Chapter 1398: The Ice Emperor's Plan

Chapter 1398: The Ice Emperor's Plan

"You mean the Curse Progenitor caused the Profound Ice Family to enter Spirit Realm two years early under your orders?" Qin Lie said gravely.

The Ice Emperor nodded.

"Why?" Qin Lie frowned.

"Does... this matter have anything to do with the Blaze Family?" Mia asked curiously from the side.

When she spoke, Qin Lie reacted and realized there was a woman from the Profound Ice Family between him and the Ice Emperor.

Qin Lie was about to restrain Mia.

The Ice Emperor turned to look at the girl.

Because of his gaze, Mia's Profound Ice Family bloodline suddenly grew out of control.

A thin layer of ice formed on Mia's body. She could see the Ice Emperor and Qin Lie through the thin ice, but couldn’t hear anything.

Her five senses seemed to be covered in ice, her soul lost its consciousness. She had no way of getting any information from the two humans’ conversation.

"I just left Shattered Ice Realm," said the Ice Emperor after restraining Mia. "Despair Devil King and Terror Devil King came out of the abyss passageway and left Shattered Ice Realm. They will create storms of blood in Spirit Realm. These two rank ten Great Lords of the Abyss are more terrifying than the three Soul Beasts of the past."

"They are able to come to Spirit Realm because of the spatial whirlpool you accidentally created. The existence of that whirlpool can cause more Abyss Devils to enter."

The Ice Emperor said with a grave expression, "Right now, the God Race is about to invade. Our situation is worrisome with the Abyss Devils disrupting the situation."

"Since you created the spatial whirlpool, do you have a way to destroy it?"

He looked deeply at Qin Lie.

"Senior, why did you lure the Profound Ice Family to Shattered Ice Realm ahead of the time?" Qin Lie asked in response.

"Firstly, to stop the races of Spirit Realm from fighting," the Ice Emperor had an honest expression. "The conflict between the human six forces and the Qin Family has affected the other powerful races of Spirit Realm. If you were allowed to keep fighting the six forces, I believe that the Qin Family would be victorious, but the human race and the other races of Spirit Realm would have suffered painful losses, and the Qin Family would not be an exception."

After a short pause, he continued, "I understand humans. The only way for human race to be truly united is when dealing with a common enemy."

"The arrival of only the Profound Ice Family is not a calamity to Spirit Realm."

"The other four races of the God Race should not be able to enter Spirit Realm anytime soon. Therefore, the races of Spirit Realm only have to face the Profound Ice Family."

"I don’t think Spirit Realm’s power can’t deal with just one Profound Ice Family."

Qin Lie paused and said in shock," You say that the other four families cannot enter Spirit Realm anytime soon?"

The Ice Emperor said proudly, "I caused the Profound Ice Family to come through in an unusual way. The other four families will have to travel between the stars. I think it will be at least a year before they arrive. In this time, the Profound Ice Family and the other families will not be able to communicate."

Qin Lie shook. "This is for the best!"

If it was just the Profound Ice Family, the foreign races of Spirit Realm would be able to fight.

He immediately understood the Ice Emperor's plan.

Helping the Profound Ice Family enter Shattered Ice Realm early was a trap of the Ice Emperor. This way, the Profound Ice Family would be forced fight alone. The six forces and the Qin Family would temporarily stop fighting, the races of Spirit Realm would face the common enemy and destroy the Profound Ice Family before the other four families arrived.

This was a malicious plan.

"Unfortunately, you created a spatial whirlpool in Shattered Ice Realm connected to the abyss passageway, and released two Great Lords of the Abyss onto Spirit Realm, ruining this plan." The Ice Emperor snorted. "The whirlpool can connect to the Abyss. Even the Profound Ice Family can use that spatial whirlpool to enter the Abyss."

"Within the abyss passageway and some Abyss levels, the God Race has secret passageways to return to their realm."

"Once the Profound Ice Family finds they cannot communicate with other families, and find there is a problem with the spatial passageway to return, they will understand their situation."

"At that time, the spatial whirlpool you created can help them return the God Race and help the four families come through."

"The plans we worked to make against the God Race now has a great weakness due to your interference!"

Qin Lie's face froze.

Through the Ice Emperor's explanation, he knew his bloodline breakthrough had caused great trouble for the Ice Emperor’s plan against the God Race.

Originally, the Profound Ice Family would be separated from the other four families.

Because of the Star Abyss, the impregnable blockade had a big gaping hole in the middle.

"The rank ten bloodline experts of the Profound Ice Family are guarding that spatial whirlpool. Even I can’t destroy that spatial whirlpool under their watch."

The Ice Emperor frowned and said, "If I suddenly acted at this time, it would arouse suspicions of the Profound Ice Family. With Han Che's intelligence, he will deduce some things from my actions. If he guards the spatial whirlpool and gets the experts of the other families to arrive before the whirlpool explodes, it will be troublesome."

"Since the members of the Profound Ice Family think that you are on their side, and you created the spatial whirlpool, you can destroy it."

"Also, it is best to close the realm entrance between Boluo Realm and the Frost Desolation Abyss to avoid the four families using it to reach Spirit Realm directly."

"I will be responsible for the two Devil Kings and will make sure they don’t run rampant in Spirit Realm."

The Ice Emperor explained his intentions in detail and did not hide how he had schemed against the Profound Ice Family.

"Everything we have done is for the beings of Spirit Realm. I know the things that the Qin Family has done is for the same general cause so I came to find you." The Ice Emperor thought for a moment and said, "This matter concerns the life and death of the races of Spirit Realm, I hope you can do your best."

Pausing, he said, "Despair Devil King and Terror Devil King are already searching for the gathering places of intelligent races. Once they enter those realms, the consequences will be catastrophic. I do not have much time. When you think of a way, find the Curse Progenitor, he will send you back to Shattered Ice Realm."

"I hope I can hear good news soon."

After saying this, the Ice Emperor turned and flashed through the realm entrance and disappeared.

The only one left in the underground prison was dazed and confused Qin Lie.

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