Chapter 1368: The Secrets of Sky Bearing City

Chapter 1368: The Secrets of Sky Bearing City

Heavenly Blue Snake King flew into the silvery river hovering in the sky and twisted his body. Zu Yang's mist-like Soul Altar shuddered violently.

Silvery spears and ripples of light splashed out of the river in the sky, turning it into an ocean.

Heavenly Blue Snake King, in his actual form, was like a winding mountain range in the sky. The bloodline abilities of Heavenly Blue Snake King were connected to ice and water.

When he used his bloodline power, Zu Yang’s river stopped responding.

As Zu Yang shouted angrily, Heavenly Blue Snake King hissed coldly and used another ability of his bloodline, this time connected to frost power.

The white cold mist rose off his winding and long snake body and flowed into the river.

"Crack crack crack!"

The river pulled from Zu Yang's eight-level Soul Altar started to freeze after being permeated with Heavenly Blue Snake King's white cold mist.

In the blink of an eye, the flowing river became a huge winding chunk of ice.

Zu Yang's eight-level Soul Altar that floated above the river was affected by Heavenly Blue Snake King's frost power. The bottom two levels slowly froze.

Sitting in the Soul Altar, Zu Yang's white hair and brows showed hints of frost.

"Heavenly Blue Snake King! It seems you do not care about the lives of your clansmen! I, Zu Yang, swear here, if we survive the God Race’s invasion, we will gather all of our strength and head immediately to Ancient Beast Realm!" Zu Yang was completely infuriated as he threatened harsly, "Your clansmen will encounter bloody retribution because of your actions today!"

"Ninth Heaven will also attack the Ancient Beast Race with full power!" Pei Tianchong, who was standing in the distance and did not dare to come close agreed.

"Oh really?" Crimson Blood Ape King grinned, his eyes flashing with savagery. "You six forces really think you are the only masters of this place? Haha, forget the God Race, I fear you won't even be able to stop the Qin Family from returning!"

"What does the Qin Family have to fight us?" Pei Tianchong shouted.

"You will know in three days," Crimson Blood Ape King said coldly.

"Shatter!" Zu Yang shouted angrily.

Crystal droplets of water suddenly flew out of Zu Yang's eight-level Soul Altar. Those droplets shone with mysterious light and seemed to have entire ocean within them.

When the droplets appeared, they fell like bombs towards the frozen river, which shattered like a mirror.

The water once again started to flow and the river came to life.

The bottom levels of Zu Yang's Soul Altar began to thaw and move again.

"Chi Xue! Return!" Heavenly Blue Snake King called.

His mountainous body suddenly shrank into a bolt of blue lightning.

Crimson Blood Ape King looked at Pei Tianchong in the distance and said, "In three days, the elders of Ancient Beast Race will go to Ninth Heaven."

As he spoke, he and Heavenly Blue Snake King both disappeared together into the star door.

When the two Beast Kings disappeared, the star door that had mysteriously appeared suddenly shattered and dissipated.

In the next moment, even more Soul Altars appeared 

Inside Sky Bearing City, through the layers of light, Qin Lie looked coldly at Zu Yang, Pei Tianchong, Wu Nanchao, Kong Kun, and the others. "Curse Progenitor, can this Sky Bearing City really block them?"

"Not just Zu Yang's eight-level Soul Altar, even if a nine-level Soul Altar expert comes, Sky Bearing City can still keep them outside its doors," the Curse Progenitor said coolly.

Qin Lie looked in surprise at him and then glanced at Qin Ye, "Second uncle..."

Qin Ye smiled slightly. "Sky Bearing City's power comes from the vast spirit power of Spirit Realm. The source of a great portion of the spirit power comes from the lands of the six forces. Once the Genesis Realm experts of the six forces attack Sky Bearing City, the city will automatically absorb the world spirit energy inside the lands of the six forces to replenish the barriers and defensive formations."

Miao Yizi shouted, "Absorb the world spirit energy inside the lands of the six forces to replenish Sky Bearing City"

"Yes," the Curse Progenitor confirmed. "Three centuries ago, the old patriarch of the Qin Family was secretly setting this up. However, before his plan was realized, that matter occurred. Otherwise..." He glanced towards Qin Lie.

Qin Lie understood.

He immediately understood that Han Qian's "scheme" against him had disrupted the Qin Family's plan.

"The source of Sky Bearing City’s power comes from the spirit mines and ores underneath the six forces, and the spirit energy hidden above the six forces." Qin Ye's expression grew serious. "As long as the six forces attack Sky Bearing City, they will quickly find the world spirit energy in their borders withering dramatically!"

"Clever!" Qin Lie said joyfully.

"Let's go, ignore those people outside. They cannot enter Sky Bearing City no matter how much time they are given." Qin Ye ignored the newcomers and said, "I will go and explain the situation here, see what father will arrange and if we should get more people here."

"Originally, we prepared to secretly activate Sky Bearing City in three days when Ninth Heaven is attracting attention," Chen Lin explained to Qin Lie. "We did not expect you to step into Sky Bearing City early with the body of the Curse Progenitor in your possession. When the body and soul of the Curse Progenitor merged, Sky Bearing City was successfully activated."

"So that's how it is," Qin Lie said.

"Thank you, Curse Progenitor," Qin Ye bowed and thanked.

The Curse Progenitor's expression was wooden and he said, "You are Qin Tian's descendants, I named this Sky Bearing City to remember him. Sky Bearing City is to leave a thread of hope for the human race when they cannot win against the other powerful races. As long as the Qin Family does not abandon this principle, and does not scheme with other races against the human race, Sky Bearing City and I will forever support  the Qin Family."

Pausing, he looked with slight resentment at Qin Lie and said, "Also, this boy has added many mysterious restrains on my physical body. Now I fear it will not be so easy for me to leave the Qin Family. I am so unlucky. In the past, I was subdued by Qin Tian. Then Qin Shan saw the secret of Sky Bearing City and expanded with it at the center to make this the main base of the Qin Family. Now my physical body is being suppressed by this boy with a secret method..."

When the words were said, Qin Ye and Qin Lie all had awkward expressions.

"When you return, tell Qin Shan that an old person from the Spirit Race also made repairs to Sky Bearing City. If not for that person who calls himself the Great Master Tian Qi, even if my soul merged with my physical body, Sky Bearing City would not have been activated so easily." The Curse Progenitor thought for a moment and said, "That old Spirit Race clansman also changed some things. It is best if your father can take a look and make sure there was no sabotage.”

"Oh, right. That Great Master Tian Qi said he had no malicious intent and told me to relay this message to grandfather," Qin Lie added in.

"A Spirit Race clansman." Qin Ye nodded to indicate his understanding. Then he said to Qin Lie, "Your grandfather is busy with something very important in these three days. After that, he will come find you."

"Oh, I'm not in a hurry," Qin Lie murmured.

"No one from the six forces is stationed in the Land of Chaos. The Silver rank forces following you can return," Qin Ye said as well.

"Understood." Qin Lie smiled.

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