Chapter 1382: Accidental Disaster

Chapter 1382: Accidental Disaster

In a hidden ice cave at Shattered Ice Region, the Curse Progenitor wore a stern look on his face.

“Secret Curse of Shielding!”

The Curse Progenitor’s spirit energy swam across the somewhat narrow walls of the cave like spider nets in no time.

The threads and patterns that were empowered by spirit energy seemed to be treating the cave itself as an artifact. The mysterious curse was forcefully engraved into the walls so as to create a shielding effect.

The Curse Progenitor had to pour refined spirit energy into the walls continuously to maintain the curse.

The Curse Progenitor’s gray dark face clearly looked fatigued. He had to spend a tremendous amount of energy on his curse to prevent their presences from leaking.

Not long ago, he had already expended a lot spirit energy to change the spatial passage at Shattered Ice Realm and lure the Profound Ice Family to this place.

Now, his spirit energy was growing even scarcer because he had to conceal Qin Lie’s presence.

“You’d better calm down your bloodlines as soon as possible…”

The Curse Progenitor thought helplessly to himself. He was of the opinion that Qin Lie’s sudden appearance would expose both him and the young man to the Profound Ice Family and be killed as a result.

He sighed deeply to himself and lamented his own misfortune.

Meanwhile, the roar of a giant dragon rolled in from the periphery of Shattered Ice Realm.

“Crack crack crack!”

The giant chunks of ice that filled this realm kept shattering under the might of the roar.

The group of sparkling, oppressive giant dragons was led by Affleck. They had suddenly appeared at Shattered Ice Realm.

Three rank ten giant dragons about a thousand meter long or so were destroying the glaciers around them by twisting their bodies. Their activity seemed to be affecting the disorderly world law of this realm as well.

The ripples of powers that were visible only to peak experts started spreading to Shattered Ice Realm from Affleck’s body. The ripples shared a similar appearance to his draconic patterns on his scales.

The draconic patterns spread out slowly to the surrounding and caused the frozen ice of Shattered Ice Realm to melt unnaturally. It almost looked like Shattered Ice Realm, a place that was eternally shrouded in frost power was slowly evolving into a common realm.

“Melt all the glaciers!”

A fire dragon roared and spat out a gigantic fire ball from its mouth. The attack contained the fire dragon’s bloodline, and it fell towards the ground like a fire meteor.

Suddenly, every glacier around that fire dragon started to melt in unison.

Pei Dehong abruptly appeared next to the fire dragon. Instead of releasing his Soul Altar immediately, he took his time to probe his surroundings.

“The core laws of this area have fallen under the control of the Profound Ice Family. We should change them first before we venture deep into enemy territory.” Pei Dehong said calmly.

“Melt the glaciers. Melt every chunk of ice we see on our way. It should diminish the Profound Ice Family’s combat strength somewhat,” Hong Ju of Starry Hall said.

“We will need your help,” Pei Dehong said.

“I will do my best,” Hong Ju replied with a nod.

Right after he said that, Hong Ju pointed a finger to his glabella and summoned a nine-level fire Soul Altar.

At first glance, the nine-level fire Soul Altar looked like a perfect realm of fire.

When the Soul Altar first exited Hong Ju’s glabella, it was only the size of a palm. An instant later, it had grown several hundred times bigger than it was before.

The nine-level fire Soul Altar abruptly transformed into a sea of fire, and Hong Ju sat in the middle of it like he was the eye of a formation.

The sea of flames kept spreading and flooding all the glaciers around them. He was working on destroying the frost laws of Shattered Ice Realm.

Meanwhile, the gigantic rank ten fire dragon continued to spit out one fiery meteoroid after another.

At the beginning, the fiery meteoroids couldn’t fly beyond the periphery of Shattered Ice Realm. But after Hong Ju had unleashed his nine-level fire Soul Altar, the projectiles had suddenly tripled in power.

The giant meteoroids actually flew past some ice peaks and landed on the deeper areas of Shattered Ice Realm.

Meanwhile, more and more Spirit Realm experts were gathering around Pei Dehong. There were both human Genesis Realm experts and foreign rank ten bloodline experts.

“We cannot afford to lose this first fight!” Pei Dehong yelled.

Every human and foreign expert was wearing stern expressions on their faces. No one dared to let down their guards.

The God Race had once again shown their faces in Spirit Realm after twenty thousand years, and their arrival was sure to usher Spirit Realm to a long period of turmoil. If the Hundred Races of Spirit Realm didn’t act carefully, they might very well find themselves the slaves of the God Race once more.

If they were to lose this first battle, it would be a heavy blow to all of the races of Spirit Realm.

Pei Dehong was also aware that some of the races might choose to submit to the God Race just like twenty thousand years ago if they lost this first battle.

That would be a terrible blow they might not recover from.

Deep within Shattered Ice Realm.

The Profound Ice Family’s patriarch, Han Che, looked surprisingly calm as he watched the sky of flames that covered the periphery of Shattered ice Realm.

Suddenly, one of the fire dragon’s fiery meteoroids slipped through a number of glaciers and appeared at the airspace where the Profound Ice Family were based at.

One of the Profound Ice Family bloodline warriors snorted coldly before flying out of a spaceship.


He shattered the incoming meteoroids with pure physical power before conjuring his own bloodline secret art in return.

A thousand kilometers away, the rampaging fire dragon suddenly discovered that its body was being invaded by a cold bloodline power. Not only did his fireballs suddenly turn into ice balls, ice was also visibly creeping up its body.

“What a terrifying bloodline power!” Pei Dehong’s expression changed.

The fire dragon had to struggle like mad to shatter and shake off all of the ice on his body.

The peak experts of both the human race and the foreign races turned even more serious after they saw the unusual power that had plagued the rank ten fire dragon.

One of the fireballs that was supposed to land somewhere deep inside Shattered Ice Realm suddenly swerved off target because the fire dragon was struck by the Profound Ice Family warrior’s ice attack.

The fireball had dropped heavily towards the ground mid flight.

Unfortunately, the giant chunk of ice that was about to get hit by fireball just so happened to be headed towards where Qin Lie and the Curse Progenitor were hiding.

“Damn that fire dragon!” the Curse Progenitor swore loudly.

The completely unassuming chunk of floating ice suddenly moved out of harm’s way before the fireball could hit it.

This drew the attention of the bloodline warrior who just shattered the fiery meteors with his physical strength and wounded the fire dragon from a thousand kilometers away.

He looked at the direction where the ice had moved earlier.

“To think that there’d be a foolish rat hiding nearby all this time. Hmph!” He sneered in a low tone and flew towards where Qin Lie and the Curse Progenitor were hiding.

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