Chapter 1362: Will Not Resign

Chapter 1362: Will Not Resign

Qin Lie looked up to his second uncle, Qin Ye from a corner of Sky Bearing City.

The Qin Family’s old patriarch had three sons in total. His oldest son was called Qin Yun, his second son was called Qin Ye, and his youngest son was called Qin Hao.

Qin Yun’s interest was the same as the old patriarch’s. He had spent his whole life refining spirit artifacts, and he wasn’t all that interested in the cultivation of the martial way.

His second son, Qin Ye wasn’t fond of the martial way as well. Instead, he focused solely on the art of refining pills and eventually became the most skilled medicine maker in the Qin Family.

Qin Yun loved to refine spirit artifacts, while Qin Ye loved to refine medicine. They were both outstanding in their own domain of expertise, and their abilities made the Qin Family the indisputable king of both artifact forging and medicine making.

Qin Yun and Qin Ye’s contributions were a large reason why the Qin Family was able to accumulate so much wealth that even the Gold rank forces were envious of them.

Beneath the realm entrance, the gray-haired, dim-eyed Qin Ye couldn’t stop coughing.

He scooped out a couple of pills and stuffed them absentmindedly into his mouth. It was only then his pale white face regained a bit of color. After he was done swallowing the pills, he narrowed his eyes at the city below him and muttered, “It’s been three hundred years.”

Chen Lin and Dan Yuanqing were filled with emotions as well.

“Now that we’re back, we won’t ever leave this place a second time.” Suddenly, a thought entered Qin Ye’s mind before he asked Chen Lin, “By the way, you’re saying that Little Lie is… inside the city?”

The corner of Chen Lin’s lips curled. “The Sky Bearing City can only be reactivated by the Curse Progenitor, and the Curse Progenitor’s body so happens to be in the young master’s hands.”

“Naturally, he must be somewhere inside the city.” Dan Yuanqing smiled.

While speaking, both Chen Lin and Dan Yuanqing quietly released their soul consciousness and wrapped it around the Sky Bearing City like a net to seek out Qin Lie.

“They’re looking for you,” Miao Yizi said softly.

Qin Lie sucked in a deep breath before revealing his own presence to Chen Lin and Dan Yuanqing, giving them a clear idea of where he currently was.

Both Chen Lin and Dan Yuanqing’s eyes lit up before they turned to look at his direction.

“Let’s go.”

Qin Ye, Chen Lin and Dan Yuanqing started descending onto the streets of the Sky Bearing City before many astonished gazes.

An instant later, they stopped right in front of Qin Lie and Miao Yizi.

Chen Lin and Dan Yuanqing stayed where they were once they hit the ground, their eyes smiling. Qin Ye immediately walked towards Qin Lie with a teary look.

Qin Lie’s own shoulders were trembling slightly.

Qin Ye looked both haggard and wizened. He stared at Qin Lie deeply before he finally let out a sigh and patted Qin Lie on the shoulders. “You’ve had a hard life, nephew.”

Qin Ye’s eyes were wet. “I’d asked your father many times to bring you back to Oldenwarm Realm as soon as possible. I didn’t want you to suffer outside. But your father hadn’t ever wanted you to be shamed by a woman like Han Qian again in your life, and he had insisted on letting you forge your path. Now, I finally understood that your father was right. You really have grown up, boy.”

“Second uncle.” Qin Lie bowed respectfully towards Qin Ye.

From the vague memory of his other self, he knew that his second uncle had spoiled him since a very young age. He had always forgiven Qin Lie no matter the crimes he had committed.

Back then, both Qin Shan and Qin Hao were absolutely furious after learning that “Qin Lie” had tried to do evil to Miao Yizi. They had both wanted to punish “him” harshly.

Again, it was his second uncle who had tried everything in his power to dissuade them. He was the one who kept Qin Lie from being subjected to too harsh of a punishment.

Three hundred years earlier, after the news that “he” was murdered by Han Qian had spread across the world, Qin Ye, an old man who had spent his entire life making medicine and was utterly unremarkable in the martial way, had attacked Ninth Heaven like a madman.

