Chapter 1390: Star Abyss

Chapter 1390: Star Abyss

Before Han Che left, he pulled four glaciers from the surrounding and surrounded Qin Lie and Mia in the middle.

After the four glaciers had settled on the ground, Han Che went on to summon a frost stream that looked like cotton from the ice floor where Qin Lie was sitting. The frost aura around Qin Lie immediately grew many times stronger after that.

A translucent, icy film of light slowly encased both Qin Lie and Mia.

With this, Han Che could detect any minute changes in this area immediately as long as he was still present in Shattered Ice Realm. The power of absolute frost he left behind could endure a single blow from a nine-level Soul Altar expert as well.

He was confident that no one could harm Qin Lie or Mia right under his nose even if they had discovered their location.

Han Che left without worry after that. He left the important duty of guarding Qin Lie to Mia.

After both Han Che and Xuan Luo had left the scene, the tall, slim Mia in silver armor started examining Qin Lie curiously.

Her eyes glittered like pure ice jade.

“He’s clearly a mixed-blood between the Blaze Family and the human race, but not only had he awakened ‘ignition’ a long time ago, he awakened ‘Absolute Zero’ at rank eight as well. Just what kind of a monster is this?” Mia thought to herself in amazement.

The frozen Qin Lie might had had his eyes closed, but he knew that Mia was staring at him from nearby.

He was actually relieved by this.

Mia was neither Bing Hui nor Han Che. In his opinion, she was much easier to fool and deal with…

Paying Mia’s presence no heed whatsoever, he concentrated on the changes of his bloodline, and the awakening of his new Eight-eyed Demon Spirit bloodline ability.

Inside his body, the deep blue bloodline crystals that represented the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit bloodline slowly linked up between his chest and his dantian to form a glowing blood stream.

The moment the glowing blood stream came to full form, Qin Lie’s soul shivered as a strange feeling assaulted him.

—He felt like he had suddenly become connected to the Abyss!

Qin Lie immediately recalled his conversation with Lieyan Yang when they were travelling to the Darkness Abyss.

At the time, his Eight-eyed Demon Spirit bloodline had become unusually active inside the abyss passageway. He had had a feeling that he had somehow returned home.

Lieyan Yang had answered his question and confirmed that the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit was born in the abyss passageway. They had been captured and taken back to the Spirit Race’s homeworld at a later time.

In the end, the Spirit Race successfully transformed the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit into their demon pet, and the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit left the abyss passageway.

The abyss passageway wasn’t just a passage that connected to all one hundred and eight levels that existed within the Abyss, there were countless black holes and spatial entrances inside it as well.

Nearly all realms and races possessed a spatial point that was connected to the abyss passageway. The reason bloodline races like God Race, Soul Race, and the Spirit Race could travel to and fro the Abyss frequently was due to its mysterious characteristic.

The abyss passageway was easily the most complicated and mysterious spatial hub in the entire galaxy.

The Eight-eyed Demon Spirit was born from this strange place. Surely the reason his bloodline ability, Star Door, was able to transport him to any realm he wished was because it was intricately tied to the mysterious abyss passageway.

However, he had never sensed the abyss passageway when activating Star Door with his bloodline.

He didn’t know if the star door’s formation was tied to the abyss passageway, or what the special connection between the star door, the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit and the abyss passageway was either.

That ignorance ended that day. After he had successfully absorbed the rank ten Eight-eyed Demon Spirit’s refined blood into his bloodline and ascended to rank ten, he could finally sense the strange connection between the deep blue bloodline in his body and the abyss passageway with perfect clarity!

“Bloodline Ability—Star Abyss!”

Eight dazzling balls of light suddenly took from using the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit bloodline’s energy and flew out of his body. They floated around him like eight living eyeballs.

The light balls looked like glowing stars or the eight eyes of the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit.

The light balls flashed as if they were extracting some form of energy from somewhere. Then, they grew bigger and bigger.

Suddenly, the space around Qin Lie suddenly collapsed and transformed into a giant abyssal whirlpool. It looked it would crush all existence.

“Crack! Crack!”

The glaciers Han Che had drawn to that area suddenly exploded due to the swelling of the light balls.

The frost stream on the ice floor transformed into frosty clouds and surrounded the surprised Mia like they had a mind of their own.

Both the space and the glaciers nearby Qin Lie started collapsing en masse as bits of ice flew all over the place.

That area instantly transformed into a terrifying purgatory that threatened to tear apart all living things.

Mia covered her mouth in shock and backed away subconsciously.

The frost streams continued to circulate around her and protect her from the rampaging spatial energy and explosions.

At the same time, an ear-piercing whistle suddenly rang from a giant starship.

Bing Hui flew out out the starship and stopped next to Han Che with a shocked look. “We’ve lost control over Shattered Ice Realm’s space!”

Han Che’s expression didn’t change, however. “Qin Lie must’ve awakened a new bloodline ability, courtesy to the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit’s bloodline! You and I both know that the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit is a being born in the abyss passageway, and that the abyss passageway is a central hub that connects all space in the galaxy.”

“So his new bloodline ability—Star Abyss—must be related to the abyss passageway.”

“The formation of Star Abyss was what crushed our artifact’s ability to interfere with the spatial laws of Shattered Ice Realm. That is why the space here had returned to normal.”

“Should we stop him?” Bing Hui’s expression looked stern. “Mia is still there, isn’t she? Will she be in danger? Should I… head over and take a look?”

“It’s fine.” Han Che smiled. “I’ve left behind some of my bloodline power with Mia. She shouldn’t be in any danger. Nothing will spiral out of our control for as long as I’m still here at Shattered Ice Realm.”

Bing Hui nodded and said nothing more since Han Che had given his word.

“Crack! Crack crack crack!

A spatial whirlpool slowly took form after the space surrounding Qin Lie had collapsed and crushed all physical objects within range.

Ripples kept coming out of the spatial whirlpool and crushing what looked like invisible ropes.

Originally, a strange power had kept Shattered Ice Realm’s space under lockdown, but Qin Lie’s Star Abyss had just destroyed it.

Qin Lie immediately noticed that his Star Door was no longer affected by the strange artifact that was holding down Shattered Ice Realm.

He suddenly grinned and chuckled to himself.

Now that Shattered Ice Realm’s space was freed, he was no longer in any danger. It was because he could escape Shattered Ice Realm at a moment’s notice if he so wished.

“I heard from Xuan Luo that Ming Xu, Hao Jie, and Cang Ye had all suffered a loss from you, and that you showing mercy was the only reason that they and all my clansmen were able to return home. Is that true?” Mia of the Profound Ice Family asked curiously and excitedly.

Relaxing because he no longer needed to put his guard up too much, Qin Lie smiled brightly at Mia and answered, “You could say that.”

Mia’s eyes suddenly lit up.

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