Chapter 1361: The Revived City

Chapter 1361: The Revived City

Every Genesis Realm expert in the six great Gold rank forces combined wouldn’t be enough to break through the Sky Bearing City?

Qin Lie was stunned by the Curse Progenitor’s claim. He wasn’t able to say a word until a very long time later.

—It was a pretty unbelievable statement.

“That’s a bit of an exaggeration, isn’t it?” Miao Yizi’s brows were furrowed in astonishment as well. She clearly didn’t believe his words either.

She was aware of the six great forces’ true strength.

Reincarnation Sect, Ninth Heaven, Starry Hall, Six Ways Alliance, the Ao Family and the Lu Family had been established and prosperous in Spirit Realm for nearly twenty thousand years.

They were the rulers of Spirit Realm ever since the God Race had left this world behind. That hadn’t changed even to this day.

She knew full well that every force had at least one nine-level Soul Altar ancestor and one to three early to middle stage Genesis Realm experts.

In total, there were probably twenty or so Genesis Realm experts within the six great forces.

It was a power that easily surpassed any foreign race’s number of rank ten bloodline experts!

For example, the four Beast Kings were the only ones who had reached rank ten in the Ancient Beast Race.

The Sea Race also only had five Sea Kings.

The Dragon Race, the Asura Race and the Giant Race possessed around that number of rank ten bloodline experts as well.

If the six great forces of the human race were to unite as one, they could easily crush anyone of the aforementioned races!

In fact, the Ancient Beast Race, the Sea Race and the Giant Dragon Race combined might still not be enough to take down the six great forces of the human race.

But the Curse Progenitor claimed that this power—a total of twenty peak experts or so —still wasn’t enough to take down this city?

Was that even possible?

“In reality, the Qin Family hadn’t injected all their manpower and resources into the Sky Bearing City to defend themselves from the six great forces.”

The Curse Progenitor’s voice seemed illusory and distant. He didn’t care if Qin Lie or Miao Yizi would believe him or not. “The real reason the Qin Family had built the Sky Bearing City was to prepare themselves for the God Race’s second invasion. They had hoped to keep the God Race away with this one city. If the human race were to fall to the God Race one day, then the Sky Bearing City will be the human race’s final bastion and hope. It will keep the human race’s bloodline alive and well.”

“From the start, this city was made with the five God Race families being the hypothetical enemy!”

“Not only is it impossible for the Genesis Realm experts of the six great forces to breach this city, I dare say they wouldn’t even dare to try!”

The Curse Progenitor declared arrogantly.

“Wouldn’t dare?” Qin Lie was stunned.

“That’s right.” The Curse Progenitor chuckled strangely. “They will learn of the Sky Bearing City’s true strength when they attack it in the near future. You will believe me when that happens.”

It was at this moment many strange, dazzling light suddenly appeared on the sky of the Sky Bearing City.

The dazzling lights gathered themselves into nine dazzling light balls before they expanded into nine realm entrances at an extraordinary rate. At a distance, they looked like nine swelling black holes.

The nine realm entrances had appeared in the sky of the Sky Bearing City without warning.

“The Doors of Nine!” Miao Yizi exclaimed.

Qin Lie was surprised by this as well.

He knew that the Qin Family had conquered nine realms in total during their peak. All nine realm entrances were connected to the Sky Bearing City so that a martial practitioner could travel back and forth for business or leisure anytime they wanted to.

The secret realm entrances that connected the Sky Bearing City and the nine realms were called “The Doors of Nine” because there were nine of them in total.

When the Qin Family had left the Sky Bearing City, the Doors of Nine had disappeared without a trace.

The six great forces hadn’t been able to search or reactivate the Doors of Nine despite searching high and low for them in the Sky Bearing City.

They eventually believed that the Qin Family had taken the Doors of Nine with them during their escape.

Today, the Doors of Nine had reappeared in the sky of the Sky Bearing City like nine brilliant moons.

At the same time, many mysterious threads of light that looked like crooked earthworms suddenly appeared on the twelve empty plazas of the Sky Bearing City.

A series of deafening noises later, twelve large-sized teleportation formations suddenly appeared deep beneath the twelve plazas without warning.

“Back then, the Qin Family had nine realms and twelve great vassal forces. The twelve vassal forces’ main base were scattered all across Spirit Realm, some being closer to the Central World, and some being further away. The Doors of Nine are excessive in this case. The twelve spatial teleportation formations are enough to connect the twelve great forces to the Sky Bearing City,” Miao Yizi explained in a soft voice.

Qin Lie suddenly realized something.

Gan Feipeng, Fan Gan, Hunchback Ba and the rest of the seniors must have been the leaders of the twelve vassal forces.

The twelve vassal forces were second tier Gold rank forces just like Sun Palace and Lunar Temple, but they only obeyed the Qin Family.

The twelve vassal forces had no Genesis Realm experts, but they had countless Void Realm, Imperishable Realm and Nirvana Realm experts.

Nine realms and twelve vassal forces—this was the solid foundation the Qin Family had three hundred years earlier.

After the Sky Bearing City had been reactivated, the Doors of Nine and the twelve large-sized spatial teleportation formations had all come back to life in miraculous fashion.

“Heavens! Is the Qin Family about to return?”

“The entire Sky Bearing City was shaking like there was an earthquake! I can also feel world spirit energy returning to the city at a rapid rate!”

“Even the geocentric fire has been reignited!”

“The Sky Bearing City is coming back to life once more!”

The martial practitioners and inferior artificers who had chosen to stay behind in the Sky Bearing City despite everything suddenly emerged from hiding and rushed to the streets.

Those who could fly quickly took to the air while shouting.

They quickly discovered that the Doors of Nine and the twelve underground spatial teleportation formations had all returned to life just like the Sky Bearing City’s geocentric fire.

“The Doors of Nine have been reactivated!”

“The twelve great spatial teleportation formations have reappeared once more!”

“The Qin Family is coming home!”

Cheers and laughter could be heard from every corner of the Sky Bearing City. The once dead city had finally reawakened like a slumbering giant beast.

Suddenly, clear spatial energy came from one of the realm entrances that made up the Doors of Nine.

Naturally, Qin Lie and Miao Yizi’s attention was drawn by it.

A thin, wizened figure flashed out of the realm entrance and stood still. His hair was gray and messy, and the color of his complexion looked the same as his hair. It was a gray white color that signified a lack of spirit.

Even his eyes were dim and lightless.

The moment the old man had emerged from the realm entrance, he started coughing loudly even as he stared at the Sky Bearing City with a complicated expression on his face.

Chen Lin and Dan Yuanqing soon emerged out of the realm entrance behind the old man and stood right next to him.

“He is your second uncle, Qin Ye,” Miao Yizi said.

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