suddenly realized that Qin Lie’s presence was the only thing that shielded her from harm just now.

“A lowly Asura Race clansman like you wishes to claim his seed?” A while later, Enos uttered coldly, “Luckily for you, you seem to have no interest in him whatsoever. Otherwise… you’d be dead already.”

After that, Enos let out one final snort before she went after Qin Lie as a beam of purple light.

Serine, frozen in a daze, stayed in the same place, her face a picture of shock and fear.

A while later, Enos caught up to Qin Lie and said obediently, “My father has requested me to accompany you to the abyss passageway. I shall be aiding you in all matters no matter what.”

It was as if Enos had transformed into an entirely different person. The coldheartedness and determination she had displayed when she was standing in front of Serine was completely gone.

The only thing she showed Qin Lie was infinite gentleness and total obedience.

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