Chapter 1386: Absolute Zero

Chapter 1386: Absolute Zero

"Absolute Zero! It is Absolute Zero!"

Bing Hui stared at Qin Lie, his breathing speeding up, and the shock in his eyes frightening.

The activity in Qin Lie’s bloodline caused Bing Hui’s own blood to boil in excitement.

"What?" Mia shook and looked strangely at Qin Lie. "How can he awaken our family's core bloodline latent ability? How is this possible?!"

She looked at his father Han Che for an explanation.

She wanted to hear her father Han Che tell her Bing Hui was incorrect, tell her that this mixed-blood had not awakened the "Absolute Zero" bloodline ability.

But when she looked up at her father’s face, all she saw was the same shock!

As the present patriarch of the Profound Ice Family, Han Che detected Qin Lie's bloodline transformation faster than Bing Hui as he had also awakened Absolute Zero.

The moment that Qin Lie's God Race bloodline crystalline chains formed Absolute Zero, Han Che immediately felt it!

"A mixed-blood whose bloodline was the Blaze Family's to begin with, how can he awaken Absolute Zero..." Even Han Che was confused.

Xuan Luo was even more shocked.

Every member of the Profound Ice Family knew that one of their family's many bloodline latent abilities was the strongest and most mysterious.

Its name was… Absolute Zero!

In the history of the Profound Ice Family, those that could awaken Absolute Zero were considered potential candidates to become the patriarch!

If a member of the Profound Ice Family who possessed Absolute Zero managed to evolve their bloodline to rank ten, that person would likely become the new patriarch of the Profound Ice Family!

The present patriarch, Han Che, did not have outstanding birth. He reason he was recognized by the experts of the Profound Ice Family and took the seat of patriarch without any objections was because latent ability he had awakened—Absolute Zero!!

The Absolute Zero latent ability had only a miniscule chance of being awakened when evolving to rank nine.

In the current age, of the dozens rank nine warriors of the Profound Ice Family, none had Absolute Zero!

And Qin Lie, who was not from their family, only had a rank eight bloodline!

But a person like that, in front of Han Che, Bing Hui and the others, reached rank eight bloodline and immediately awakened Absolute Zero!

"Patriarch..." Bing Hui's voice was hoarse as he looked strangely at Han Che. He said, "What is going on?"

Han Che's face jerked. He shook his head and said, "I do not know."

"Maybe we should invite the elders most knowledgeable in bloodline from our family to see this," Bing Hui suggested.

"Those elders are in our ancestral lands." Han Che had a complicated expression, saying, "Let's wait for his bloodline to stabilize."

"Alright," Bing Hui said.

Therefore, the four members of the Profound Ice Family kept on watching Qin Lie.

After awakening Absolute Zero, Qin Lie’s bloodline’s rampage didn’t continue for long.

After a while, he woke up from the strange state of Absolute Zero as the ice seals on his bloodline were released.

At the same time, the two other bloodlines that had attempted to fight for possession of his first heart returned.

The dark purple Abyss Devil blood landed back in his second heart and calmed down.

The blue bloodline belonging to the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit seemed to know it wasn't a match for the God Race bloodline and flowed silently in the veins.

As the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit and Abyss Devil bloodlines surrendered, his God Race bloodline transformed again.

He looked attentively.

In his body, the bloodline crystalline chains of different colors appeared to have changed again.

At the same time, at the perimeter of Shattered Ice Realm.

Hong Ju controlled his nine-level flame Soul Altar to melt the surrounding glaciers.

Pei Dehong of Ninth Heaven saw the Profound Ice Family members inside Shattered Ice Realm remain motionless and became slightly impatient.

"Heaven Reflecting Divine Mirror!"

A bright mirror appeared out of Pei Dehong's brow and stopped in front of his eyes.

The square divine mirror was empty on the surface. As Pei Dehong's soul changed, scenes would appear in the mirror.

The scene inside the Heaven Reflecting Divine Mirror changed like an enormous eye looking into the depths of Shattered Ice Realm from the sky.

The two enormous starships of the Profound Ice Family gradually appeared in the Heaven Reflecting Divine Mirror.

However, due to the effect of some power, the starships in the Heaven Reflecting Divine Mirror seemed slightly blurry.

The Profound Ice Family members on the giant starships did not appear clearly in the mirror as though there was a blurry boundary blocking the view.


Pei Dehong seemed to detect something and changed the direction.

A clear picture suddenly appeared in the Heaven Reflecting Divine Mirror.

It was a scene of Han Che and three others standing with Qin Lie and the Curse Progenitor at the Shattered Ice Realm. Qin Lie's eyes were closed in the image as though he was cultivating.

"Qin Lie!" Pei Dehong shouted.

Han Che seemed to detect it and snorted within the mirror world.


A thin crack suddenly appeared on the mirror. The divine artifact Heaven Reflecting Divine Mirror was immediately damaged.

The figures that appeared in the Heaven Reflecting Divine Mirror seemed to be frozen.

The image was maintained at the previous moment.

"He is Qin Lie of the Qin Family?" Affleck shouted. He looked a the frozen mirror and shouted, "As expected, the Qin Family is in cahoots with the God Race! This is proof!"

When he said this, the experts of the foreign races all gathered.

They looked at the final image in the Heaven Reflecting Divine Mirror, at Qin Lie cultivating with his eyes closed, and their expressions darkened.

"As expected!" Hong Ju had angry expression. "The Qin Family has secret contact with the God Race! Qin Lie appearing suddenly by Shattered Ice Realm, and members of the Profound Ice Family appearing at Shattered Ice Realm, it must be because they had an agreement! Maybe it was Qin Lie and the Qin Family that led these Profound Ice Family members to Shattered Ice Realm!"

"This is the Qin Family's plan against us!"

"They know they do not have enough power to fight us at Ninth Heaven so they summoned the God Race to make chaos so we cannot gather our forces!"

"It must be like this!"

"The Qin Family dared to let other races in to ruin our plan. Their crimes cannot be forgiven!"

The peak experts were all angry after seeing the scene inside the Heaven Reflecting Divine Mirror.

They naturally thought everything was due to the actions of the Qin Family.

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