Chapter 1395: Human Race's Ice Emperor!

Chapter 1395: Human Race's Ice Emperor!

The person was dressed in white robes, his features strange as he sat on a nine-level ice Soul Altar.

When he appeared, the cold energy of Shattered Ice Realm suddenly increased. The ice laws of the universe that Hong Ju had damaged immediately recovered.

"Crack crack!"

The shattered ice glaciers started reforming on their own the second he appeared.

The figure landed, his expression calm, and shouted gently, "Ice Split!"

The peak experts of the races of Spirit Realm that were drowned by the sea of despair found their despair devil seeds freeze inside them and explode.

The experts affected immediately awakened from their daze.

"Your terror and despair will only cause this Abyss Devil's strength to grow. If you fear, you lose."

The human martial practitioner dressed in white spoke to the Spirit Realm experts as he moved his hand.

Enormous blades of ice formed in Shattered Ice Realm as his hand moved and cut towards the pitch black wings of the Despair Devil King.

The abyss devil energy that came from the Despair Devil King's wings split like a black ocean as the ice blades moved.


The enormous ice blade slashed the giant wings of the Despair Devil King. Ice pieces and lightning sprayed out.

At the same time, invisible ice threads flew into the Despair Devil King's body, causing his deep purple eyes to be covered in a layer of thin ice.

"Human race’s Ice Emperor!" Affleck shouted.

"Lord Ice Emperor!"

"It is the Ice Emperor!"

The experts of the Spirit Realm races all screamed after Affleck.

Twenty thousand years ago, Affleck fought side by side with the Ice Emperor. Like the elders of Asura Race and Sea Race, he was familiar with Ice Emperor.

They immediately recognized the white-robed man who had walked out of the enormous spatial hole was one of the Three Emperors, the Ice Emperor.

"Ice Emperor! You have been cultivating in Shattered Ice Realm all these years?" Pina of the Sea Race shouted.

"Shattered Ice Realm, Ice Emperor..." Pei Dehong shook slightly.

But the Ice Emperor did not answer Pina's question and drove the nine-level ice Soul Altar towards the Despair Devil King.

In a flash, billions of rays of icy light shot out of the nine-level Soul Altar like arrows and rained down on the Despair Devil King's body.

"Pew pew!"

Icy light exploded, illuminating the darkness shrouding Despair Devil King. The Abyss Devil let out a sky-shaking roar as he flapped his wings.

"I had not expected such a powerful person among the races of Spirit Realm. Your understanding of ice power has reached the level of the Profound Ice Family," the Terror Devil King said seriously.

"The races of Spirit Realm have never been ruled by others, not in the past, not in the future!" the white robed Ice Emperor shouted.

The cold power of the Shattered Ice Realm turned into an enormous frost storm. Enormous maelstrom of frost energy headed towards the two Devil Kings.

The enormous ice whirlpools were filled with savage and wild energy capable of grinding and mincing flesh into fine powder!

Including the two Devil Kings who accidentally entered Spirit Realm!

"As expected, the same level as Han Che!" the Terror Devil King shouted. "This area seems to be the battlefield chosen by the Profound Ice Family and the races of Spirit Realm. We will not disturb you."

After leaving these words behind, he shrouded his body in a cyclone and disappeared.

The Despair Devil King who was attacked by millions of ice arrows looked more disheveled. He glared at the Ice Emperor and said, "When I recover, I will come the Shattered Ice Realm and turn you into a despair devil seed!"

He also shrouded himself in abyss devil energy and left the Shattered Ice Realm like the Terror Devil King.

The two Devil Kings had been fighting for a long time in the abyss passageway. Their power was not at the peak, and in their eyes, this Ice Emperor who suddenly appeared was as terrifying as Han Che.

Most importantly, the situation in Shattered Ice Realm was complicated, with Spirit Realm forces,  the Ice Emperor and the Profound Ice Family.

They realized that even if they managed to kill the Ice Emperor two on one, the price would be high, and they would be easily killed off by the Profound Ice Family. 

The Great Lords of the Abyss that reached rank ten bloodline were not idiots. They would not let themselves end up in a situation like that.

Due to this, they chose to temporarily leave Shattered Ice Realm and go to other parts of Spirit Realm to recover.

They knew that not long after they left, the Profound Ice Family and the races of Spirit Realm would have a great battle here.

When they recovered, and came back to Shattered Ice Realm, the situation here should be in their control.

"Lord Ice Emperor! Where have you been all these years?"

"Senior Ice Emperor, why did you suddenly come to Shattered Ice Realm? Did you rush here because you knew the Profound Ice Family was here?"

"Lord, are Thunder Emperor and Flame Emperor still alive?"

When the Terror Devil King and Despair Devil King left, the clansmen of the Asura Race, Sea Race, and Gray Wing Race began to ask.

The six force Genesis Realm experts led by Pei Dehong and Hong Ju were strangely silent.

Ice Emperor's cold gaze leapt past the foreign race experts and landed on the human Genesis Realm experts.

Under his gaze, Pei Dehong and the others bowed their heads, silent, and with shame in their eyes.

"This time, the five families of the God Race will enter Spirit Realm together, not only Blaze and Darkness Families like the last time. These two beasts are Abyss Devils from the Abyss you’ve always wanted to enter. In the one hundred and eight levels of the Abyss there are four to five hundred Great Lords of the Abyss like these."

The Ice Emperor looked coldly at Pei Dehong and the others said, "In the future, more Abyss Devils will come to Spirit Realm."

When he said this, the experts, including Pei Dehong, frowned.

Abyss housed four to five hundred beasts like that. What did that mean?

In their perception, the strength of the Terror Devil King and Despair Devil King was equal to the rank ten bloodline experts of the God Race. The two families from the invasion thirty thousand years earlier had less than ten.

If four to five hundred God Race rank ten bloodline warriors appeared in front of them, they would immediately collapse.

"Other than the God Race and Abyss Devil Race, the Spirit Race, and Soul Race will also come into Spirit Realm in the future. And you…!" The Ice Emperor seemed to want to scold them, but suddenly controlled his emotions. In the end, he snorted and muttered, "Conduct yourself accordingly!"

Subsequently, he flew towards the giant hole, ignoring the experts.

When his figure disappeared, the starry giant hole which appeared twisted and quickly healed.

The human race Genesis Realm experts led by Pei Dehong didn't dare to argue from start to finish. At that moment, their faces pictured variety of expressions, with a common theme—embarrassment..

The foreign races looked at the human experts. They were certain that the Three Emperors must have told the people in charge of the human race some things before they disappeared.

From the expressions of Pei Dehong and the others, it was clear that they had ignored it.

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