Chapter 1393: Accident

Chapter 1393: Accident

Han Che knew that a Lord of the Abyss would be coming through the Star Abyss the moment he sensed an unusual abyssal presence from it. Both him and Bing Hui had shown up immediately because they were worried for Mia’s safety.

However, when they were about halfway to where Mia and Qin Lie was, he suddenly sensed Qin Lie opening a star door using his bloodline and escaping Shattered Ice Realm with it.

Mia had also gone through.

Since he thought that Qin Lie was on their side, he didn’t worry if Qin Lie would harm Mia now that they were both out of his sight.

Because an Abyss Devil was coming over, he didn’t change course even though he knew that Mia and Qin Lie had escaped danger.

But he never imagined that the two Abyss Devils that came from the Star Abyss would turn out to be two rank ten Great Lords of the Abyss, much less the two infamous devil kings of the Chaos Abyss!

There were five rank ten Abyss Devils in the Chaos Abyss, and they were known as the five Devil Kings. Despair Devil King was the second in power, and Terror Devil King the first.

It just so happened that the two Great Lords of the Abyss who had been duking it out inside the abyss passageway and accidentally stumbled upon the black hole were none other than the Terror Devil King and Despair Devil King themselves.

Han Che of the Profound Ice Family had learned through some special methods that Despair Devil King of the Chaos Abyss would be challenging Terror Devil King for dominance.

But, obviously, he didn’t think that their conflict had anything to do with him.

However, the two Devil Kings of the Chaos Abyss had just entered Shattered Ice Realm through the Star Abyss Qin Lie had created just moments earlier. It was an incredible stroke of bad luck.

Moreover, Shattered Ice Realm was the first stronghold to conquer Spirit Realm!

“The Profound Ice Family’s patriarch!”

Despair Devil King, an Abyss Devil with strange horns on his head and black wings stared at Han Che with purple black eyes. Suddenly, he inhaled deeply.

“Cough cough!” He immediately coughed loudly before roaring out in suspicion and puzzlement, “What the hell is this place?”

Behind him, Terror Devil King was also covered in wounds. He had a long tail that was as thick as a giant python. “The Bloodthirst Family has been wreaking havoc all over the Chaos Abyss because they were preparing to invade a super-sized realm called Spirit Realm, weren’t they?”

“Spirit Realm!” Despair Devil King suddenly chuckled oddly before shouting, “So this is Spirit Realm!”

“We haven’t heard about the races of Spirit Realm because they didn’t have a way to reach the Abyss.” Terror Despair King stopped chasing Despair Devil King after seeing Han Che and Bing Hui. “Similarly, we Abyss Devils had no idea which of the millions of black holes in the abyss passageway were connected to Spirit Realm.”

It was at this moment Terror Despair King chuckled. “To think that we would accidentally stumble upon a black hole that leads straight to Spirit Realm! I recently heard rumors that the reason the God Race is aiming to take over Spirit Realm is because it is an incredibly ancient world that’s hiding an ultimate secret that even we aren’t aware of!”

“I’ve heard that as well!” Despair Devil King laughed madly.

The two rank ten Abyss Devils exchanged a glance with each other before they suddenly flew away on a black tornado, ignoring both Han Che and Bing Hui in the process.

Occasionally, the two black tornados would clash against one another and cause dark purple ripples to appear from the stars.

Any ice peak in Shattered Ice Realm that were touched by the ripples would instantly shatter into dust.

“We’re not going to interfere with your business, but you’d better not interfere with your fun either. We’ll return to the Abyss on our own once we’ve concluded our fight!”

Terror Devil King’s shout had come from a black hurricane without warning.

“They seemed to be… flying towards the Spirit Realm experts.” Bing Hui looked astonished.

“Terror Devil King and Despair Devil King had probably fought each other for a very long time already. The reason they were battling it out inside the abyss passageway was because they were worried that their battle would destroy the fundamental laws of the Abyss.” Han Che frowned. “Judging from their wounds, both of them had used up plenty of bloodline energy. Naturally, the fastest way to recover one’s bloodline energy is to consume other powerful beings.”

“They didn’t attack us because they knew that they couldn’t do much harm to us even if they were to join hands.”

“However, the same cannot be said for the giant dragons of Dragon Realm and the rank ten bloodline experts on the other side of the battlefield. Naturally, they had become their best targets.”

Bing Hui stayed speechless for a moment. “The creatures of Spirit Realm are truly unlucky. Our arrival is the apocalypse to them already, but now even the two Devil Kings of the Chaos Abyss had joined in to add to their misery. This is all thanks to Qin Lie’s Star Abyss.”

Han Che didn’t look gladdened in the slightest even though someone else was doing their work for them, however. “I’m worried that more Abyss Devils will come to this place. If the Great Lords of other Abyss levels were to sniff out this Star Abyss, they might all invade Spirit Realm and put us in a difficult spot just like Terror Devil King and Despair Devil King.”

“Should we destroy this Star Abyss then?” Bing Hui asked.

“Not yet, I need to think this over carefully.” Han Che shook his head.



“Where is this place?”

Mia asked while standing inside a dark, underground prison. Her eyes hadn’t adjusted to the light around her, but she could smell a thick stench of blood.

“Why have you come over?” Qin Lie yelled.

Two green lamps suddenly lit up inside the dark underground prison while they were conversing with each other.

“Why not? I would’ve been swallowed by Despair Devil King if I hadn’t come after you.” Mia answered carelessly before terror suddenly seized her. “Soul Beast!”

She finally noticed that the pair of flashing green lamps was actually the eyes of a Soul Beast.

Qin Lie didn’t say anything. His Blood Soul Beast slowly shrank in size until its very figure turned blurry right before Mia’s eyes.

In the end, the Blood Soul Beast had vanished entirely.

They were currently in Dark Natal Realm. His Blood Soul Beast was currently restoring its strength and body by digesting the flesh and souls of the prisoners there. 

“Despair Devil King! The Abyss Devil who flew out of the spatial whirlpool was the Despair Devil King of the Chaos Abyss?” Qin Lie exclaimed.

“I even saw Terror Devil King, the strongest Abyss Devil of the Chaos Abyss just before I came here.” Mia’s face didn’t look good either. “Despair Devil King and Terror Devil King’s appearance is sure to muddy the battle situation of Shattered Ice Realm even further.”

A pause later, Mia asked, “What’s your relationship with that Soul Beast?”

“We are allies,” Qin Lie said calmly.

“Allies?” Mia’s expression grew colder. “Is that a Soul Beast inside that body, or a Soul Race clansman?”

“It could be a Soul Race clansman,” Qin Lie answered.

“Why does the Blaze Family have dealings with the Soul Race?!” Mia questioned icily.

“Why not? Is it not acceptable to you?” Qin Lie grinned carelessly. “I don’t need to tell you whom I’m interacting with, do I? Also, since you’ve come to this side on your own, I may have some use for your identity.”

“What do you mean?” Mia was suddenly assaulted by a bad feeling.

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