Chapter 1383: Exposure

Chapter 1383: Exposure

The Profound Ice Family rank ten bloodline warrior was the expert that had frozen all the giant dragons in Dragon Realm with one blow.

This person was named Bing Hui, and he was born cold and bloodthirsty. He was infamous in the Profound Ice Family and he only answered to Han Che.

Bing Hui, who had used bloodline secret arts to trap that giant fire dragon at the perimeter of Shattered Ice Realm originally wanted to return to the starship. But he suddenly found an enormous piece of ice started to move as the fireball fell.

Bing Hui was immediately alarmed.

Dressed in bright silver armor, Bing Hui slowly came out of the shattered ice with a mocking expression on his face.

The ice rock he was staring at avoided the attacks of the fiery meteoroids and moved even faster.

As though it detected Bing Hui's movements, that icy rock streaked through the air heading for the outer region of Shattered Ice Realm.

The rock moved away from the deeper parts of Shattered Ice Realm and also where Pei Dehong and the others were located. It clearly wanted to avoid the Profound Ice Family and the six forces at the same time.

"Father, Uncle Bing Hui seems to have found an interesting target."

Mia, also dressed in silver armor, stood on the front of a starship. When she saw Bing Hui smash the flaming meteoroids instead of immediately returning, insteading giving chase, she became excited.

The women of the Profound Ice Family mostly had cold jade-like skin. Mia was no exception.

Mia's white skin was like cold jade, her eyes as clear as water. The armor that showed her body let her give off an enchanting nobility and elegance.

"That rock was so close to us, but we could not detect it. The person hiding within has some skill," Han Che said coolly.

"Father, I want to look at it." Mia had an excited expression as she made a request. "The dragons will not get here soon. I want to understand the other races of Spirit Realm."

Han Che said casually with coldness, "Approved."

He trusted Bing Hui's strength, and believed that Bing Hui could easily defeat any person hiding in the rock. He also believed if any accidents happened in the Shattered Ice Realm, he could solve them at any time.

"Thank you, father." Mia smiled.

"Xuan Luo, follow Mia. Go see the strength of other races of Spirit Realm," Han Che ordered.

Not long after returning from the Origin World, Xuan Luo's bloodline had reached rank eight. In Han Che's eyes, Xuan Luo was another Bing Hui of the Profound Ice Family, a candidate to reach rank ten bloodline.

Therefore, he had a high opinion of Xuan Luo and nurtured him all this time to gather power for the future Profound Ice Family.

He agreed to let Xuan Luo lead the Profound Ice Family's warriors into the Abyss, testament to his hopes for Xuan Luo’s future. Xuan Luo was sent in the first batch despite his age to gain more experience.

"Understood." Xuan Luo nodded.

Under Han Che's gaze, he and Mia left the starship and followed Bing Hui's tracks to move to the other side of the Shattered Ice Realm.

Inside the streaking ice rock.

The Curse Progenitor's expression was dark as he sat and gave off rays of spirit power.

Those lines of light formed a strange formation around him that created strong spirit power vibrations.

Under the control of his spirit power, the ice rock where he and Qin Lie were hiding flew through Shattered Ice Realm, attempting to leave Bing Hui behind.

But the rank ten bloodline Bing Hui still followed closely.

The Curse Progenitor occasionally glanced anxiously at Qin Lie, and inwardly cursed the fire attribute giant dragon earlier. He tried to think of ways to throw off Bing Hui.

In the ice cave, Qin Lie sweated heavily, his veins bulging, his expression a snarl.

He did not know the graveness of the situation outside.

At this moment, the fight between the bloodlines in his body was growing intense!

The blood of the rank ten Eight-eyed Demon Spirit that Great Master Tian Qi had given him merged with the original Eight-eyed Demon Spirit bloodline he had. The blue bloodline chains started to become domineering.

They represented the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit bloodline gathered near his first heart and attempted to attack the God Race bloodline.

Then, he added refined blood of the Crimson Blood Ape King, Fierce Python Thunder King, and Nine-tailed Fox King's blood to the mix.

The bloodline belonging to the Abyss Devils became unusually active after the three Beast Kings’ bloodlines were merged.

The deep purple bloodline crystal chains stretched out of his second heart and started to attack his first heart, wanting to fight for the heart against the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit's bloodline.

Right now, his body had four bloodline systems. Other than the bloodline of Spirits of Void and Chaos that remained quiet, the other three bloodlines were going mad!

And the battlefield of the crazed bloodlines was his first heart!

That was where he gathered all his attention. He saw the God Race bloodline gathered on his heart already burning fiercely.

The crimson red bloodline chains that represented the God Race flashed and created new bloodline structures as the flames burned.

A burst of cold power suddenly appeared out of the burning bloodline chains.


He subconsciously inhaled.

As he inhaled, the cold power hidden in the ice rock moving rapidly through Shattered Ice Realm was sucked clean!

The ice rock immediately turned into a normal gray rock, unable to bear the  power of the Curse Progenitor.


The ice rock, no longer reinforced with cold energy, exploded as it moved and turned into gray rubble.

The Curse Progenitor retracted his spirit energy.

As a result, he and Qin Lie's figures were exposed.

At this time, Bing Hui, who had been waiting patiently, slowly flew to their front to block their path.

His gaze went behind Qin Lie and the Curse Progenitor to Xuan Luo and Mia who had been struggling to keep up. He said with slight discontent, "You two are too slow. In order to wait for you, I waited and did not attack. This wasted a lot of my time."

"Aren’t we here now?" Mia laughed and said.

"Qin Lie!" Xuan Luo suddenly shouted.

"What?" Bing Hui's expression turned grave when he heard Xuan Luo's shout. "He is the mixed-blood from the Blaze Family?"

"He is Qin Lie?" Mia became excited.

"It's him." Xuan Luo took a deep breath to calm his mind. He was also similarly surprised as he shouted in disbelief at Qin Lie, "Why are you here?"

Bing Hui stilled and seemed to think of something. He said, “Were... were we able to reach Spirit Realm two years early because of your guidance? If so, this person helped us. He must have an agreement with the Blaze Family."

He and Han Che had detected the abnormality when they reached Shattered Ice Realm, and suspected someone was secretly helping them.

Seeing Qin Lie, who possessed the Blaze Family bloodline suddenly appear in Shattered Ice Realm, he immediately suspected that Qin Lie had let them into Spirit Realm early.

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