Chapter 1388: Make the Best of a Mistake

Chapter 1388: Make the Best of a Mistake

Meanwhile in Spirit Realm.

Central World, Sky Bearing City.

Qin Lie's Dark Soul Beast avatar change d into human form in the dark palace and immediately walked out.

He released soul thoughts on the large plaza.

Soon, Ji Yao of the Ji Family, Hua Anyang of Sky Mender Palace walked out of the large teleportation formations.

The Crimson Blood Ape King appeared through another realm entrance in Sky Bearing City.

The representatives of Sky Mender Palace, the Ji Family and Ancient Beast Race came from different places to come to his side.

"Why did you urgently summon everyone?" Ji Yao frowned and said, "We have recently been adjusting our plans and preparing to turn our targets from the races of Spirit Realm to the God Race. Everyone is busy now, boy, be quick."

"An accident occurred." Qin Lie grimaced

"What accident?" Ji Yao said in confusion.

"The Profound Ice Family's early arrival in Shattered Ice Realm was due to the Curse Progenitor. When my main body had a bloodline breakthrough, I detected his existence and went to Shattered Ice Realm through a secret art..."

He described what had happened to Ji Yao, Hua Anyang, and the Crimson Blood Ape King without leaving anything unsaid.

Then he said, "The situation right now is the human six factions and the experts of Spirit Realm's races feel they have proof the Qin Family and the God Race are in collusion. I think... they will quickly contact you and tell you the truth they found, wanting you to immediately turn on the Qin Family."

Ji Yao, Hua Anyang, and the Crimson Blood Ape King did not immediately speak after he said the truth and remained silent.

A long time later, Hua Anyang said, "Boy, you mean you are trapped in Shattered Ice Realm? Cannot return anytime soon?"

"Temporarily, yes," Qin Lie said helplessly. "There is a certain item in the Profound Ice Family's starships that can destabilize space. My main body cannot immediately leave. However..."

"What?" Hua Anyang asked.

"The Eight-eyed Demon Spirit bloodline in my main body is changing. I feel when the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit bloodline has a breakthrough, I may be able to form a star door despite the effect of that item," Qin Lie explained.

"In this time, we cannot explain anything to others?" Ji Yao realized.

"The members of the Profound Ice Family may ask for proof from the Blaze Family. I need you to cooperate with me. I also need to hope it will take along time for the Profound Ice Family and Blaze Family to communicate." Qin Lie felt a headache. "Only then will I not be captured alive by the Profound Ice Family and treated like an experiment."

"Why did you run to the Shattered Ice Realm?!" Ji Yao cursed.

"How was I supposed that was where Curse Progenitor was hiding?" Qin Lie defended his innocence..

"I led the members of the Profound Ice Family over. Before I could leave, I was affected by the spatial item on the starship and was trapped in Shattered Ice Realm." The voice of the Curse Progenitor sounded over Sky Bearing City and then his figure slowly manifested next to the group.

"You dare to return to Sky Bearing City!" Hua Anyang said with a cold expression.

"Apologies, I did not know it would become like this." The Curse Progenitor ignored Hua Anyang, and said apologetically to Qin Lie, "I had not expected you to come to Shattered Ice Realm and get trapped with me. The meteoroids that the giant dragon created forced us to be exposed. The warriors of the Profound Ice Family chasing us were too strong. I could only use your bloodline."

"I think that the person who saw us and the Profound Ice Family should be Pei Dehong. He used the Heaven Reflecting Divine Mirror."

"Only a Divine Grade artifact like the Heaven Reflecting Divine Mirror could sense our existence despite two rank ten members of the Profound Ice Family being present."

"All these mistakes are on me.."

The Curse Progenitor had an item that let him immediately return to Sky Bearing City after he left Shattered Ice Realm.

He was the artifact soul of Sky Bearing City. As long as he was in Sky Bearing City, he could observe everything that occurred in the city. So he immediately knew that Qin Lie's Dark Soul Beast avatar was together with Hua Anyang and the others and immediately came over.

"Damn! Luckily you have an avatar. Otherwise..." Hua Anyang glared at him and said, "If you did not explain, if we saw the scene in the Heaven Reflecting Divine Mirror, we might really think that the Qin Family are in cahoots with the God Race and lied to us."

"Temporarily, pretend that you don’t know the truth." Qin Lie grimaced.

"We will go immediately to take care of this!" Ji Yao said.

"I need to go tell the truth to the old man. If there are no accidents, they should be on their way to Sky Mender Palace!" Hua Anyang said.

Ji Yao and Crimson Blood Ape King obtained explanation from the Dark Soul Beast avatar and were in a hurry to leave.

"Lord Chi Xue," Qin Lie said.

The Crimson Blood Ape King looked back and said, "What is it?"

"The bloodline source of the Ancient Beast Race is the Abyss Devils. You, like the races of Nether Realm, have some Abyss Devil Race bloodline in you," Qin Lie said seriously. "This means if you fight in the Abyss, you can use the bloodline of the Abyss Devils to greatly increase your combat power, and stimulate your bloodline potential."

"Is that so?" Crimson Blood Ape King said in shock.

Qin Lie nodded. "That should be about right. The Ancient Beast Race should be the mixed-blood descendants of the Abyss Devils and the original Beast Race of Spirit Realm. You have the Beast Race bloodline but it should be Abyss Devils’ bloodline that truly made you rise above others. Abyss Devil Race is one of the four transcendent bloodline races. You should go there and uncover your bloodline’s true potential. You can become stronger."

"We can become stronger?" Crimson Blood Ape King was shocked.

"Based on my knowledge, the four transcendent bloodline races are the races with hope of breaking through the limit of rank ten." Qin Lie thought for a moment and said, "If you can awaken the potential in your bloodline, your combat power can increase a level and you can fight the Great Lords of the Abyss!"

Pausing, he said, "Maybe you belong to the Abyss."

Crimson Blood Ape King's eyes lit up.

"When this matter is finished, I will arrange for you four to go to a relatively weak Abyss level. I hope that you can become the rulers of that level," Qin Lie promised.

Crimson Blood Ape King's eyes flashed with bloody red light. He roared into the sky and charged into the realm entrance.

He decided that of all the races of Spirit Realm, the Ancient Beast Race would only be on good ties with Qin Lie!

Because no faction in Spirit Realm could give them the things Qin Lie did!

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