Chapter 1365: Asking For A Fight

Chapter 1365: Asking For A Fight

Wu Nanchao and Kong Kun didn’t need to act to know that the Sky Bearing City was going to be difficult to dismantle. The mysterious diagrams on the light screens and the unusual activity of the world spirit energy around them were sufficient for them to draw appropriate conclusions

That was why they hadn’t even tried.

However, this also meant that they didn’t have a good plan to take out Qin Ye and the people hiding inside the city.

Moreover, a large majority of their experts were still serving the foreign rank ten bloodline experts at Ninth Heaven. Since their allies couldn’t heed their summons at first notice, Zu Han and the others were prepared to leave right away.

But Qin Lie had suddenly charged out of the city. Zu Han instantly got excited by the fact.

If the Qin Family chose to stay holed up inside the Sky Bearing City, there wasn’t really much they could do. It would take a lot of effort to breach the city, and they would not dared to act recklessly even then.

—The Sky Bearing City was famous since a long time ago.

But Qin Lie exiting the city on his own was a completely different story. They could see no reason not to attack Qin Lie and use him to threaten everyone inside the Sky Bearing City.

Zu Han thought that Qin Lie had become the breakthrough they needed yet again.

“How nice of you to come out!” Zu Han laughed in a carefree manner.

The spectators who had gathered around the wall from every direction were all pointing fingers at Qin Lie when they saw him flying out of the Sky Bearing City in seemingly suicidal fashion.

They thought that Qin Lie had framed the Qin Family once more.

Meanwhile, Qin Ye felt anxious enough to be on fire. If Miao Yizi hadn’t stopped him with all she got, he might’ve charged out of the city himself.

“Zu Han, watch out! This boy is no longer who he used to be, you must not underestimate him!” Pei Tianchong shouted in warning.

“Brother Pei, don’t you think you’re thinking too highly of his abilities?” Zu Han laughed loudly, “Do you really think he’s the one who killed Pei Two? Do you really think a brainless trash like him is capable of killing your brother?”

The martial practitioners of Ninth Heaven and Reincarnation were all staring at Qin Lie and chuckling sinisterly to themselves.

“I will capture him immediately and force Qin Ye to walk out of the city on his own! I want the Qin Family to lose two of their family members even before Qin Hao has made it to Ninth Heaven!” Zu Han sneered.

Suddenly, he made a clawing motion with his hand and summoned a giant black cloud out of nowhere. The cloud instantly fell towards Qin Lie.


Rays of silver white light could be seen peeking out of the black cloud. Blurry images seemed to appear from them.

“Qin Lie! That’s the karmic power of reincarnation!” Chen Lin shouted.

Both him and Dan Yuanqing had unleashed their Soul Altars immediately after they flew out of the Sky Bearing City. They were trying to protect Qin Lie and escort him safely back into the city.

Two rays of light abruptly appeared in front of them.

Wu Nanchao and Kong Kun appeared and stood in their way like door gods. They immediately attacked Chen Lin and Dan Yuanqing.

Kong Kung’s Soul Altar was a seven-level treasure map that looked like it was made of pure gold. The Soul Altar spun rapidly and rammed towards Dan Yuanqing.

The thin Wu Nanchao let out a chuckle before tossing his Soul Altar out into the open as well.

Wu Nanchao also had a seven-level Soul Altar. It was made out of eerie white bones, and its cold wind howled loudly from inside. It sounded like the soul-sucking noise of ten thousand screeching ghosts.


Wu Nanchao’s white bone Soul Altar suddenly underwent a transformation. It actually transformed into a skeletal demon god with three heads, six arms and wings beneath its armpits.

The skeletal demon god laughed harshly before it stood in Chen Lin’s way and stopped him from progressing.

Chen Lin and Dan Yuanqing were seven-level Soul Altar experts themselves. Since Kong Kun and Wu Nanchao had unleashed their full power from the beginning, they had no choice but to defend themselves and pay full attention to them.

