Chapter 1396: Fate

Chapter 1396: Fate

Shattered Ice Realm.

The rank ten bloodline warriors gathered by the spatial whirlpool that Qin Lie's Eight-eyed Demon Spirit bloodline had formed with serious expressions.

Han Che and Bing Hui suddenly flashed in from afar with complicated expressions.

"Ice Emperor of the human race..."

Han Che frowned, and looked towards the gathering the Spirit Realm races. He said, "The information of the Blaze Family and Darkness Family is accurate. Of the races of Spirit Realm, there are troublesome people. The Ice Emperor is enough to pose a threat to Despair Devil King and Terror Devil King."

When the Ice Emperor of the human race appeared in Shattered Ice Realm and fought Despair Devil King, Bing Hui and Han Che immediately felt it.

Bing Hui and Han Che realized from the unusual flow of cold power and changes in the laws of Shattered Ice Realm that the Ice Emperor of the human race was at the same level in both strength and profoundness of his comprehension towards laws of the universe connected to frost.

Their comprehension of laws of the universe consisted of analyzing and excavating secrets of their bloodlines.

The Ice Emperor however, made use of his soul perception, the changes in the frost spirit energy in his body, and a natural wonder like Shattered Ice Realm to feel the secrets of the power of frost.

While they used different methods of comprehension, their understanding of the laws was the same in the end.

Based on Han Che's perspective, the Ice Emperor of the Three Emperors was every bit his equal when it came to understanding of ice and frost.

This caused him to put away his contempt towards the Spirit Realm races.

It was the same for Bing Hui.

"The Ice Emperor of the human race has power that greatly surpasses the Dragon Race and other human race members." Han Che's expression was grave as he said to the other Profound Ice Family members gathered there. "According to the Blaze and Darkness Families, the Three Emperors of the human race disappeared at the same time as the patriarch of the Blaze Family."

"The sudden arrival of the Ice Emperor means that the Flame Emperor and Thunder Emperor may still be alive."

"The Thunder Emperor and Flame Emperor are not any weaker than the Ice Emperor. They should all have power to rival our peak rank ten bloodline warriors."

Han Che thought for a moment and said, "Let's slow down and not attack Spirit Realm so soon. Wait for the other four families to arrive."

"Patriarch, this Star Abyss..." a member of the Profound Ice Family said.

"Ignore it. The arrival of Despair Devil King and Terror Devil King should be an accident. If we destroy the Star Abyss, the Despair Devil King and Terror Devil King cannot return. They might create great trouble for us out of anger," Han Che said.

"Oh, understood."


In the bizarre abyss passageway.

A blurry figure appeared slowly in the area closest to the Chaos Abyss.

His blue eyes looked at the slowly expanding black hole. That black hole... was where the Terror Devil King and Despair Devil King had passed through.

The other end of the black hole was Shattered Ice Realm.

If Qin Lie and Miao Yizi were present, they would find the person standing here was the most mysterious person of Spirit Realm—Great Master Tian Qi.

However, at this time, Great Master Tian Qi did not disguise his appearance. He had blue eyes and blue hair.

Great Master Tian Qi looked silently at the black hole. Two figures gradually formed next to him.

Both were clansmen of the Spirit Race. The younger one was Indigo. The older one, current patriarch of the Spirit Race, Assad.

Assad held Indigo's hand, his face full of undisguised love as he said, "Greet the High Priest."

"High Priest," Indigo said respectfully.

Great Master Tian Qi smiled slightly, his gaze moving from the black hole to Indigo. He said, "No need to be so polite, whether my race will prosper in the future depends on you."

"High Priest, ddi you take the rank ten Eight-eyed Demon Spirit essence blood to give it to that mixed-blood that had taken over Origin World?" Assad said curiously.

Great Master Tian Qi smiled and said, "That person is called Qin Lie."

Assad said confusedly," High Priest, what is special about that mixed-blood? Why do you pay attention to him?"

Great Master Tian Qi thought for a moment and said, "Lieyan Yuan managed to finish the Perfect Blood project with him. Right now, his blood has three bloodline systems. The God Race, the Abyss Devil Race, and Eight-eyed Demon Spirit’s bloodline which is connected to our own."

"The Perfect Blood project succeeded?!" Assad changed expression.

"Grandfather, was that Lieyan Yuan the last patriarch of the Blaze Family?" Indigo asked curiously.

She knew before that Qin Lie's bloodline was special so she was not shocked at Great Master Tian Qi's words, but was curious about Lieyan Yuan. 

"Yes, Lieyan Yuan was the last patriarch of the Blaze Family, and the most controversial person in the history of the God Race." Assad first responded and then looked gravely at Great Master Tian Qi. He said, "The success of Perfect Blood project… Does this mean the future of the God Race will completely change due to Qin Lie? In the future, will the new generation of the God Race have warriors with several families’ bloodlines together?"

In the God Race, each member only could possess one bloodline attribute.

Even so, the God Race was still one of the four transcendent bloodline races, their power not any weaker than the Spirit Race.

If the new generation of the God Race was like the Spirit Race could be born with multiple bloodline attributes, wouldn't the God Race completely conquer the universe?

"No, that Qin Lie must have appeared due to some exceptional circumstances." Great Master Tian Qi shook his head and looked at Indigo, saying, "He and Indigo are the same, they are both freaks of nature. There’s no way many of these would appear. I think the reason Lieyan Yuan was so silent all this time is because he still doesn’t know how to produce more like Qin Lie in his lifetime."

"I believe that even after a million years, the God Race will not give birth to another Qin Lie. There are too many accidents surrounding his existence, your worries will not become reality."

Assad sighed in relief hearing him say this and then said, "High Priest, why did you give that drop of Eight-eyed Demon Spirit’s lifeblood essence to him?"

Indigo also appeared curious.

"I have a strange feeling that the bloodline systems in his body have some magical connection to the fates of the races," Great Master Tian Qi was dazed as he seemed to say in a trance. "It seems that the bloodline system that rules in his body will have a corresponding effect on the fate of the race connected to it."

"That drop of Eight-eyed Demon Spirit will cause the bloodline system of the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit in his body to grow stronger. I feel it will benefit our Spirit Race."

"But I did not expect that when his Eight-eyed Demon Spirit bloodline strengthened, the Star Abyss he formed coincidentally got the Terror Devil King and Despair Devil King into Spirit Realm."

"It seems the Abyss Devil Race had also benefited. I think that the Abyss Devil Race bloodline in his body may have gotten stronger."

"Maybe, when he was refining that drop of Eight-eyed Demon Spirit bloodline, he also strengthened the Abyss Devil Race bloodline. These two Great Lords of the Abyss stumbled upon the black hole on accident, but it was his Abyss Devil presence that lured them in."

"These coincidences gave birth to a complicated and mysterious fate that even I cannot unfold."

"I can only speculate and try to make a connection between the threads of fate."

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