Chapter 1373: Unbounded Vision

Chapter 1373: Unbounded Vision

Sky Bearing City.

Qin Lie gradually gained a new understanding of the Qin Family's forces hiding through Chen Lin and Dan Yuanqing's descriptions.

"The twelve factions under the Qin Family were wounded to different degrees when fighting the six forces in the past. However, when your father's Soul Altar shattered, we realized we were not a match for the six forces and immediately left Spirit Realm. We continued to hide outside the realm and saved the majority of our power."

Chen Lin continued his explanation.

"Those twelve factions are stronger than before after three centuries of rest. And among them, four Genesis Realm experts were born, your Uncle Dan one of them."

"The Qin Family has three foreign delegates other than your father also in the Genesis Realm."

"Your grandfather also gained loyalty of a few rank ten clansmen of foreign races during travelling. These races are not present in Spirit Realm, but they have powerful bloodlines."

"The Qin Family has more than a dozen Genesis Realm and rank ten bloodline experts. Outsiders do not know this."

"Among the experts outside the realm, the Giant Dragon Race of the Dragon Realm are powerful, but there are just six giant dragons with rank ten bloodline. The Ancient Beast Race is strong, but only the four Beast Kings have reached rank ten. The five Sea Kings of the Sea Race are rank ten, but their combat prowess is too low, they are even weaker than the Ancient Beast Race."

"Based on our information, the human six forces have about five Genesis Realm experts each."

"The Qin Family's true strength is enough to match any two of the six forces and have the upper hand."

Chen Lin narrowed his eyes and thought for a moment. He added, "Maybe, with the Qin Family's own forces, we can fight three of the six forces and not be defeated!"

"This is only some of the information I know. As for the other trump cards your grandfather and father may have, even I do not know."

Qin Lie was shocked.

A dozen Genesis Realm experts and rank ten bloodline warriors. The twelve subordinate factions stronger than in the past. The Qin Family alone could face three Gold rank forces. This was the true Qin Family?

He found it hard to imagine.

"Why has the Qin Family's strength increased three-fold compared to their past peak in the last three centuries?" Miao Yizi had an expression of disbelief. "When the Qin Family and Ninth Heaven fought before, there were only four Genesis Realm experts, and none of them were in the late stage."

"How did the Qin Family accumulate such powerful forces in such a short amount of time?"

She was as disbelieving as Qin Lie.

Chen Lin glanced at Dan Yuanqing and said, "You explain."

Dan Yuanqing snickered and said, "In the end, it is because our explorations of the outer space went farther than expeditions of all the races of Spirit Realm. When the races of Spirit Realm were active in the areas of Spirit Realm where we stayed three centuries ago, you father went twice into forbidden zones of the endless void."

"The first time, when he returned, he came back with a child, you."

"We all know the first time he explored the forbidden lands, that should have been a place where escapees of the God Race lived. However, he did not say much about your birth and history, and that mysterious place."

"The second time, he stepped into Dark Shadow World, and came back alive."

"Three centuries ago, when we escaped the Spirit Realm, your father's soul took his shattered Soul Altar and once again disappeared into lands unknown."

"He’s been gone for a long time, and no one knew where he’d gone. But when he returned, his shattered Soul Altar had been reforged, and he was preparing to build the ninth level."

"Maybe only your grandfather knows his experiences in the secret regions. We only know that his strength and cultivation are different each time he returns."

"Just like your father, your grandfather gradually guided us after we stepped out of the realm, and went deeper into the stars."

"When we went far enough, we could encounter some unknown foreign races and see more realms."

"The realms of those strange races will sometimes produce rare treasures. We would build fair business relationships with them. The wealth we obtained surpasses your imagination. You should know this from Boluo Realm."

Qin Lie nodded in agreement.

Dan Yuanqing smiled and said, "Some races are only a small branch and were persuaded by your grandfather to become a part of the Qin Family. Those races have powerful clansmen whose bloodlines have reached rank ten through your grandfather's financial support…”

"On top of that, subordinates like us had late Void Realm cultivation in Spirit Realm. When we went out and explored the stars, our knowledge and vision was broadened. With the support of found treasures, many of them unknown to Spirit Realm, we easily created our seven-level Soul Altars and entered the Genesis Realm."

"The Qin Family managed to collectively grow so strong in three centuries through relying on constant exploration."

"When the six forces were busy invading the realms of minor races of Spirit Realm, the Qin Family's steps have reached distance the six forces couldn’t even begin to imagine."

Dan Yuanqing concluded, "This is why the Qin Family has always been stronger than the six forces."

Qin Lie and Miao Yizi listened intently. Through Chen Lin and Dan Yuanqing's explanations, they finally had a deep understanding of the Qin Family's present foundations.

"No wonder the Qin Family dares to appear at Ninth Heaven the day after tomorrow." Miao Yizi's eyes were bright. "On that day, when the Qin Family forces arrive at Ninth Heaven, I wonder what expressions the six forces will have."

"Don’t forget about the four Beast Kings, two brothers of the Demon Dragon Race, the Genesis Realm experts of Sky Mender Palace, and the Ji Family.” Dan Yuanqing smiled proudly and said, "This is our public manpower, and we are not weaker than the six forces. I want to see if the Giant Dragon Race, the Asura Race, the Sea Race and those who have come out of greed will really have the determination to fight to the death alongside the six forces!"

Chen Lin turned back and looked at the palace behind him, saying, "When young master's two avatars recover their rank ten bloodlines from thirty thousand years ago, and reappear as a Blood Soul Beast and Dark Soul Beast, the Asura and Giant Dragon Races will cry."

Dan Yuanqing's eyes lit up and he said with a smile, "Haha, I forgot you are also completely different. The foreign races of Boluo Realm will create at least three to four rank ten bloodlines in the next century. By that time, the Silver rank forces from the Land of Chaos that chose to swear to you may reach the same strength level as Lunar Temple and Sun Palace."

"By that time, boy, only your faction will be equivalent to a Gold rank force. You may not be much weaker than Ninth Heaven!"

Miao Yizi hear him say this, looked at Qin Lie, and her eyes flashed.

She knew that Dan Yuanqing was not speaking empty words.

Teng Yuan, Nivitt, and Tyler of the Black Jail Race along with other foreign race experts like Barett were at the peak of rank nine bloodlines.

After the hardship in the Frost Desolation Abyss, and their experience fighting the Abyss Devils, it was not an exaggeration if three or four of them reached rank ten bloodline in a century.

The Land of Chaos forces also grew in strength after being in the Frost Desolation Abyss all this time.

Of them, Forefather Terminator, Jiang Zhuzhe, Jiang An, and Xue Li all were in the Void Realm. Even Miao Yizi could not predict what heights they would reach in a century.

She had no reason to believe the forces from the Land of Chaos could be as strong as Lunar Temple and Sun Palace in a century.

The forces of Boluo Realm and the Land of Chaos as well as Qin Lie's Asura Race soul slaves all acknowledged Qin Lie as their leader.

In the future, manpower under Qin Lie’s command would not be any weaker than any of the six Gold rank forces.

As Qin Lie grew, so would his forces. As a result, his faction would be even stronger.

Miao Yizi looked deeply at Qin Lie and seemed to see another Qin Family being slowly created by Qin Lie alone with his own power.

This was even more impressive than Qin Hao turning the Qin Family into a Gold rank force using the original foundation.

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