Chapter 1397: Meeting

Chapter 1397: Meeting

Dark Natal Realm.

Qin Lie's Blood Soul Beast avatar seated in the underground prison suddenly let out roar. The flesh which had hung from the bones of the Blood Soul Beast suddenly filled with blood.

Then, amid the Blood Soul Beast’s roar, its enormous skeleton began radiating powerful flesh and blood energy.

Its flesh and blood trembling, a new layer of flesh and skin grew on top of the previous one.

Shortly after, the Blood Soul Beast finished its transformation. It recovered rank eight power through eating the foreign races’ prisoners.

Soul balls appeared inside the mind of the Blood Soul Beast and increased its soul power.

"A once wounded Soul Race clansman!" Mia of the Profound Ice Family shouted.

She did not see the hidden Blood Soul Beast through the darkness of the underground prison but she could hear the undisguised howling of the Blood Soul Beast.

Through the pleasure in the Blood Soul Beast's howl, she guessed the gist of it.

"I think I know who he is!" Mia suddenly looked at Qin Lie and said, "I heard that Blaze and Darkness Families’ members say thirty thousand years ago when they first came to Spirit Realm, they found the Soul Race had come first. These Soul Race clansmen attempted to build spatial tunnels between Spirit Realm and the Soul Race to get more clansmen to come."

"At the time, the last patriarch of the Blaze Family immediately sent an order—firstly kill all Soul Race clansmen."

"Then the experts of the two families went to Nether Realm, Ancient Beast Realm, and Asura Realm to kill the Soul Race clansmen."

"Just now, I saw a Soul Race clansman occupying this Soul Beast’s body. It must be one of the subsouls of the Soul Race clansmen from back then, right?"

Qin Lie glanced at her and said, "You are correct."

"Why do you want to help him recover?" Mia asked.

The Blood Soul Beast avatar had just recovered rank eight bloodline. In Mia's eyes, if Qin Lie was willing, he could kill the Blood Soul Beast.

—She did not know the true relationship between Qin Lie and the Blood Soul Beast.

She saw Qin Lie did not attack and thought that Qin Lie and the Blood Soul Beast had an agreement. Otherwise, he would not allow the Blood Soul Beast to recover its power.

Qin Lie frowned and did not answer her question. He pondered what to do with Mia.

Mia was Han Che's daughter. If he killed Mia, the Profound Ice Family, led by Han Che, would go mad and attack all the races of Spirit Realm.

Thirty thousand years earlier, the God Race only wanted the races of Spirit Realm to submit, and hadn't use any extreme methods.

If he killed Mia, and angered Han Che, he knew the Profound Ice Family would not be gentle and invade Spirit Realm slowly like in the past.

He suddenly felt a headache coming on.

At this this moment, his Dark Soul Beast avatar in Sky Bearing City was asked by the Curse Progenitor for a meeting.

He narrowed his eyes and ignored Mia. He mentally listened to the conversation between the Curse Progenitor and the Dark Soul Beast avatar.

"Where is your main body now?" the Curse Progenitor asked.

"Dark Natal Realm," the Dark Soul Beast avatar answered.

"Dark Natal Realm, a good place, a private realm of the Qin Family. Is there… anyone from Spirit Realm or other races nearby?" the Curse Progenitor asked.

"No," the Dark Soul Beast avatar answered.

"Please tell me the spatial coordinates of the realm entrance to Dark Natal Realm, someone... wants to meet you," the Curse Progenitor said.


"You will know once he comes. I guarantee that he has no malicious intent towards you or the Qin Family!"

"I will consider this."


His conversation with the Curse Progenitor quickly concluded. His main body thought for a moment and ultimately decided to tell the other his coordinates.

Inside the underground prison, he stared coldly at the realm entrance.

Before his Blood Soul Beast avatar consumed the foreign races to recover its bloodline power, Qin Ye had already left using the realm entrance.

Before leaving, he had told the spatial coordinates of Dark Natal Realm and the situation of Dark Natal Realm to Qin Lie.

Dark Natal Realm was a very small realm without any other realms in its vicinity. It was very far from Spirit Realm and the other major realms.

That’s why it had been used by the Qin Family to exile and imprison their enemies.

Not many of the subordinate factions of the Qin Family had heard of this place. It was well-hidden.

The Curse Progenitor heard about Dark Natal Realm and knew that it was hidden and suitable for secret meetings. This suggested that the Curse Progenitor was privy to some of the Qin Family’s secrets.

This shocked him.

He did not understand what kind of agreement the Curse Progenitor and his grandfather had. He did not know why his grandfather wanted to build Sky Bearing City into the base of the Qin Family and constantly changed the city after learning the Curse Progenitor's soul had shattered and the remnant soul had turned into the city’s artifact soul.

He felt the Curse Progenitor had too many secrets.

"Maybe, the person who comes over can help me unravel some of the Curse Progenitor's secrets..." he thought.

Times passed in the dark underground prison.

He ignored Mia and stared at the realm entrance. Finally, he saw the realm entrance come to life.

Under his shocked gaze, a white-robed old person appeared from the realm entrance.

When he appeared, the Frost Concept Diagram in his Soul Altar suddenly appeared on the surface, causing him to feel a sense of familiarity.

He looked dazedly at the person. A dozen seconds later, he suddenly shouted, "Ice Emperor!"

The incomer smiled coolly and nodded .He said, "I had not thought the frost concept I left in the Land of Frost would be obtained by a son of the Qin Family. Neither had I expected that the Frost Concept Diagram and the sudden awakening of the Profound Ice Family bloodline would cause you to awaken Absolute Zero bloodline latent ability."

Before Qin Lie could answer, Mia shouted, “Him awakening Absolute Zero is related to you?"

The Ice Emperor smiled. "Of course."

Qin Lie suddenly realized and recalled when something was happening to his God Race bloodline, his Soul Altar had been transforming as well.

He immediately realized the Ice Emperor was correct.

His God Race bloodline, after drawing in Profound Ice Family’s attribute, managed to awaken Absolute Zero because of Frost Concept Diagram resonating from his Soul Altar.

"Do not blame the Curse Progenitor, it was primarily my intention the members of the Profound Ice Family came early to Shattered Ice Realm," Ice Emperor suddenly said.

"Your intention?" Qin Lie said in puzzlement.

"He came to Shattered Ice Realm under my guidance and had the members of the Profound Ice Family enter Spirit Realm two years early," Ice Emperor said honestly.

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