Chapter 1401: Blending Frost

Chapter 1401: Blending Frost

When Naji heard Hester’s shout and turned his head to take a look, he too noticed that Qin Lie had arrived before he knew it.

“Qin Lie! Please help us!” He begged loudly as well.

Serine, the famous “Black Tulip” of Suluo Realm was clad in black armor, but the armor pieces around her chest area had been torn apart by a Hurricane Dragon Devil. Her soft, white breasts could be seen through the crumbling chest armor.

Two narrow, long wounds had marred Serine’s beautiful legs as well. Her face was filled with fear, shock, and despair.

It was clear that she had recognized the deadly circumstances surrounding them. She understood that it was highly unlikely that they would be able to escape the rank eight Giant Scorpion Devil with their remaining strength.

She shivered subconsciously when as she stared at her mutilated clansmen. Her face grew paler and paler.

Nearly all of her clansmen had been left without an intact corpse. Decapitation was a common way to die here. Their appearance had almost been too much for her to bear, and she came close to breaking down on the spot when she thought that she would soon face the same fate.

Suddenly, she remembered the Dark Soul Beast. Not long ago, when she was brought in front of Qin Lie’s Soul Beast avatar, the creature had asked her if she was willing to become its soul servant.

The Dark Soul Beast had even lay out the benefits she would gain in detail such as a massive boost of soul energy in just a short time, and new secret arts. If she agreed to become its soul servant, her strength would definitely grow by leaps and bounds.

Of course, the price for these benefits was a wisp of her soul origin. She would lose her freedom in exchange for strength.

At the time, she had ultimately rejected the Dark Soul Beast’s offer after a long period of consideration because she preferred to have freedom.

Between strength and freedom, she had considered freedom to be the better choice.

But after watching her clansmen being killed by the Abyss Devils one after another wailing in fear and despair, after seeing Hester covered in blood and after hearing the same fear and despair in his voice, she suddenly regretted having made this decision.

Suddenly, she realized that she should’ve increased her strength no matter the cost if she truly wished survive in the Abyss and grow stronger through the Abyss Devils.

She should’ve given up everything—even her so-called freedom—if that was her goal!

She started regretting the decision she had made back then.

“Qin Lie! Please tell Lord Dark Soul Beast that I’m willing to become his soul servant if he will save us this one time!” Serine spoke up suddenly.

She had never stopped believing that Qin Lie was a soul servant of the Dark Soul Beast just like Curtis.

She had learned a couple of Soul Race secret arts during the time the rank ten Dark Soul Beast’s was under her possession. That was why she knew that there was a mysterious soul connection between the Dark Soul Beast and its soul servant.

She knew that Qin Lie could transmit her message to the Dark Soul Beast.

Hester, Naji, and the few surviving Cullen Family members didn’t try to dissuade Serine.

Maybe they would’ve objected to Serine’s submission in the past, but now they all thought that this was their only chance at surviving this crisis.

They all thought that their survival lay in Qin Lie’s willingness to contact the Dark Soul Beast or the other soul servants such as Curtis to help them.

—None of them thought that Qin Lie had had the strength to help them.

This was evident from the fact that Hester and Naji had requested Qin Lie to contact the Dark Soul Beast or Curtis to save them.

Most of them were aware of the strange connection that existed between a soul servant and their master.

“I’ll help you one last time because of the Dark Soul Beast’s soul fragment you’d turned in and the Dark Soul Beast skull that was accidentally destroyed while it was still with me.” Qin Lie shot a glance at the dishevelled looking Serine while frowning. “If the Cullen Family still cannot survive in the Frost Desolation Abyss after all this, I would advise you to leave this place while you still can.”

He flew straight towards the Giant Scorpion Devil after saying this.

“You’re going to fight that Giant Scorpion Devil alone?!” Serine turned pale at this revelation.

“You can’t be serious?” Naji was stunned as well.

In their eyes, Qin Lie was at best their equal—a Nirvana Realm martial practitioner or rank seven bloodline expert. The strongest opponent he could take on was a rank seven Hurricane Dragon Devil at most.

However, a rank eight Giant Scorpion Devil was a difficult opponent even for a human Imperishable Realm martial practitioner or a rank eight demon dragon.

So where the hell did Qin Lie’s confidence come from?

They didn’t know that Qin Lie had been tempered by his experience at the Origin World. They also didn’t know that he had refined an Origin Crystal into his Soul Altar and ascended to the Imperishable Realm.

Moreover, his bloodline had also reached rank eight after absorbing a couple of powerful bloodlines.

Now that he was an Imperishable Real martial practitioner and his bloodline was rank eight Perfect Blood, he was a completely changed man. Serine and Naji had no idea that Qin Lie’s strength was far beyond their expectations and not something a mere rank eight Giant Scorpion Devil could defeat.

“Icestone Twister!”

