Chapter 1384: Speak Without Thinking

Chapter 1384: Speak Without Thinking

In a corner of Shattered Ice Realm.

Bing Hui, Xuan Luo, and Mia caught up to Qin Lie and the Curse Progenitor, curiously observing them.

Bing Hui learned Qin Lie's true identity from Xuan Luo and suddenly had an idea—he felt that the early arrival of the Profound Ice Family was due to Qin Lie's secret help.

Qin Lie, who had the Blaze Family's bloodline, was able to enter the secret realm of the Darkness Abyss due to the Blaze Family's help.

Based on what Bing Hui knew, the lost Flesh Filling Tombstone of the Blaze Family was in Qin Lie's hands.

He secretly speculated about the secrets between Qin Lie and the Blaze Family.

Bing Hui, who had come ferociously and wanted to play with Qin Lie and the Curse Progenitor like a cat with mice, had his expression warm up slightly.

The Curse Progenitor's gray face showed a hint of surprise. He gazed at Qin Lie, whose bloodlines were going mad, and then at Bing Hui and the others.

He thought for a moment and decided. He said, "The Profound Ice Family was able to arrive two years early because of my actions, that had been ordered by my master."

"Master?" Bing Hui stilled.

The Curse Progenitor pointed at Qin Lie and said coolly, "He is my master."

Bing Hui realized and said, "Since you have made arrangements in advance in Shattered Ice Realm, why did you not appear and explain the situation to us after our arrival?"

He already believed the Curse Progenitor's explanation.

Because of the accident in the spatial passageway and the two starships appearing in Shattered Ice Realm, he, Han Che, and the other Profound Ice Family bloodline experts had long secret discussion.

They all thought the Profound Ice Family was able to come early because some outsider had built the spatial passageway to Shattered Ice Realm.

Other people would have a hard time knowing the spatial passageway the Profound Ice Family had chosen except those from the five families.

Qin Lie had the Blaze Family bloodline, and the Curse Progenitor and Qin Lie appeared coincidentally in the depths of Shattered Ice Realm. In reality, the Curse Progenitor had been the one that built the spatial passageway.

Qin Lie's arrival only made it easier to make up an excuse for the situation.

"Master did not want to meet you early." The Curse Progenitor frowned and said gravely, "He knew the experts of the Dragon Race and other races will quickly arrive at Shattered Ice Realm. Master's identity is... very sensitive. If the Dragon Race and the other races of Spirit Realm learn what he had done, it would cause great trouble for both master and his faction."

Bing Hui's eyes lit up slightly and he nodded. "Understandable."

At this time, he thought of Qin Lie as a spy the Blaze Family had left in Spirit Realm, and thought that Qin Lie was secretly working for them.

"What is going on with him now?" Bing Hui asked.

At this time, Qin Lie floated next to the Curse Progenitor, the bloodlines within him still in turmoil. Qin Lie could only hear the Curse Progenitor speak but he couldn’t think, let alone speak.


He constantly inhaled.

Threads of cold mist came from all directions, visible to the naked eye, and gathered around Qin Lie, drowning him.

The cold mist was absorbed by Qin Lie's pores, and turned into cold currents that went into his first heart.

A cold flame formed in Qin Lie's first heart and circled around the God Race bloodline in the first heart. As the cold flame formed, the heat suddenly became bone-chilling cold.

His first heart froze over with ice.

The crimson red God Race bloodline crystalline chains turned into pure crystals which started to form new God Race symbols.


Bing Hui's pupils contracted, his expression changing. He looked at Qin Lie like he was a monster.

"He is awakening the Profound Ice Family's bloodline latent ability." Mia shook.

"He just reached rank eight bloodline!" Xuan Luo shouted.

Bing Hui's eyes lit up, his expression unprecedented in gravity. He shouted, "Patriarch, I think you can temporarily put the Dragon Race aside and come see this!"

In the depths of Shattered Ice Realm, Han Che's eyes lit up as he stood on the starship and looked into the distance.

"Patriarch, what happened?" the person next to him asked. "Did something happen to Bing Hui? Is that possible? With Bing Hui, he should not encounter any opponent equal to him in Shattered Ice Realm?"

"Focus on the people at the perimeter of Shattered Ice Realm!" Han Che ordered.

Before that person responded, Han Che turned into an icy streak and disappeared.

A dozen seconds later, Han Che, who had been in the depths of Shattered Ice Realm, appeared next to Bing Hui and Mia.

"See for yourself," Bing Hui said.

The patriarch of Profound Ice Family, Han Che, looked unmovingly at Qin Lie.

Under Han Che's gaze, the Flesh Filling Tombstone of the Blaze Family slowly appeared out of Qin Lie's chest. A part of it protruded out of his chest, the rest still hidden within his body.

"It is him!" Han Che shouted.

"His bloodline is just reaching rank eight. His first heart is awakening our Profound Ice Family's bloodline ability." Bing Hui had an expression of disbelief.

The children of any two members of different families of the God Race would only have one bloodline attribute.

In the history of the God Race, there had never been a member who possessed two bloodline attributes.

But now, in front of Han Che and Bing Hui's eyes, a special exception appeared!

"Why is it like this? Why would something like this occur?" Mia was stunned.

In her knowledge, the bloodline attribute of each God Race member was fated at birth and could not be changed. They could not possess another bloodline attribute in their lifetime.

This was the first common bloodline knowledge the elders of each family told!

But this common knowledge was being shattered by Qin Lie right in front of her!

She had a discomforted expression.

Xuan Luo also paled and stared at Qin Lie.

"It appears that person's mad theory was correct, and... he succeeded!" A long long time later, Han Che shouted, "That madman's project will produce unmeasurable value to the bloodline of our race! As long as Qin Lie does not die, and can continue to transform, he can prove the project has no shortcomings!"

Han Che took a deep breath and said with a mad expression, "Our race will become the rulers of the universe!"

"In other words, Qin Lie is our hope?" Bing Hui shouted.

"That we’ll have to see, if he doesn’t die because of his bloodline!" Han Che said gravely.

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