Chapter 1370: Shattered Ice Realm

Chapter 1370: Shattered Ice Realm

The Curse Progenitor had a conflicted expression. He was clearly worried for the state of Spirit Realm and wished to do what’s best for the races of Spirit Realm.

Qin Lie's expression was dark. He found he did not understand the Curse Progenitor at all. He did not understand how the Curse Progenitor thought he could persuade the six forces.

The body of the Curse Progenitor had been inscribed with many mysterious patterns through the refinement of the Soul Suppressing Orb.

He could use the Soul Race's secret arts to restrain the Curse Progenitor's body slightly like how he could control Jiang An and Xue Li.

But the Curse Progenitor was not his soul slave. He could not see the Curse Progenitor's thoughts and secret through his soul.

"I hope to do my best for the races of Spirit Realm even if my methods are not understood by the people." The Curse Progenitor sighed.

Qin Lie had a confused expression.

Before he asked again, the Curse Progenitor's body disappeared.

Qin Lie frowned in the dim hall, and had a bad feeling.

"In the day after next, the experts of all forces will come to Ninth Heaven. If there are no surprises, there will be a great battle at Ninth Heaven." Qin Lie's expression was dark and he murmured, "The Curse Progenitor seems to want to do something from his words. What does he want to do?"


Outside the realm.

In the void near the Dragon Realm, there were countless chunks of icy rocks. Each was as hard as steel.

Some chunks were as large as glaciers, and others were only the size of a thumbnail. The varied pieces were chaotically scattered throughout the space.

This place was called Shattered Ice Realm. The ice fragments would occasionally explode because of the movements in the void outside. Even Genesis Realm experts would be seriously injured if they rashly entered.

The Shattered Ice Realm was a natural forbidden zone since time immemorial.

The Dragon Realm of the Dragon Race was not far from Shattered Ice Realm. Even so, dragons would avoid the Shattered Ice Realm during any expeditions through space.

There was a rumor that once, a dragon with frost-attribute bloodline attempted to use the ice there to increase its bloodline power. However, it died.

In the coming years, dragons with ice-oriented bloodlines wouldn’t dare touch Shattered Ice Realm.

But at that day, in the Shattered Ice Realm which should have been desolate, an enormous glacier was being affected by some mysterious external power and was about to explode.

It was not an uncommon occurrence in the Shattered Ice Realm.

The enormous glacier would cease to exist. Then, its debris would fall onto the larger pieces. Hundreds of years later, they would give birth to another enormous glacier.

"Pia pia pia! Crack crack crack!"

Many enormous chunks of ice flew out of the exploding glacier and shot outwards.

"Woosh woosh!"

Blinding light appeared inside the giant glacier which contained clear spatial power.

"Boom boom boom!"

After the glacier had been completely shattered, only an icy ball of light was left in the original spot.

The ice ball expanded visibly like a balloon. Inside, billions of rays of light shot out in a dazzling manner.

A long time later, the ice ball gradually solidified and became a beautiful ice door.

Frosty mist moved inside the arched door. It was difficult to see within but cold energy constantly flew out of the door.

"Crack crack crack!"

A crystal ship thousands of meters long made from silvery ice came out of the door.

That enormous ship was vast and magnificent like a floating ice palace carved with complicated and mysterious patterns.

Clansmen of a foreign race dressed grandly and with silver hair appeared on the ship as it passed through the enormous doors.

If Qin Lie was here, he would immediately recognize that these were members of the God Race’s Profound Ice Family.

"Boom boom boom!"

After this enormous ship there was another similar ship made from ice that passed through the doors.

At the front end of the first ship, Xuan Luo of the Profound Ice Family stood beside a group of experts and examined the surroundings curiously.

"This is..." A person stood with hands behind his back and looked towards the distant Dragon Realm. Their pupils contracted and they shouted, "Dragon Realm ahead!"

The Profound Ice Family experts were shocked by this.

"How could the icestone passageway lead here? Logically, our destination should be in the distant Ice Jade Realm. From Ice Jade Realm to Spirit Realm, we need at least two more years. How come we have reached Shattered Ice Realm around Spirit Realm now?!"

"What happened? That icestone passageway cannot reach this place?"

"So strange, how come the ice stone passageway changed destinations?"

Xuan Luo also had a shocked expression.

The plan was for the Profound Ice Family to first pass through the icestone passageway they had explored long ago to first reach Ice Jade Realm and then proceed to Spirit Realm.

The ships they rode needed two to three years to truly reach Spirit Realm.

According to their promise with the other families, everyone would gather near Spirit Realm in two years and enter together.

But now they were two years early.

"Patriarch! What to do now?" an expert of the Profound Ice Family asked.

The one who had spoken first was the patriarch of the Profound Ice Family, Han Che. This person was like a thousand years old ice sculpture. His face seemed to have been carved out of ice, handsome and masculine.

"Send one person back to notify the other families and have them come through our path." Han Che thought for a moment and said, "Other than the Blaze Family, the other three families should be able to follow immediately. Reaching Spirit Realm early makes no difference for us."

"Understood." One person hurriedly left.

Han Che continued to command, "This place is dangerous and the arctic powers here are chaotic. They are suitable for us to make a preliminary base. Leave a space ship here, and immediately stabilize frost power to turn this ice and stone area into an area suitable for our family to be active in."

"The other starship and the rank ten bloodline elders will accompany me to sneak into Dragon Realm and attack them first!"

"Yes!" The Profound Ice Family members responded with excitement.

"Boom boom boom!"

The starship that Han Che was on moved towards Dragon Realm like a spatial colossal beast in the stars, crushing the small pieces of ice and stone.

The starship which was thousands of meters long was covered by a layer of icy light left Shattered Ice Realm.

In mere three seconds, this enormous ship hid between the stars. Even the bloodline presence of the Profound Ice Family experts on the ship was.

The starship and the Profound Ice Family on it suddenly disappeared.

An hour later.

This invisible starship came to the spatial crystal barrier around the Dragon Realm. The starship released water-like ripples from the top.

The Profound Ice Family's starship did not shatter the crystal barrier. Following the ripples, it easily passed through the natural barrier as if it was air.

Fifteen minutes later.

The thousand meter starship suddenly appeared in the cloudless sky of Dragon Realm.

In the dense forests, the shaded valleys, the flowing volcanoes, the poisonous bogs, the lazy giant dragons accidentally glanced towards the sky and gave off furious roars.

"Foreign race invasion!"

"The foreign race has come!"

"Tear them apart!"

The Dragon Race clansmen furiously flew into the sky from all parts of Dragon Realm.

"This is the Dragon Race of Spirit Realm?" Xuan Luo frowned.

"It seems to be so." The patriarch of the Profound Ice Family, Han Che, looked down as the dragons rose into the sky. He shook his head and said, "Too weak, they are a tier below the Abyss Devils of the Icestone Abyss."

"Kill these giant dragons, and store more food for our campaign on Spirit Realm!"

The experts around him were like cold glaciers, their eyes filled with white cold energy.

Han Che thought for a moment and said, "The Dragon Realm is our first stop. We can freeze this world, and all the dragons here to provide food for us at any time."

"Good idea."

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