Chapter 1381: Battle for the Bloodline

Chapter 1381: Battle for the Bloodline

There was clearly a realm entrance on the wall of the ice cave where the Curse Progenitor was hiding in.

However, the realm entrance was completely inactive for some odd reason. Neither spatial presence nor energy was leaking out of it.

This meant that this realm entrance was temporarily unusable.

Surprisingly, the star door Qin Lie had created with his Eight-eyed Demon Spirit bloodline suddenly grew unstable after Qin Lie had stepped into Shattered Ice Realm.

Qin Lie’s bloodline immediately started fighting the strange anomaly the second the wave had appeared.


Rays of ice blue light flashed out of Qin Lie’s pupils. The Eight-eyed Demon Spirit bloodline crystals were rampaging through his blood vessels like wild horses.

When he peeked into his body with his consciousness, he discovered that rank ten refined blood Great Master Tian Qi had gifted him was unleashing a tremendous amount of power. 

But even then, the star door he created was still vanishing at an astonishing rate.

He was powerless to stop it.

“Escape now while you still can!” The Curse Progenitor’s expression changed drastically as he urged, “The Profound Ice Family has a strange artifact that can damage the spatial laws of a realm inside their starship! Even the realm entrance I had used to come here had been destabilized on its own after it was affected by the strange ripples for some time.”

“They used the same thing to shut down the Dragon Realm’s realm entrance as well.”

“The realm entrance you created is being affected by that artifact as well. You’ll be trapped here at Shattered Ice Realm just like I am if you don’t leave before your realm entrance closes!”

The Curse Progenitor cried urgently for Qin Lie to leave.

If Qin Lie had left immediately after he showed up, he might have been able to escape Shattered Ice Realm in time. Alas, it was already too late by then.

The star door that led him to this place had already closed on its own.

“Bloodline ability—Star Door!”

Qin Lie linked up with the Soul Beast avatar and tried to create another star door with the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit’s bloodline.


But the deep blue starlight he conjured had exploded before they could interweave and form a star door.

Not only did he fail to create his way home, the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit bloodline in his body was growing more and more out of control.

“You shouldn’t have come over so recklessly!” The Curse Progenitor scolded him angrily.“Shouldn’t you be discussing with your family seniors on how to deal with the Profound Ice Family because I’d lured the Profound Ice Family to Spirit Realm ahead of time? Everything I did was for the Qin Family and the six great forces to stop fighting and unite against our common enemy, the God Race!”

The Curse Progenitor didn’t think that he had made a mistake.

Qin Lie was just about to argue with him when his body started glowing deep blue all of a sudden. Many strange and vague patterns that seemed to contain a race’s bloodline secrets started circulating inside the light covering his body.

The Eight-eyed Demon Spirit’s bloodline crystals turned violent inside his body. It was even clashing against his God Race bloodline.

“Thump thump! Thump thump!”

His two hearts started beating strongly. One of his heart was overflowing with scarlet bloodline crystals that belonged to the God Race, and his other heart was overflowing with deep purple bloodline crystals that belonged to the Abyss Devils!

It was at this moment the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit’s bloodline crystals started swimming towards his first heart like ice blue spirit snakes.

If his senses were telling the truth, then the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit bloodline was trying to take over the God Race bloodline’s dominant position in his first heart!

His body had suddenly become a fierce battlefield. The conflict between his bloodlines had finally surfaced to his senses as the fusion grew deeper and deeper.

“Will the Profound Ice Family discover this place?” Qin Lie yelled.

“I can cover up our presence for a moment. They… shouldn’t be able to detect us for a short time.” Seeing that Qin Lie wasn’t doing well, the Curse Progenitor stopped talking about useless stuff and focused on the present. “But if something unusual were to happen to the space here again, that artifact of theirs might just be able to pick up our hiding spot.”

“Just buy as much time for me as possible!” Qin Lie declared in a solemn tone.

“I’ll try my best!” the Curse Progenitor promised.

Qin Lie stopped talking as a fierce look passed through his face. He started taking out a couple of clay bottles from his spatial ring.

It was the bottles containing the Crimson Blood Ape King, Fierce Thunder Python King, and Nine-tailed Fox King’s refined blood!

When his body had suddenly turned a battlefield due to the rank ten Eight-eyed Demon Spirit’s refined blood, he suddenly had a feeling that he could use this opportunity to improve his bloodline all the way to rank eight!

To this end, he needed to absorb more bloodlines into his body!


The three bottles exploded, and the Beast Kings’ refined blood landed safely on his palm.

The skin and flesh of his palm cracked open on their own to take in the three droplets of Beast Kings’ lifeblood essence like a sponge. They were instantly absorbed into his blood vessels.


Suddenly, his second heart started beating strongly as well.

The noise was so thunderous that Qin Lie’s entire body had shuddered in response. The new conflict that was raging in his body had actually diminished the blue glow that was emitting from his body so far.

The blood flowing inside his second heart were filled with deep purple bloodline crystals. They represented the Abyss Devils’ bloodline system!

Crimson Blood Ape King, Fierce Thunder Python King, and Nine-tailed Fox King might be rank ten bloodline experts, but they were still part of the Ancient Beast Race just like Teng Yuan and Nivitt.

The progenitors of all Ancient Beast Race bloodlines including the Demon Dragon Race and Giant Race were the Abyss Devils themselves!

They were all originally part of the Abyss Devils’ bloodline system!

That was why the Abyss Devil bloodline occupying his second heart had reacted immediately when the three Beast Kings’ lifeblood essences had entered his blood.

Qin Lie paid close attention to the movements inside his body, and he could see clearly the three lifeblood essences of the three Beast Kings being drawn in by a purple light and pulled straight towards his second heart.

“My God Race’s bloodline had occupied my first heart, and I wasn’t even aware that my second heart had been occupied by the Abyss Devils’ bloodline until just now. Meanwhile, it would seem that the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit’s bloodline thought that now was the time to contest the God Race’s bloodline for a spot in my first heart because it was strengthened by the rank ten refined blood!”

The thoughts passed through his mind quickly like lightning.

He was starting to grasp something from this turn of events.

Right now, he had four major bloodline systems inside his body. They were the God Race’s bloodline, the Abyss Devil Race’s bloodline, the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit’s bloodline, and the bloodline of Spirits of Void and Chaos.

The last one was the weakest bloodline out of all the bloodlines he possessed. That was why it hadn’t tried to contest for anything. In fact, sometimes they were so overshadowed by the other bloodlines that he wasn’t able to detect them at all.

The Eight-eyed Demon Spirit’s bloodline used to be a weaker force among the four bloodlines as well. It was the second weakest.

That was why it hadn’t shown much of a reaction until now. It just wasn’t as strong as the God Race and Abyss Devil Race’s bloodline crystals.

But things were different now. After Qin Lie had absorbed the rank ten Eight-eyed Demon Spirit’s refined blood into his body, its bloodline system had grown much stronger than before.

In fact, his Eight-eyed Demon Spirit’s bloodline grew so much stronger that it decided that it now had the power to contest for a place of belonging inside Qin Lie’s body—his heart.

It had set its sights on his first heart. It wanted to replace the God Race bloodline occupying the first heart and become the body’s primary bloodline!

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