They couldn’t help Qin Lie and escort him safely back into the Sky Bearing City.

Meanwhile, the black cloud Zu Han had created suddenly rumbled like thunder.

The black cloud started raining all of a sudden. Every single droplet contained the malevolent power of karma.

“You will die a slow death if even a single drop hits you.” Zu Han smiled.

Qin Lie remained calm even though the rain was falling straight at him. Starlight suddenly appeared right above his head.


The Star Door winked into existence, and an earthshaking roar suddenly burst out of the portal like a crack of thunder.

Qin Lie’s Soul Beast avatar abruptly crawled out of the star door.

The infamous beast inhaled and exhaled immediately when its bluish green pupils caught sight of Zu Han.

When it inhaled, it was as if all the surrounding air was sucked into its stomach. When it exhaled, it was as if a storm had suddenly descended onto the place.

A terrible hurricane suddenly appeared beneath the gray sky. The falling rain and the giant cloud were scattered by the powerful wind just like that.

The martial practitioners of Ninth Heaven and Reincarnation Sect looked ashen-faced when the tainted raindrops flew right back at them.

Even Pei Tianchong was afraid of catching a single drop of those deadly things and had to leave Zu Han’s side.

In an instant, Zu Han was left alone.

“Pa pa pa!”

The tainted raindrops clearly didn’t affect Zu Han himself because he didn’t bother to dodge out of the way. The smile on his face faded little by little.

He stared seriously at the Soul Beast that had appeared out of nowhere and asked, “What kind of benefits did the Qin Family promise you?”

As the pope of Reincarnation Sect, he was well aware that every surviving Soul Beast had infinite space for growth.

He also knew that the Soul Beasts were living terrors that once terrorized Spirit Realm thirty thousand years ago.

If the Soul Beasts were given enough space to grow, it was only a matter of time before they regained their former strength and infamy.

In Zu Han’s eyes, each of these Soul Beasts was a priceless treasure. If the one before him was willing to serve him instead, Reincarnation Sect’s strength would increase massively.

Moreover, each Soul Beast hid countless secrets of their own. The six great forces were interested to know the outside world through them.

“The likes of you wish to possess a Soul Beast?” The real Qin Lie grinned. “The only place for you is to be its food.”

It was at this moment a new roar suddenly came through the star door.

“The Ancient Beast Race!” Zu Han’s expression changed.

At the distance, Pei Tianchong’s complexion had waned slightly as well. A bad feeling seemed to have come over him.


Crimson Blood Ape King and Heavenly Blue Snake King flew out of the star door in succession. They were all in their true forms, and they hung in the air like floating mountains.

“Please destroy that secret realm entrance first, seniors!” Qin Lie yelled.

“That is a simple matter!” Crimson Blood Ape King sucked in a deep breath before he suddenly fired a explosive roar at the secret realm entrance next to Pei Tianchong.

A sound wave that was visible to the naked eye rolled towards Pei Tianchong’s side like giant tidal waves.

The giant sound wave also contained a tremendous amount of bloodline energy. It was enough power to destroy any martial practitioner who hadn’t reached the Genesis Realm yet.

Unfortunately for the six great forces, none of them were currently in the Genesis Realm. They had no choice but to run away while shouting in anger.

The sound wave easily destroyed Ninth Heaven’s secret realm entrance just like that.

“Crimson Blood Ape King! Heavenly Blue Snake King! How dare you break your promise to us!” Pei Tianchong looked absolutely furious. “What if we attack the Ancient Beast Realm and annihilate your entire race after we’ve taken out the Qin Family?!”

“Hehe, the God Race is soon to arrive. If you’re strong enough to kick them out of Spirit Realm a second time, we will wait for you at our homeworld then.” Crimson Blood Ape King smiled carelessly.

“That is assuming you aren’t all slaughtered by the God Race and make us wait for nothing, of course,” Heavenly Blue Snake King sneered.

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