Chapter 1363: Waiting For You!

Chapter 1363: Waiting For You!

Outside the Sky Bearing City.

A couple of figures walked out of an open secret realm entrance and into the dark sky.

Pei Tianchong of Ninth Heaven, Zu Han of Reincarnation Sect and several of their subordinates had traversed through space itself and arrived from Ninth Heaven.

“To think that the Sky Bearing City would suddenly regain vitality after three hundred years had passed. It must’ve been to build some support for the Qin Family.” Pei Tianchong narrowed his eyes at the giant city that was still undergoing a transformation even then. “I wonder which member of the Qin Family is currently guarding that city.”

“Our meeting will only happen three days later at Ninth Heaven. The fact that the Sky Bearing City is activated now shows that they’re clearly looking down on us.” Zu Han chuckled before continuing, “Has the Qin Family forgotten that the Central World is at our beck and call right now?”

“Come, let us enter the city and see exactly what’s going on,” Pei Tianchong said.

“Good idea,” Zu Han replied.

The duo and their subordinates started flying calmly towards the Sky Bearing City.

They hadn’t even released their Soul Altars yet.

Light screens suddenly appeared between the dark clouds and the Sky Bearing City.

They looked like colorful domes that were wrapping themselves around the Sky Bearing City. It wasn’t long before the city became completely airtight.

The colorful domes looked like clouds in the sky. The difference was that there countless mysterious and complicated spirit diagrams intersecting one another inside them. Their also glowed so brightly that every corner of the Sky Bearing City was alit with light.

“From this point onwards, all resident martial practitioners and artificers in the Sky Bearing City are allowed to exit the city, but no one is allowed to enter without the Qin Family’s permission.” Chen Lin’s cold voice was made tens of thousands of times louder and spread to every corner of the Sky Bearing City. Even those martial practitioners who lived in the most secluded corners in the city had heard his warning. Discussions quickly broke out between the people.

“Chen Lin!”

His voice made Zu Han frown mid-flight. His expression slowly turned darker and darker.

“Chen Lin, an early stage Genesis Realm expert dares to show up before us? I’m taking this as an act of provocation from the Qin Family.” Pei Tianchong snorted before transmitting his soul message.

“Since the Qin Family can’t wait to get started, we should show them equal courtesy and take out this Sky Bearing City first.” Zu Han grinned.

He summoned a Genesis Realm expert of his sect to his side.

This man had come through the secret realm entrance with Pei Tianchong and him. However, he stayed at the back of the group all this time.

Two elderly men walked out of the slowing secret realm entrance in response to Pei Tianchong’s and his call.

One man was tall, wide and wearing gold clothes. He had a big head, large ears and a mole at the center of his forehead.

“Elder Kong.” Pei Tianchong gave him a bow.

Kong Kun waved his hands before asking, “Has Chen Lin entered the Sky Bearing City already?”

“He is inside,” Pei Tianchong replied.

“Senior Wu.” Zu Han looked at the person he had invited over respectfully while speaking gently, “I’ll be troubling you again.”

The man he invited wasn’t just as thin as a monkey, he was born with its features as well. He had a pointed mouth, an oval face, and a set of crooked teeth that revealed itself when he smiled. He looked like a vulgar man.

“Oh, it’s no trouble at all.” The thin old man who was called Wu Nanchao let out a dry laugh before narrowing his eyes. “Without the Reincarnation Sect’s aid, I wouldn’t have been able to build the seventh level of my Soul Altar. I’ve spent your resources, and I’m the Reincarnation Sect’s worshipper. Obviously, in your time of need, I should lend you a hand.”

Zu Han smiled in reply. “Reincarnation Sect will not treat you poorly.”

“That, I believe.” Wu Nanchao looked at the Sky Bearing City just a short distance away from him and probed for a bit. Suddenly, he said, “Chen Lin isn’t the only one.”

“Dan Yuanqing is inside the city as well,” Kong Kun interrupted.

While they were speaking, a couple of people appeared one by one on the city walls in a flash.

They were Qin Lie, Miao Yizi, Qin Ye, Chen Lin and Dan Yuanqing. They were all standing proudly on the walls and staring coldly at the enemy group.

Pei Tianchong’s eyes suddenly turned harsh. “Qin Lie!”

On the city wall, Qin Lie gave him a cool smile before bowing slightly. “Well met, Uncle Pei.”

Suddenly, Qin Lie slapped his head as if he had just recalled something, “Oh, my apologies, I forgot that we’d just met each other not long ago. Sigh, it’s my fault, I should’ve been more attentive. I should’ve taken care to let you meet your brother one last time. Do forgive me.”

While saying this, Qin Lie let out a breath of air from his chest. The breath of air slowly took the form of Pei Tianming moments before his death. Then, the scene where Pei Tianming’s soul was slowly refined to nothingness was replayed in meticulous detail.

Pei Tianming’s eyes turned bloodshot as he watched his younger brother die a horrific death. He looked like all he wanted was to kill Qin Lie immediately.

Qin Lie’s smile was bright as he said seriously, “Your younger brother’s soul was devoured using the Soul Beast’s bloodline ability, soul devouring, and you should’ve heard that all martial practitioners who were devoured by the Dark Soul Beast, Blood Soul Beast and Soul Devouring Beast were completely dead. They cannot even regather their scattered souls and be reborn in this world.”

Still enjoying Pei Tianchong’s murderous gaze, Qin Lie pointed a finger at Zu Han of the Reincarnation Sect and smiled. “Uncle Zu, you’ll be meeting his brother’s fate very soon. The Soul Beast will be refining your soul until the moment you die. However, I will be patient this time. I will make sure that you get to enjoy the exquisite feeling of having your soul origin melt little by little.”

“Oh? Is that so?” Unperturbed, Zu Han gave Qin Lie a smile that didn’t reach the eye. “I sure feel like tasting that feeling right now… why don’t you come out and give it a try?”

Qin Lie bowed and replied, “You are the guest. You should come in and enjoy our hospitality.”

Zu Han chuckled before turning to look at Wu Nanchao. “What are our chances of escaping this city safely after the city’s great formation is destroyed?”

Wu Nanchao frowned deeply before shaking his head. “I have absolutely no idea.”

Zu Han looked shocked by his assessment.

“Do not fall for that brat’s provocation,” Kong Kun said seriously. “Chen Lin and Dan Yuanqing are inside that city. If they use the great formation to cut us off while we were entering the city, if some of us were to fall behind the group for even a moment, those who had gone in would be attacked from all sides. A perfect retreat is highly unlikely in that case.”

“Mn. That boy is trying to provoke you and lure you inside,” Wu Nanchao agreed.

“However, if they dare come out of the city, we can summon over a couple of old friends from Ninth Heaven anytime we wish. Even if Chen Lin and Dan Yuanqing were to meet us head on, we can hold them off long enough for our friends to show up. It won’t be easy for them to escape back into the city after that,” Kong Kun said in a quiet voice.

Zu Han immediately understood his tactic. A smile sprung to his face as he said, “Qin Two, I thought you caught some karmic power of reincarnation after taking a hit from me three hundred years ago? Why are you still clinging to life after that? Three hundred years is enough time for walk through the cycle of reincarnation, isn’t it? The only thing you’ll lose is your current cultivation, so why’re you still clinging onto life like a coward?”

“I’m waiting for you to make the trip first, of course,” Qin Ye replied icily.

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