CHapter 1389: Han Che's thoughts

Chapter 1389: Han Che's thoughts

Shattered Ice Realm.

The Profound Ice Family members led by Han Che ignored the movements of the races of Spirit Realm and focused on Qin Lie.

"Bing Hui, go to the starship and attempt to contact the elders of our family that study the bloodline," Han Che ordered.

Han Che could not understand the abnormalities in Qin Lie's bloodline with his knowledge. He was shocked and wanted to use the knowledge the God Race elders had towards the bloodline to understand why Qin Lie was able to awaken the Absolute Zero latent ability.

"Alright!" Bing Hui turned into a streak of icy light and disappeared.

At this moment, Qin Lie was floating among the shattered ice stones, calming his rank eight bloodline with his eyes closed.

Mia and Xuan Luo, who also had rank eight bloodlines, stood next to Han Che and looked with bright eyes at Qin Lie.

After Bing Hui left, the current patriarch of the Profound Ice Family, Han Che, suddenly said, "Right now, only you two have hope of awakening the Absolute Zero latent ability in rank nine in the family."

Mia and Xuan Luo were shocked.

"Just now, when Qin Lie circulated his blood, what did you feel?" Han Che asked sternly.

The Absolute Zero latent ability of the Profound Ice Family would usually be awakened by a family member after their bloodline reached rank nine. There would not be any forewarning.

Mia and Xuan Luo, who also had hope of awakening Absolute Zero in rank nine, stood next to Qin Lie and watched his bloodline awaken.

Han Che thought that if Mia and Xuan Luo had potential to awaken Absolute Zero they would have felt something unusual back then.

He looked expectantly at Mia and Xuan Luo.

Yet the pair only had confusion on their faces.

"No, no special feeling," Mia said depressedly.

Xuan Luo shook his head woodenly.

Han Che was extremely disappointed and said, "There should be... mutual perception between two people capable of awakening Absolute Zero. When Qin Lie's latent ability awakened, I immediately felt it. You two did not feel anything. This means that your hopes of awakening Absolute Zero when reaching rank nine bloodline is not great."

Xuan Luo and Mia's eyes dimmed at the words. They were very disappointed.

The Profound Ice Family members that awakened Absolute Zero would be thought of the future leader in charge of the Profound Ice Family. Han Che had put hopes on Mia and Xuan Luo, thinking they had the most hope of awakening Absolute Zero.

But at this moment, he had lost this hope.

Bing Hui, who left for a time, suddenly flashed back and said to Han Che, "I had them send a message. The elders skilled in bloodline secrets should soon come to Shattered Ice Realm with the members of other families. When they come, we will get an accurate explanation of Qin Lie's abilities."

"Very good." Han Che nodded and suddenly sighed. He said, "Mia and Xuan Luo may not be able to awaken Absolute Zero when reaching rank nine bloodline. Previously, when Qin Lie's bloodline awakened, the two of them... did not feel anything special. Other than Mia and Xuan Luo, I cannot see who else in the family would be able to awaken Absolute Zero at rank nine."

Bing Hui's eyes flashed. He looked at the disappointed Mia and then at Qin Lie whose eyes were closed.

Bing Hui's eyes flashed with light. He coughed softly and then sent sound transmission towards Han Che, "You thought that Mia had hope of awakening Absolute Zero not because Mia's talent was good, but because Mia was your child. The Profound Ice Family bloodline she has belongs to you."

"And you are a person who awakened Absolute Zero”

"Similarly, you thought that Xuan Luo had a high chance of awakening Absolute Zero in the future because his ancestor was the same as you, a patriarch of the Profound Ice Family."

"Therefore, you associate this bloodline ability with ancestry, correct?"

Han Che nodded lightly.

"Have you been trying to play matchmaker for Xuan Luo and Mia in hopes the children they would produce had higher chance of awakening Absolute Zero?" Bing Hui continued to ask.

Han Che nodded again.

"Pity, Xuan Luo and Mia could not build a romantic relationship." Bing Hui paused and said, "If Xuan Luo and Mia cannot get together, I feel there is another choice, and a better choice." As he spoke, he looked towards Qin Lie.

Han Che's eyes lit up. His gaze when he looked at Qin Lie became full of meaning.

"Qin Lie has already awakened Absolute Zero and Mia has your bloodline. If they pair up, their next generation will be more likely to awaken Absolute Zero!" Bing Hui continued to speak, "Also, not only that! You know that Qin Lie's bloodline has the Blaze Family attributes. His bloodline is the Perfect Blood, so there’s even more he can offer!"

When the words were said, Han Che's gaze heated up.

At this time, Bing Hui stopped talking. He believed that Han Che could understand his meaning, and believed with Han Che's foresight, he would think of ways of getting the matter done.

"Bing Hui, tell them to only contact the Profound Ice Family elders about Qin Lie's special bloodline," Han Che said.

Bing Hui stilled and reacted. He said, "I understand."

"I think that the Blaze Family has concealed Qin Lie's bloodline with other ideas. Since we discovered this secret, we should not be in a hurry to tell the Bloodthirst, Light, and Darkness Families. If the three families learn of Qin Lie's bloodline traits, they may... have similar ideas to us." Han Che thought for a moment and said, "Right now, Qin Lie being here is our advantage. We need to use this advantage!"

"I will go stop them!" Bing Hui flashed away.

He had to remake arrangements on the starship.

Mia and Xuan Luo were confused. They did not know know that Han Che and Bing Hui were secretly communicating. They only saw Bing Hui come back, say a few words to Han Che, remain silent for a long time, and then hurriedly leave.

"Mia, I will set profound ice wards here, we need to defeat the races of Spirit Realm and cannot linger here." Han Che's expression was cold as he said, "Stay here and protect Qin Lie, Xuan Luo and I will return first."

"Oh," replied Mia, unaware of the hidden implications.

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