Chapter 1367: Not Worth A Blow

Chapter 1367: Not Worth A Blow

The Spirits of Void and Chaos had the notorious nickname of “Soul Altar devourers”. For them, there was no tastier delicacy.

After pulling them out of enemies’ bodies, regardless of its height and the number of levels, the Spirits of Void and Chaos would enter and indulge themselves.

The majority of Soul Altars was made out of spirit materials of the five elements. Some of them were made out of one particular attribute such as metal, fire, or wood, while others were a mix of several elements.

Zu Han's six-level Soul Altar housed wondrous power of reincarnation and had been made with a mix of many different spirit materials.

All six Spirits of Void and Chaos could find something for themselves in a Soul Altar like this. Therefore, the second they flew into Zu Han’s Soul Altar, it started decomposing at a rate six times higher than normal.

They had the rank eight fire spirit which had subdued the Soul Altar and greatly decreased Zu Han’s control over it.

At the same time, Qin Lie's second subsoul turned into a ray of light that also entered the six-level Soul Altar.

The second subsoul was forged from Meio's soul, and soul power was of great benefit to it. Once he entered Zu Han's Soul Altar, he absorbed Zu Han's soul power like a sponge.

The bane of Soul Altars were the six Spirits of Void and Chaos. Adding on Qin Lie's second subsoul, Zu Han had no ability to resist.

"Not worth a blow."

Qin Lie's Cadac avatar saw Zu Han's Soul Altar go out of control and immediately stopped his soul devouring bloodline ability.

That black whirlpool had been but a bait to force Zu Han to release his six-level Soul Altar.

When his subsoul and six spirits wreaked havoc inside, he no longer had a reason to fuel the black whirlpool that was the soul devouring ability. 

This vicious Soul Beast made a grabbing motion as a powerful force pulled Zu Han's physical body over.


Zu Han's shrivelling body streaked towards the Blood Soul Beast.

The eerie-looking Blood Soul Beast with all its veins visible and wriggling looked at the moving corpse, opened its maw and swallowed it.


Zu Han's body exploded in the stomach of the Blood Soul Beast, its flesh and blood immediately being refined.

The Blood Soul Beast gradually grew flesh on its head after swallowing Zu Han's body, while its eyes regained some of their gleam.

"Come back!" Qin Lie suddenly shouted.

The Lizard Progenitor who was chasing Pei Tianchong and the others heard the main soul's order and suddenly turned around.

Qin Lie and his two avatars immediately moved towards Sky Bearing City.

Inside Sky Bearing City.

A shadow appeared between Qin Ye and Miao Yizi. The shadowy figure saw Qin Lie’s return and pointed towards the prismatic shield covering Sky Bearing City.

An opening appeared in  this powerful barrier capable of warding off Genesis Realm experts.

"Everyone, please enter the city!" Qin Lie shouted.

Crimson Blood Ape King and Heavenly Blue Snake King who had been observing neutrally frowned slightly as he shouted.

The two Beast Kings looked into the distance.

There seemed to be enormous Soul Altars moving like islands in the distant sky.

One of them had eight levels.

"Boss Chen, return to the city!" Dan Yuanqing shouted.

He and Chen Lin felt an expert in the middle stage of the Genesis Realm expert coming and immediately abandoned their opponents. They quickly returned to Sky Bearing City through the hole created by the shadowy figure.

The figure between Miao Yizi and Qin Ye slowly formed back into the Curse Progenitor.

"The formation of Sky Bearing City has activated. Starting now, even nine-level Soul Altar experts will not be able to enter the city without my permission," the Curse Progenitor said coolly.

As he spoke, the other people outside the city aside from Heavenly Blue Snake King and Crimson Blood Ape King all returned.

Qin Lie, the Dark Soul Beast and Blood Soul Beast avatars, Chen Lin, Dan Yuanqing, and the Lizard Progenitor all stood back in the city.

"Nothing will remain of Zu Han's Soul Altar but scrap soon. His soul... I will slowly refine it." Qin Lie narrowed his eyes and looked at the spiral-looking six-level Soul Altar floating in front of him under control of the Spirits of Void and Chaos. He said to Qin Ye, "Second Uncle, you can watch him die."

"Great!" Qin Ye said with joy.

"It is Zu Yang. He is Zu Han's uncle, he cultivates water spirit power and is an eight-level Soul Altar monster." Chen Lin's expression was cold. "He must have felt when Zu Han's Soul Altar was invaded by the Spirits of Void and Chaos so he used some powerful secret art to traverse space and come here."

Qin Lie snickered and said, "But he was a step late."

Chen Lin nodded and looked at the shrinking six-level Soul Altar. Then he looked towards Crimson Blood Ape King and Heavenly Blue Snake King outside the city, a hint of laughter in his eyes. "Young master has not failed to live up to expectations, and made the Beast Kings of the Ancient Beast Race participate early."

"The Ancient Beast Race wants their ancestral lands in Spirit Realm," Qin Lie said.

"Haha, the old patriarch guessed the Ancient Beast Race would have a condition like this." Dan Yuanqing laughed and said, "Before we came, he told us to agree if Ancient Beast Race presented such condition."

"Grandfather predicted it?" Qin Lie stilled.

Qin Ye nodded. "He knew since long ago that Ancient Beast Race wanted to return to Spirit Realm. Their past lands are now in the hands of Starry Hall and Ninth Heaven. That’s why he knew the Ancient Beast Race wouldn’t side with the six forces, they are not ones to spit what they’d swallowed."

"Whoosh whoosh whoosh!"

As they spoke, a silvery river appeared in the sky above Sky Bearing City.

There, an old person with white hair who was similar to Zu Han appeared. The old man's swiftly scanned the surroundings with lightning speed and noticed Zu Han’s Soul Altar floating in front of Qin Lie.

"You dare attack prematurely!" Zu Yang shouted. He controlled the silvery river to flood towards Sky Bearing City.

"Hmph!" Heavenly Blue Snake King smiled coldly and said, "Are you blind? Did you not see we are also here?"

Heavenly Blue Snake King's enormous body twisted as he landed into the silvery river like a demon creating a storm in the ocean. The attack failed.

"Is the Ancient Beast Race tired of living?!" Zu Yang was furious.

"You are welcome to come after us, we will be waiting in Ancient Beast Realm. If you survive the attack of the God Race that is." Heavenly Blue Snake King answered with a dark smile. 

"I’m afraid the six forces will soon cease to exist and will be forced to flee Spirit Realm by the God Race," Crimson Blood Ape King said mockingly.

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