Chapter 1372: Astounding Change

Chapter 1372: Astounding Change

Ninth Heaven’s base consisted of nine levels, the top one piercing the clouds. It was where the top existences of Spirit Realm currently held a meeting.

The peak experts of the races that could cause Spirit Realm to tremble with a stomp of their foot were all looking with confusion at Affleck.

Affleck, who had just been bragging about the foundation of the Giant Dragon Race, had tears of blood rolling down his face. He looked sad and horrific.

The drops of this blood had clear dragon-shaped marks discernible with a naked eye.

"Affleck, what happened?" Pei Dehong's expression was grave and he showed no schadenfreude. He said, "No matter what, we will stand with the Giant Dragon Race. Tell everyone, have the experts of the Qin Family started a covert attack on the Dragon Realm?"

The experts of Asura Race and Sea Race heard Pei Dehong's words and convinced by his words, showed angry expressions.

Two days later they would discuss ways of dealing with the Qin Family. It did not surprise them that the Qin Family would do something beforehand.

For example, Chen Lin and Dan Yuanqing's actions in Sky Bearing City and killing Zu Han were thought of as the last death throes of the Qin Family.

They naturally thought the Qin Family were in danger.

The Qin Family knew they could not win against the six factions and other races so they tried to do as much damage as possible beforehand. In the end, it was just a minor annoyance.

Killing Zu Han was not a major matter to them.

In their eyes, the Giant Dragon Race was the strongest ally of the six factions. It was likely that the Qin Family would harass the Dragon Realm before the conference to raise their spirits.

"No, not the Qin Family..."

Affleck panted heavily, the blood imprinted with dragon-shaped patterns disappearing from his eyes. He took a deep breath, suppressing the urgency he felt, his eyes flashing with light.

Light gathered in front of Affleck's chest, and showed clear scenes.

The starships, the Profound Ice Family warriors, the frozen land below them, the giant dragons nailed to the ground by ice spikes...

The invasion occurring in the Dragon Realm was projected to all as light gathered in Affleck's eyes.

The giant dragons howled as they were captured alive by the members of the Profound Ice Family. They were shoved into the starships like caught snakes. This scene caused everyone to frown.

"How could this be?"

"Who are they? I've never seen them before!"

"They dare to attack the Dragon Realm!"

The experts were shocked.

"God Race! Profound Ice Family!" Pei Dehong shouted.

"The Qin Family must have reached a secret agreement with the God Race. The Qin Family helped them enter the Dragon Realm, this must be so!" an Asura Rce expert shouted.

The experts of the other foreign races nodded, already convinced that the Qin Family were spies of the God Race.

In their eyes, since Qin Lie, the third generation of the Qin Family, possessed the God Race bloodline, then the Qin Family and the God Race were bloodkin. The recent signs of the God Race returning must have been due to Qin Family working together with some God Race clansmen.

Now that Spirit Realm's conference on the Qin Family’s matter was going to be held the day after tomorrow, clansmen of the God Race were suddenly entering Dragon Realm.

Wasn't this all due to the Qin Family?

"The realm entrance connecting Dragon Realm to Spirit Realm is being affected by a mysterious force, and is still unstable." Affleck was restless as he said, "Think fast and help me find the fastest way to enter Dragon Realm. If we cannot reach Dragon Realm soon, my race might be exterminated!"

"Go through the Sea Race! This is the fastest way. But even so, we will need three to five days to reach Dragon Realm!" Pei Dehong's brow furrowed and he said, “But the day after tomorrow is when we agreed to face the Qin Family."

"I don’t have time to care about Qin Family for now!" Affleck shouted, his eyes glaring at a Sea Race clansman. He said, "I want to immediately borrow the realm entrance of the Sea Race!"

"Up to you," the Sea Race clansman replied.

"Go! We are heading to Dragon Realm immediately," Affleck said in a hurry.

The other two giant dragons were silent. They also wanted to go through Ninth Heaven's realm entrance, reach the Sea Race’s territory and fly to Dragon Realm.

Just as they were about to leave, Pei Dehong sighed and said, "Affleck, do you think you three can save Dragon Realm from the Profound Ice Family of the God Race?"

Affleck's body suddenly froze.

"Thirty thousand years ago, just the Blaze Family and Darkness Family of the God Race were enough to enslave the races of Spirit Realm." Pei Tianchong's expression was solemn as he said, "We’ve always known there were other families. Bloodthirst Family, Light Family and Profound Ice Family. These three didn’t seem to be any weaker than the two families that had enslaved us."

"After twenty thousand years, the rumors say that the Blaze Family has been weakened because they lost their Flesh Filling Tombstone, as well as their last patriarch."

"But the Bloodthirst, Light, and Profound Ice Families are ones we have never met before. We only heard the members of the Darkness Family and Blaze Family mention them."

"That giant ship has many warriors, and seems like forces on it are quite powerful."

Pei Dehong paused, sighed, and said, "Maybe, by the time you reach the Dragon Realm, all the dragons will have already met their demise. And you three, even if you reach Dragon Realm, you may not be a match for those invaders and will lose your lives for nothing."

"Pei Dehong! You want me to watch as my clansmen are massacred?!" Affleck howled.

Pei Dehong shook his head and ignored Affleck's temper. He turned to the others. "No matter if you are willing to admit it, from the moment the Profound Ice Family entered the Dragon Realm, our war with the God Race has started again."

The experts nodded solemnly.

"I fear we cannot avoid this war." Pei Dehong took a deep breath and said, "If so, we need to first heavily injure the Profound Ice Family before the other families of the God Race are able to enter Spirit Realm. As for the Qin Family hiding in the shadows, if the God Race is defeated, what can they do?"

"This is correct!" a Sea Race expert said.

The patriarch of the giant dragons, Affleck, heard Pei Dehong's words, calming down.

"You mean to say... you want to enter the Dragon Realm with us?" Affleck asked uncertainly.

"The wisest course of action for everyone gathered here and other Genesis Realm experts or rank ten warriors is to reach the Dragon Realm immediately. We have to gather our forces, and wound or use up power of the Profound Ice Family before the army of the God Race arrives," Pei Dehong said calmly.

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