Maybe it was because he had never had a child of his own, but Qin Ye treated his nephew like he would have treated his own son.

“As long as you’re well, as long as you’re well.” Qin Ye’s tears wouldn’t stop flowing. Suddenly, he began coughing loudly again in mid conversation.

While Qin Ye was coughing, Qin Lie could clearly sense his uncle’s life force weakening little by little. The old man had no choice but to take out his pills again and swallow them all to regain some spirit.

“Second uncle, what is your illness?” Qin Lie asked softly.

“It’s nothing,” replied the old man with a shake of his head. He clearly didn’t wish to dwell on the subject.

“Three hundred years ago, your second uncle took a punch to the back of his heart while we were escaping towards the outer realm. It was Zu Han of Reincarnation Sect. The blow had tainted your second uncle’s soul origin with karmic power and caused his life force to deplete at an irreversible rate.” Chen Lin’s face was cold when he said this. “Reincarnation Sect’s karmic power of reincarnation is a malevolent power of the utmost degree. Not even the old master was able to do anything about it after it permeated into the soul origin.”

“Enough,” Qin Ye said.

Chen Lin didn’t heed Qin Ye’s warning. He continued to speak with an icy look, “That one blow caused your second uncle’s power to decline instead of improving even though it had been three hundred years since then. It is because he is losing life force at every moment. If your uncle’s medicine making skill wasn’t unparalleled in the world, if he hadn’t replenished his life force with his pills at all times, your second uncle may not have lived this long.”

“Is there truly no way to undo this effect?” Qin Lie asked.

Qin Ye smiled bitterly before replying, “There is one simplest way. All I need to do is to enter the cycle of reincarnation.”

“Enter the cycle of reincarnation?” Qin Lie felt astonishment.

“As long as I give up on this life, send my soul origin back to the cycle of reincarnation and be reborn as a new man, I’ll be able to wash away the karmic power that has been branded into my soul,” Qin Ye explained.

“Then…” Qin Lie looked like he wanted to say something.

Qin Ye’s lips suddenly took a downward curl, and his eyes turned as frigid as ice. His entire temperament had changed so drastically that it was almost as if he was an entirely different person. “I will not resign myself to reincarnation until I can watch Zu Han’s soul scatter to the wind with my own two eyes!”

“Your second uncle and us are all waiting for the day Zu Han’s bones are nothing but dust!” Dan Yuanqing declared coldly.

“Your second uncle will surely laugh all his way to the next cycle if you can do this, young master,” Chen Lin said.

Qin Lie sucked in a deep breath before swearing determinedly, “I swear I will kill Zu Han, or I will never enter Genesis Realm for as long as I live!” 

“What nonsense are you talking about, boy?!” Qin Ye said urgently.

“Our Lie boy isn’t spouting nonsense, you know.” Dan Yuanqing snorted softly before continuing, “You haven’t seen him for three hundred years, and you know nothing of his current power, do you? So how do you know it’s impossible for him to achieve?”

“Zu Han is a late stage Void Realm expert!” Qin Ye yelled.

Unfortunately for Qin Lie, Qin Ye’s memories of him hadn’t moved away from his dastardly image from three hundred years ago. Although he wasn’t completely unaware of Qin Lie’s shocking growth, he simply couldn’t imagine Qin Lie being the match of an old fox like Zu Han.

At late stage Void Realm and six-level Soul Altar, Zu Han was nominally the pope of Reincarnation Sect.

Just how on Spirit Realm Qin Lie was going to fight an expert like Zu Han before he entered the Genesis Realm? And turn his bones into dust?

He just couldn’t believe it.

“Times have changed.” Dan Yuanqing chuckled before shooting Qin Lie a sideway glance. “If you, Qin Yun, the old master and brother Hao are the pillars of the past, then this boy is the pillar of the future.”

Qin Lie was caught off guard by his declaration.

It was at this moment a secret realm entrance suddenly appeared outside the Sky Bearing City.

One by one, many figures walked out of the secret realm entrance. One of them was none other than Pei Tianchong of Ninth Heaven himself.

“Zu Han is also here!” Chen Lin snorted coldly.

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