Chapter 1385: Resonance

Chapter 1385: Resonance

The Profound Ice Family members led by Han Che ignored the Dragon Race and six forces’ men at the perimeter of Shattered Ice Realm and focused on Qin Lie.

They quickly found threads of cold energy were being absorbed by Qin Lie from the icy rocks of Shattered Ice Realm. Even the cold energy around them seemed affected by Qin Lie's bloodline and flew into Qin Lie's body.

Mia and Xuan Luo, both rank eight bloodline, instinctively resisted their energy being siphoned.

They used bloodline power to control the cold energy inside them so that it would not be affected by Qin Lie.

Han Che and Bing Hui who were rank ten had no reason to fear.

They deliberately did nothing to stop the cold energy shrouding them and use their soul power to guide it towards Qin Lie.

To the Dragon Race of Dragon Realm, Shattered Ice Realm was a natural restricted zone filled with unstable frost storms.

Yet for the Profound Ice Family born with an arctic bloodline, the Shattered Ice Realm was a good place to rest, and after some alterations, it became only more suitable.

They already thought of Shattered Ice Realm as their first resting place in Spirit Realm.

Their Profound Ice Family bloodline in their bodies would absorb the cold energy of Shattered Ice Realm without them having to do anything.

If they stayed in Shattered Ice Realm, the energy around would gather around them on its own and their bodies would then convert it into bloodline power.

At this moment, Qin Lie was ascending to rank eight bloodline. The God Race bloodline at his first heart mutated and after awakening the Profound Ice Family bloodline, it was automatically drawing cold energy into his body.

Unfortunately, the Profound Ice Family members there were taking majority for themselves.

Especially Han Che and Bing Hui, who attracted almost ninety percent of cold energy just by merely being there!

If they were unwilling, with their terrifying bloodline power and their understanding of the laws of the universe, Qin Lie would not be able to absorb any cold energy at all.

But instead, they generously opened the flow of cold energy.

Their proactive release caused the majority of cold energy nearby to appear near Qin Lie, and so the space around Qin Lie started to ice over.

The Curse Progenitor, who was close to Qin Lie, his "master" in name, felt the unusual flow of cold energy, his expression shocked.

"You are not a member of our race, you can leave first. We will not block you," Han Che said coldly.

The Curse Progenitor looked down, his gaze changing. He said, "I must make sure master is unharmed."

Han Che finally looked at him. After a glance, his expression changed. He suddenly said, "I seem to know who you are..."

The Curse Progenitor finally frowned.

"Father, who is this old man?" Mia asked curiously.

"One of the Five Progenitors of the human race in Spirit Realm. He is called the Curse Progenitor. According to the Blaze and Darkness Families, you... should be dead," Han Che said.

Thirty thousand years earlier, it had been the two families who entered Spirit Realm. The Profound Ice Family had not participated.

But since they decided to participate in the invasion of Spirit Realm, Han Che, as the Profound Ice Family patriarch, obviously did his research.

He had some knowledge of the true experts of each race in Spirit Realm through the Blaze and Darkness Families.

With his vast bloodline power, when he looked at the body and probed the soul of the Curse Progenitor, he immediately recognized the man’s identity and history.

"Master awakened me in the Graveyard of Gods," the Curse Progenitor explained.

Han Che stilled. He looked again at Qin Lie and ignored the Curse Progenitor.

He had heard about how the Blaze Family had buried the remains of the human race’s Five Progenitors in the Graveyards of Gods.

And Qin Lie had been the one to take them out. Qin Lie had the Blaze Family bloodline and had directed them to Shattered Ice Realm, he naturally had an agreement with the Blaze Family...

Bing Hui and Han Che felt the Curse Progenitor's explanation was logical so they did not pursue and silently allowed the Curse Progenitor to remain.

At this time, the bloodline inside Qin Lie suddenly changed again.

The cold energy of Shattered Ice Realm went through his blood veins and quickly entered his first heart!

The bloodline crystalline chains that belonged to the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit and Abyss Devils turned into two flowing streams of light that attacked his first heart.

His first heart immediately turned into a piece of strong ice, the cold power forming defensive shield of ice that held strong.

At this time, he detected the Soul Altar made from the Origin Crystal in his mind was starting to change.

The Frost Concept Diagram that he observed in the Land of Frost and gathered the remnant thoughts of the Ice Emperor appeared on the surface of the Soul Altar.

The Frost Concept Diagram merged onto the Soul Altar had originally been the size of a hand but then it began to expand.

The arctic power in his body merged with his God Race bloodline. As the bloodline crystalline chains that represented the God Race transformed, so did his Frost Concept Diagram.

The Frost Concept Diagram expanded, and the lines that formed the diagram moved quickly to inscribe even more complicated diagrams.

Almost at the same time, the Origin World that was connected with his Soul Altar became full of cold winds and snow, changing in accordance with his Profound Ice bloodline and Frost Concept Diagram.

The God Race bloodline crystalline chains in his first heart released strange symbols shaped like ice. The bloodline crystalline chains changed dramatically.

A completely new bloodline latent ability suddenly appeared from his God Race bloodline and was immediately imprinted into his soul and bloodline, forever becoming a part of him.

Profound Ice Family bloodline’s latent ability—Absolute Zero.

Once the new bloodline latent ability awoke in his bloodline, all the bloodlines in his body suddenly calmed.

The Eight-eyed Demon Spirit and Abyss Devil bloodlines in his body that had been trying to take over his first heart were frozen.

He seemed to see the blue and deep purple bloodline crystalline chains turn into ice.

Also, the moment the Absolute Zero bloodline latent ability was awakened, both of his hearts stopped beating.

In this moment, his soul thoughts became unusually sensitive, he seemed to be enlightened and not affected by any emotions.

He could face the hardest decisions and brave the cruelest of battles.

The expenditure of refined flesh and blood energy in his body suddenly slowed in this strange state. He felt as if he would never waste a single bit of energy during his fights.

His perception greatly increased.

He became something unfamiliar—a true, pure warrior without emotions, unaffected by outside forces, exceptionally intelligent, perceptive, and calm.

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