Chapter 1378: Conditions

Chapter 1378: Conditions

Dawson didn’t hide his true intentions from Qin Lie. In fact, he made it crystal clear that he was trying to benefit the third generation of his bloodline!

At first, Qin Lie thought that the situation was outrageous. But after he calmed down and thought through things carefully, he suddenly realized that Dawson must’ve had set his eyes on his bloodline!

Dawson must have guessed that his bloodline was unique. He believed that his miraculous bloodline would give birth to a natural ruler if he and Enos were to make an offspring!

In fact, this child might very well possess the potential to surpass rank ten bloodline!

“I’ve heard that the previous chief of the Blaze Family had once come up with a plan called the ‘Perfect Blood project’. In the past, every peak expert thought that this madman’s plan was nothing but a joke and a pipe dream.” Dawson laughed. “I thought the same as well until I ran into you and saw the strange things you did. Enos’s recount of your exploits in the Origin World also made me thought that maybe the madman was right after all.”

There was no doubt that Dawson had admitted to seeing through Qin Lie’s secrets and learned that he possessed the “Perfect Blood”.

“That bloodline… isn’t perfect yet,” Qin Lie spoke up suddenly.

Dawson’s eyes lit up before he laughed loudly. “There’s no hurry. After all, both you and Enos have at least another ten thousand years to live! Enos can definitely afford to wait until your bloodline is perfected before bearing your child.”

“The bloodline is the most mysterious thing in the entire world. I’m aware that there is no guarantee that the child between you and Enos will inherit the profound characteristics of your bloodline.”

“However, I have reason to believe that the child’s starting point and potential will still be a lot higher than other high rank devils.”

“And that is enough for me.”

Beside her father, Enos actually felt less embarrassed after Dawson had voiced his true intentions. She was now staring at Qin Lie openly.

“We Abyss Devils are different from the Spirit Race or God Race. These high rank races believe that the purity of their bloodline is the key to awakening powerful bloodline abilities.” Enos explained calmly. “But we are different. There are at least millions of types of Abyss Devils out there, and powerful bloodline abilities normally manifest themselves in two ways.”

“The first way is to consume other Abyss Devils and strengthen one’s own bloodline continuously.”

“My father is one such example. First Devils eventually gained rank ten bloodline because they had fought countless battles and had consumed the flesh of the defeated to strengthen their own bloodlines. However, this isn’t an easy path to tread. Out of the millions of low rank devils there are out there, only one has the possibility of reaching rank ten.”

“The other way to obtain powerful bloodline is to combine multiple bloodlines. The descendants of a powerful Abyss Devil are born with natural strength, and they have a much higher chance of becoming a Lord or a Great Lord of the Abyss.”

“One might say that this method is a shortcut compared to improving one’s bloodline bit by bit until rank ten.”

Enos stared at Qin Lie deeply before continuing, “I can sense that your powerful bloodline was created through mixing many bloodlines. In fact, I can even smell the scent of an Abyss Devil inside your body. That’s how I know that you have the blood of an Abyss Devil in you.”

“This is exactly why we think I can bear a child of yours.”

“We believe that the high rank Abyss Devil born from you and I would be fated to become the ruler of the Frost Desolation Abyss the moment they are born.”

The father and daughter, Dawson and Enos, laid bare their desire to Qin Lie. To put it bluntly, they wished to use Qin Lie as a reproduction tool.

Their goal was the profound bloodline in Qin Lie’s veins.

“How does this benefit me?” When Qin Lie had finally recovered from his daze, he asked, “If as you say, I can give you the future ruler of the Frost Desolation Abyss, then… what can you two give me in return? What kind of profit do I get out of this deal?”

“Your child will become the future ruler of the Frost Desolation Abyss. Isn’t that enough for you?” Enos asked.

Qin Lie shook his head.

“Hehe, if that child of yours is lucky, they may even turn out to be a Devil Monarch of the Eight Purgatories!” Dawson chuckled strangely.

Qin Lie frowned. “Are there any other gains that you can offer me right now?”

“I heard that the five families of the God Race are planning to invade the realm you live in? And correct me if I’m wrong, but I also heard from the Spirit Race clansmen who are training in the Frost Desolation Abyss that you plan to defend your world from them?” Dawson asked.

Qin Lie asked, “How do you know about that?”

“I am the Great Lord of the Frost Desolation Abyss. I sometimes pay attention to your people’s activities.” Dawson said in a prideful tone. “If I will it so, I can learn their conversation and even their inner thoughts vaguely, as long as they are in the Frost Desolation Abyss.”

“I see.” Qin Lie sighed. “The Profound Ice Family has already entered Spirit Realm, and the remaining four families will follow suit before long.” 

“Do you wish to protect Spirit Realm, or do you wish to ally yourself with the God Race, since they share the same blood as you?” Enos asked curiously.

“I wish that Spirit Realm will be safe from harm. I wish for as few lives to be lost as possible, and that the world isn’t filled with pain and misery. I also wish for the human race to survive this disaster.”

“Oh, that can be easily solved actually. I can give you an entire land at the Frost Desolation Abyss where your people can take refuge.” Dawson thought for a moment before continuing, “You may also send your people to your own Origin World once it has transformed into a whole new Abyss level.”

“After all, even if the Hundred Races of Spirit Realm successfully repel the God Race’s second invasion, that doesn’t mean they will be able to deal with the next crisis.”

“The next crisis? What do you mean?” Qin Lie was caught off guard.

“I heard from the Abyss Devils of other levels that the Spirit Race, the Soul Race, and other powerful races are currently searching for a way to enter Spirit Realm as well. There are even Abyss Devils who seem to be interested in Spirit Realm after catching wind of some news.” Dawson narrowed his eyes and said indifferently, “I believe that there exists a secret in Spirit Realm that even the Hundred Races themselves aren’t aware of. However, the transcendent bloodline races have clearly figured out some things. That is why they covet Spirit Realm.”

“There exists a secret in Spirit Realm that attracts even the four transcendent races?” Qin Lie was shocked.

“Although a super-sized realm like Spirit Realm is rare, it isn’t like Spirit Realm is the only such realm in the entire galaxy. However, Spirit Realm is the only super-sized realm I’ve ever heard where all four transcendent bloodline races are doing everything in their power to create spatial passages or realm entrances in preparation for an invasion.”

Dawson’s words gave Qin Lie a lot to think about.

“Hmm!” Dawson’s expression changed all of a sudden. “One of your friends from Spirit Realm is breaking through to rank ten at this Abyss level after eating a small Lord!”

A hurricane suddenly appeared and covered both Qin Lie and Enos. It then flew towards a different corner of the Frost Desolation Abyss.

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