Chapter 1369: The Request of the Curse Progenitor

Chapter 1369: The Request of the Curse Progenitor

Sky Bearing City. 

Qin Ye returned through the Door of Nine back to Oldenwarm Realm. The rest, including Chen Lin, Dan Yuanqing, Miao Yizi and Qin Lie with his soul slaves remained in the city.

Qin Ye realized that Qin Lie’s Blood Soul Beast avatar had just been refined and didn’t have enough soul and fleshly energy.

When he left, he told Qin Lie not to worry. He promised he would bring enough flesh to restore Blood Soul Beast to its former state when he came back.

Qin Lie waited at Sky Bearing City for the grand conference in three days.

During this time, the Genesis Realm experts of the six forces came in waves and gathered outside Sky Bearing City.

The Genesis Realm experts led by Zu Yang of Reincarnation Sect tried to use their spirit artifacts and Soul Altars to attack Sky Bearing City.

Qin Lie who was residing within the city saw Curse Progenitor disappear for a while. Shortly after, the prismatic barrier covering Sky Bearing City released bright ripples of potent energy.

In that moment, a surge of spirit power rose from underneath Sky Bearing City.

The dense spirit power was like waterfall that flooded the prismatic barrier and caused Sky Bearing City to shine as though it was protected by divine beings and beasts.

The Genesis Realm experts who attempted to shatter Sky Bearing City lost the first bout.

The next two days were unusually calm. The Genesis Realm experts from the six forces didn’t dare to move recklessly.

"Sst sst!"

The Blood Soul Beast, whose bloody sinews moved on the surface of the bones, had green lightning flashing in its eyes.


The Blood Soul Beast spat out a soul shadow the size of the a fist. That soul shadow twisted, its appearance resembling Zu Han.

After two days, former  pope of Reincarnation Sect was like a ghoul. The Blood Soul Beast's soul devouring had drained nine tenths of his soul’s power.

If the Blood Soul Beast continued, Zu Han's soul would completely collapse, and even his soul origin and memories would be destroyed.

"Do not worry. I will not let you die easily." In the dim palace, the Blood Soul Beast laughed, and said in the language of Spirit Realm, "When my second uncle returns from Oldenwarm Realm, I will give your soul origin to him, and have him slowly kill you."

Zu Han's soul twisted violently like a snarling ghost.

The Blood Soul Beast ignored it.


A blurry figure flew into the palace, slowly turning into Curse Progenitor.

His arrival brightened the palace, illuminating the Dark Soul Beast in the corner.

This palace was part of the Qin Family in Sky Bearing City. Right outside was a plaza with a large teleportation formation that could reach all places of Spirit Realm.

Qin Lie's main body was discussing the details of their trip to Ninth Heaven in the day after tomorrow with Chen Lin and Dan Yuanqing.

His two Soul Beast avatars stayed in this dim palace, allowing the Blood Soul Beast to extract soul power from Zu Han's soul so that Qin Lie could do as he wished.

"Curse Progenitor, why have you come here?" Qin Lie's Dark Soul Beast avatar turned into the appearance of his main body when the Curse Progenitor arrived. He said, "I understand now, you should be the artifact soul of Sky Bearing City. And this Sky Bearing City is an enormous spirit artifact. Is that so?"

"Yes, in order to stop the pursuit of the God Race back then, I deliberately ignited my soul and allowed the remnant souls to merge into Sky Bearing City." The Curse Progenitor did not refute it and said, "Your family's ancestor, Qin Tian, once was possessed by a Soul Race clansman. In the end, he used his astounding willpower to securely control his own body, and then merged the knowledge of the Soul Race to benefit the human race."

"The human race was able to learn the secrets of the soul, and use that understanding to create their current cultivation system, Soul Altars, due to your ancestor’s guidance.”

"I hope that you can be like your ancestor, and use your knowledge of the soul to open a new door for the human race."

"Also, I hope that you will not accidentally draw the Abyss Devils to Spirit Realm. If the beasts of the Abyss flood into Spirit Realm like the God Race, the results will be ten times more catastrophic."

"You have to protect the realm entrance between Boluo Realm and the Frost Desolation Abyss. Nothing can happen to it."

Qin Lie stilled and said, "Five Progenitors blocked the abyss channel in the ocean of the Land of Chaos. To prevent the wards from being destroyed, you set up a curse on the entire Land of Chaos so that it is several times more difficult to reach the Void Realm..."

Before he stopped speaking, the Curse Progenitor interrupted him, and said, "Back then, we used the five continents and a curse to ward the Land of Chaos. It was to stop the Sea Race there. We had no way of expecting that the human race would soar in power soon after and become the Spirit Realm’s overlord."

"I understand your original intentions." Qin Lie nodded and said, "But I need to ask. Why did you not just destroy the abyss channel then, and just blocked it instead?"

Not long ago, when he and Indigo reached the abyss channel together, he learned through Indigo that the “abyss channel” was just a star door the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit had made with its essence blood.

After that, when the Curse Progenitor and the others put barriers and wards on the star door, the essence blood that formed the abyss channel had even awakened to consciousness of its own.

From Curse Progenitor’s words, it was clear that he feared Abyss Devils greatly. Why hadn't they destroyed it, and had only blocked it?

"We were not strong enough then, and did not know enough about realms and space. We did not have absolute confidence that we would not cause any other changes when we destroyed that abyss channel. We did not dare to act rashly." The Curse Progenitor thought for a moment and explained, "Also, your ancestor thought there was a need to leave it. If the God Race decided to massacre Spirit Realm and all beings, he would reopen the abyss channel and let the beings of the realm on the other side with the God Race instead."

"That abyss channel is one last tactic against the God Race. If the God Race is too much, and the races of Spirit Realm have no hope of survival, the abyss channel will open again."

Qin Lie stilled and said, "Why did you come find me?"

"If the five families of the God Race come together, will the races of Spirit Realm have any chance of winning?" the Curse Progenitor said seriously.

Qin Lie shook his head. "I do not know."

The Curse Progenitor thought for a while and suddenly said, "If I can persuade the six forces so that they do not think of the Qin Family as enemies, and have them ally with the Qin Family to fight the God Race, will the Qin Family forgive past wrongs, and not exact revenge for the events three centuries ago?"

Qin Lie's expression darkened. He sneered and said, "What would you use to persuade the six forces?"

"I’m merely asking. Will you let go of the hatred if the six forces fight against the God Race?" the Curse Progenitor pressed.

"You should discuss this matter with my grandfather and father," Qin Lie replied coldly.

"I talked to them a long time ago, but... they refused." The Curse Progenitor grimaced.

"My attitude is the same." Qin Lie's expression was cold.

"If the Qin Family and the six forces fight, it will cause upheaval in Spirit Realm. Many powerful races will participate." The Curse Progenitor sighed and said, "Even if all the races of Spirit Realm work together, they may not be able to stop the five families of the God Race. If the races of Spirit Realm fight now, and the God Race comes, then we may not have any hope of victory."

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