Qin Lie calmly summoned his frost power while imagining the Frost Concept Diagram inside his Soul Altar.

The frost spirit power inside his dantian’s spirit sea started surging like a tidal wave and causing his body to release an icy mist.

The deadly frost aura seemed to resonate with the natural laws of the Frost Desolation Abyss itself. Countless gigantic ice blades suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

The ice blades started twisting and turning until they became a violent tornado of ice. It instantly enveloped the Giant Scorpion Devil like a giant hole in the sky.

At the same time, Qin Lie’s God Race bloodline was also mobilized.

Frost concept spilled out of his bloodline and entered the eye of the frost tornado. It seemed to have empowered the natural disaster even more.


An explosion of screeching noises exited the ice hurricane. The rank eight Giant Scorpion Devil suddenly let out a yell in the language of the Abyss after realizing that it was in danger.

The Giant Scorpion Devil and its subordinates started moving away from the incoming storm.

Even Hester, who was fighting the Giant Scorpion Devil had noticed the approaching tornado and the laws of absolute frost it contained.

Hester’s expression changed drastically he opened his mouth to yell, but his voice was quickly drowned by the noise of the tornado.

He could do nothing but watch the approaching tornado overcome him.

To Hester, the tornado was like a world of frost of its own; a deadly realm that froze all living beings in ice before killing them.

His bloodline, his soul and even his consciousness gradually became frozen by the frost concept.

One final thought lingered in Hester’s mind just before he turned into an ice sculpture: “He actually mastered laws of the great way of frost…”

The lifesigns of Hester, the three familiar Cullen Family members and the Abyss Devils who had tried to escape suddenly vanished altogether.

A thick white mist had completely surrounded the affected area. When Serine and Naji tried to probe the white mist with their soul consciousness, they both had shivered in surprising coldness.

The brother and sister couldn’t help but pull their clothes closer. They seemed to feel chilled by the amazing frost power.

Not far away, a couple Cullen Family members were looking anxious and frightened right next to Serine and Naji. The were also shooting confused glances at the misty area.

The only person they could see there was Qin Lie.

Meanwhile, Qin Lie was standing in front of the mist with a dazed look on his face. He seemed to be absorbed in a strange trance and didn’t recover.

“Frost art, frost spirit energy, and the bloodline power of the Profound Ice Family. When these keys are gathered as one, the frost concept and bloodline secret seemed to fuse together to form a…”

He muttered to himself as his expression grew stranger and stranger.

From the beginning, he had planned to create an ice tornado with the frost energy in the Frost Concept Diagram to kill the Giant Scorpion Devil.

However, when he activated it, his God Race bloodline had released its own surge of frost energy.

When the frost energies all joined into one, they evolved into a world of absolute frost that enveloped the Abyss Devils, Hester, and the Cullen Family members altogether.

Naji and Serine couldn’t see what was going on inside the mist because it was blocking their vision, but did notice that the Abyss Devils and Hester had turned into ice sculptures.

The Giant Scorpion Devil was a rank eight Abyss Devil, and Hester was an Asura Race three-level Soul Altar expert.

“Who knew that the Ice Emperor’s Frost Arts and the God Race’s Profound Ice Family bloodline could fuse with each other? And this power… it is far beyond my expectations.”

He looked dazed while he was saying this.

“What amazing frost power!” Salleh of the Bone Race exclaimed softly.

As an outsider, he had witnessed Qin Lie unleashing his frost powers and conjuring an ice tornado. After that, traces of blue light containing the Profound Ice Family’s bloodline secrets suddenly flew out from Qin Lie’s body and entered the tornado as well.

The addition of the blue light had caused the ice tornado to undergo a huge transformation. The tornado had evolved into a frigid world that seeming contained the natural laws of a frost world. Although it was similar to the Profound Ice Family’s Ice World, it was deadlier in certain ways.

After that, an endless mist of ice flooded everything and blinded him from the truth.

The only thing he knew was that every living creature inside that mist besides Qin Lie had lost all signs of life.

Their soul, their bloodline and their consciousness had been completely frozen. Their life or death was for Qin Lie to decide.

“This guy’s growing stronger and stronger… And his secrets just keep getting deeper and more unfathomable,” Salleh thought to himself.

Meanwhile, Naji had made his way to Qin Lie slowly. The closer he got to Qin Lie, the more violently he shivered. For whatever reason, he felt like the surrounding temperature was getting colder and colder.

“Qin, Qin Lie…” Naji asked after he had gotten close enough to make himself heard, “How is my uncle?”

Serine’s hair seemed to be covered in a layer of ice. Her beautiful face was filled with amazement, and her eyes were glowing brightly.

“How did he become so powerful in such a short time? It must’ve been the Dark Soul Beast!”

Serine’s breathing grew rapid, causing a wavy ripple across her chest.

Even her gaze on Qin Lie had grown more and more meaningful over time.

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