Chapter 1371: Invaders

Chapter 1371: Invaders


Han Che, the patriarch of the Profound Ice Family ordered his family members to freeze the giant dragons as food to store.

Frosty mist came down from the enormous ship, like waves of arctic tides that shrouded the mountain ranges below.

"Bloodline ability! Ancient Glacier!"

The Dragon Realm below instantly froze, its season turning from hot summer into cold winter.

The cold currents were like a misty sea that drowned the mountain range. The areas which were moderately hot and the areas with volcanoes underwent an astounding transformation.

Everywhere the white frost passed, the volcanoes stopped boiling, the ancient trees turning into crystal ice statues, and the brown earth froze over.

The mountains covered in ancient trees turned into ice mountains in a short time.


The roar of the giant dragons came from the changing deep valleys, filled with anger and restlessness.

"Lowly worms dare to rampage in front of us."  A rank ten bloodline warrior grinned darkly and flew down with a long spear into the mountain range.

This person wore silvery armor, was extremely handsome, and his eyes were bright.

"Cold Flame Ice Explosion!"

As the silver spear moved, the cold tide below suddenly turned into arctic flame. The ancient trees, stone, and mountains exploded from the permeation of cold power, and turned into ice blades.

The ice blades rained down under the control of the arctic flame and flew towards the valley the giant dragons were roaring from.

In seconds, the deep valley filled with ice blades.

The ice blades penetrated the enormous bodies of the dragons and nailed them to the ground, their backs facing the sky.

The blood bleeding from the giant dragons froze and glittered under the icy light.

On the ship, Han Che spread his soul consciousness to search for the rank ten dragons.


A beat later, Han Che shook his head with confusion.

"What is it?" one person asked.

"I heard the Darkness Family and Blaze Family say that the Dragon Race of Spirit Realm is very powerful and should have many rank ten bloodlines." Han Che frowned and said, "But I probed around and can only sense three dragons that have reached rank ten bloodline in this Dragon Realm."

"They are much weaker," the other said in surprise.

"Spread out and capture the dragons. After freezing them, we will gather below," Han Che commanded. "Take all the rank eight dragons onto the ship and transport back to Shattered Ice Realm. Also, go and immediately destroy the realm entrance of the Dragon Realm to avoid any accidents."


In the desert of Dragon Realm.

The three giant dragons roared angrily, looking at the twisting realm entrance, their eyes filled with urgency.

That realm entrance could connect to Spirit Realm, and also other realms outside. It was crucial for the communication between the Dragon Race and other races.

The three giant dragons who possessed rank ten bloodline immediately had a bad feeling when the ship of the Profound Ice Family suddenly appeared, and Han Che along with the God Race experts stopped concealing their bloodline vibrations.

They urgently wanted to communicate with the giant dragon patriarch Affleck through the realm entrance, and tell Affleck and the other two rank ten dragons to return.

But before the ship appeared, the realm entrance of the Dragon Realm became turbulent.

The three giant dragons who wanted to send a message through the realm entrance could only wait urgently seeing the realm entrance not settling.

They knew no matter how eager they were, before the realm entrance stabilized, they could not step in.

Otherwise, even with their rank ten bloodline, they could be killed by the explosion.

"The realm entrance must be affected by the invaders!" A giant dragon who gave off flames roared and said urgently, "We can only use our secret blood art to tell Affleck and hope he can use other ways to return quickly to Dragon Realm!"

"We must also leave. I feel those invaders are coming towards us," another golden giant dragon roared.

"I will use the bloodline secret art!" The flame giant dragon made its resolve.

As he roared, blood flowed out of his enormous eyes, each droplet adorned with unique dragon-shaped patterns.

Threads of soul thoughts were imprinted on the dragon-shaped blood patterns as the golden dragon roared.

They slowly disappeared, and the flame giant dragon continued to bleed from his eyes.

Spirit Realm, Ninth Heaven.

An old hale man with dragon horns and a dragon beard was laughing as he boasted about the prosperity of the Giant Dragon Race to Pei Dehong.

"Our Giant Dragon Race has six clansmen who have reached rank ten bloodline! Haha, the Ancient Beast Race only has the four Beast Kings, and the Nine-tailed Fox King only recently reached rank ten." Affleck laughed and said, "The Ancient Beast Race is not much, with the Giant Dragon Race's strength, we can fight the Ancient Beast Race and Demon Dragon Race at the same time!"

"Right now, we know that the Ancient Beast Race and Demon Dragon Race are supporting the the Qin Family. The Giant Dragon Race is enough to deal with them."

Affleck looked at the Asura Race and the Sea Race, as well as some other smaller races, saying proudly, "The Giant Dragon Race is the strongest ally of the six forces! When we ally and kill the Qin Family, the Giant Dragon Race must benefit the most!"

The Asura Race, Sea Race, and Gray Wing Race clansmen had discontent expressions but did not dare to argue.

Affleck did have reasons to boast so.

The Giant Dragon Race had six rank ten bloodline giant dragons. They were stronger than the other races.

Even the six forces, on their own, where possibly slightly weaker than the Giant Dragon Race.

Because there were six rank ten bloodline giant dragons, Affleck's attitude was very domineering when he talked to the human six forces.

"After the Qin Family is destroyed, the giant dragons can be the first to choose from the realms the Qin Family has," Pei Dehong said coolly.

"Good! I take your word for it! Hahaha!" Affleck laughed.

Yet his laughter only lasted moments before blood flowed out of the corner of his eyes.

Dragon-shaped patterns suddenly appeared in the blood. A section of ancient dragon language flew out, and exploded in Affleck's mind.

Affleck seemed to be struck by a heavy blow.

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