Chapter 140: Whispers (Teaser)

Chapter 140: Whispers

Using the frost energy and freezing himself inside solid ice, Qin Lie stopped the Eclipse Insect’s poison from invading him.

From the moment he saw the Eclipse Insects and felt his head grow heavier and heavier, he already noticed that it wasn’t good. But still he was one step too slow and could not immediately stop the poison from spreading.

When he had stopped grinding the Dragon Bone Jade and used all his power to resist the poison’s invasion, it was already too late.

His legs, his nerves, his bones, and even the flow of his blood had become slow and weak due to the spreading poison. He quickly lost all control of his body.

Luckily, his countless attempts to incite the frost energy in his Natal Palace had finally succeeded at the most critical moment, and they instantly spilled out of his two ice ball Natal Palaces.

At this moment he had withdrawn his soul consciousness, little by little, into the Soul Suppressing Orb and was in the state of Thoughtless Tranquility. He had let the Soul Suppressing Orb wrap around his soul while listening to the trio, Tang Siqi, Yi Yuan and Lian Rou, speak.

“I’ll go and refine the concoction first.” Seeing that Qin Lie had frozen himself, Lian Rou instantly calmed down. “As long as his current condition can be preserved, once I refine...

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