Chapter 1375: Dark Natal Realm

Chapter 1375: Dark Natal Realm

No one was in a mood for jokes after the arrival of the God Race and their invasion of the Dragon Realm.

Every person in Sky Bearing City was in a heavy mood due to the God Race stepping into Spirit Realm once again.

After twenty thousand years, the God Race returned. And that time, they were much stronger than in the previous invasion, having come with all five families.

The better understanding one had of the God Race’s strength, the more terrified and hopeless they felt.

"That’s too soon, if only it was a bit later..." Ji Yao sighed and said, "We have not prepared yet. Once the five families step into Spirit Realm together, we..."

Everyone had dark expressions.

Some of the people knew the terror of the God Race through Qin Lie, and the others knew the true strength of the God Race through the Qin Family.

In the vast universe there were tens of thousands of races, and yet the God Race’s combat prowess had always been at the peak.

Such a prosperous and powerful race coming in full force. What did the races of Spirit Realm have?

Also, the races of Spirit Realm were not as united as they had been in the past. There were grudges and friction between them. They could not be united.

"It appears we must stop fighting the six forces," Dan Yuanqing said regretfully.

Chen Lin's expression was dark as he snorted and said, "The Curse Progenitor thinks his actions can force us to work together with the six forces and thinks this is the best way to defend Spirit Realm against the God Race! But if we had two more years, and we defeated the six forces, we could really gather all the power of Spirit Realm!"

Chen Lin gritted his teeth and shouted, "With the Qin Family's present foundations, we could do many things in two years!"

Ji Yao and Hua Anyang were shocked.

How much could the Qin Family do in two years that they had the confidence to fight the God Race?

They were puzzled by Chen Lin's fury.

Qin Ye grimaced and said honestly, "My father has been recently making a plan that needs at least two years. Once that plan succeeds, Spirit Realm can almost double their Genesis Realm and rank ten bloodline experts! In two years, we would be able to build another level on their Soul Altars."

Everyone paled in shock at the words.

Hua Anyang's breathing was rushed as he said, "Is there really such a thing?"

Qin Ye nodded and sighed. "This is our biggest secret at present, I will not tell the details. But as my father thinks it is plausible, then it can be realized. If we had two or three more years, after we defeated the six forces, the combat power of the races of Spirit Realm would double!"

"If everyone in Spirit Realm like that could work together, with the new batch of Divine Grade spirit artifacts we’ve made, we might be able to fight the God Race!"

"The God Race's five families will not rashly fight to the death if they see our power and know they cannot easily conquer Spirit Realm."

"Originally, I had at least sixty to seventy percent confidence that in two years, we could force the God Race away again."

"Now I have no confidence."

Hua Anyang thought for a moment and said, "The Curse Progenitor doesn't know the plan?"

"We didn't even have time to tell Sky Mender Palace and the Ji Family. How could we tell him of the plan early?" Qin Ye had a helpless expression. "Also, his soul was scattered around Sky Bearing City and we left Sky Bearing City for more than three centuries. He only came back into contact with us after his soul had merged with his physical body and Sky Bearing City had been activated again. Obviously, he had no way of knowing our plan."

Hua Anyang frowned and said, "If he had known of your plan early, and thought it was plausible, maybe he would not have been so rash to let the God Race in early."

"Maybe, but now it’s too late." Qin Ye sighed.

Everyone else let out a sigh of helplessness under the cruel fate that could not be changed.

"Little Lie, come with me," Qin Ye said.

Qin Lie nodded.

The uncle and nephew flew to the Door of Nine floating above Sky Bearing City under curious gazes. Qin Ye pointed at one of the realm entrance and said, "We are going over."

Subsequently, both of their figures disappeared.

"It wasn’t Oldenwarm Realm." Hua Anyang looked and said, "Is that formation connected to Dark Natal Realm?"

Chen Lin said, "It should be."

Hua Anyang made a sound of acknowledgement and found it strange. He said lowly, "There should be no problems in Dark Natal Realm? Why did Qin Ye take the boy to Dark Natal Realm?"

Chen Lin said, "To feed."

Hua Anyang was stunned.

In an underground world without any light.

When Qin Lie and Qin Ye arrived, they heard waves of roaring. Qin Lie looked and found he was in an enormous underground prison.

The connected cells all had screams and howls coming out of them. Clansmen of many races Qin Lie had never seen before saw him appear and madly crashed the rock walls of the cells, attempting to get out.

Some of them were from the Asura Race, there was also a rank eight giant dragon. There were also some races that didn’t belong to Spirit Realm.

"In these three centuries, the Qin Family has not been idle. Some dared to challenge us and were imprisoned here," Qin Ye explained. "Some of the foreign races come from distant realms and are innately bloodthirsty and savage. They do not treat us as highly intelligent beings."

He pointed at one foreign race prisoner who was almost five meters tall with oily green skin and three eyes giving off cold savage light.

The prisoner opened his mouth, revealing a tongue that resembled a green snake several meters long. It twisted in a disgusting manner.

"Ghost Demon Race," Qin Ye said. "This foreign race suddenly appeared from the ground of an unfamiliar realm when we were exploring and killed many of ours by swallowing them alive. This Ghost Demon clansman has some similarities to the three ghoul races. Maybe they have some relation in their bloodline."

"This one is from the Dark Spirit Race." He pointed at another prisoner.

Qin Lie looked and found a human-shaped foreign race clansman with dark brown skin and dark eyes.

It had fangs and a laugh that caused hair to stand on end and affect mind.

"Based on father's speculations, the Dark Spirit Race has very thin Spirit Race bloodline, and should be descendants of a Spirit Race clansman who had raped a weaker race," Qin Ye continued to explain. "Do not disregard them because of their thin bloodline though. The Dark Spirit Race is not easy to defeat. While their bloodline power is weak, their physical bodies are stronger than bodies of the Spirit Race, and many of us were killed."

Qin Ye led him around the cells and introduced the foreign races to him. Then he said, "They can all be food for your Blood Soul Beast avatar."

Qin Lie smiled and said, "Thank you, second uncle."

After that, he used his Eight-eyed Demon Spirit bloodline to form the star door.

The foreign races that had been wanting to eat him suddenly saw the Blood Soul Beast burrowing out of the star door with its moving blood vessels and screamed.

Their screams were filled with terror and anxiousness as though they knew the end of days had come.

"These prisoners can probably only help the Blood Soul Beast reach rank eight bloodline. We have to think of other ways to recover to peak rank ten bloodline," Qin Ye sighed.

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