Chapter 1360: The Curse Progenitor Awakens

Chapter 1360: The Curse Progenitor Awakens

Traces of soul presence began flowing into the Curse Progenitor’s body from every direction throughout the Sky Bearing City.

The strange diagrams that had been released from the Curse Progenitor’s body glowed brighter and more mysterious as time passed.

When Qin Lie concentrated on the phenomenon, he was amazed to find that the wisps of soul presence had come from the ancient walls of Sky Bearing City, the underground river, the trees inside the city, the clouds floating in the sky...

They seemed like the soul fragments of the city itself. They had never been as clear as they were that day.

A while later.

The ancient diagrams transformed into dazzling spheres of light and entered his body mysteriously.

The mysterious secret curses and patterns that covered the Curse Progenitor’s body vanished completely from its skin after the balls of light had entered his body. Not a single unusual pattern could be found on the Curse Progenitor’s skin any longer.

Then, a weak soul presence started rippling from the Curse Progenitor’s body. Both Qin Lie and Miao Yizi were surprised by this.

They looked at each other and saw the astonishment in other’s eyes. Their guess was right! The Curse Progenitor really was still alive!

Wearing a serious expression, Qin Lie subconsciously backed a few steps and put some distance between himself and the Curse Progenitor.

At the same time, he opened a Star Door using the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit’s bloodline. The moment the Curse Progenitor started acting strangely, he would summon Curtis and the others to fight or leave through the Star Door immediately.

Miao Yizi dared not lower her guard either. She summoned her six-level Soul Altar to existence before flying swiftly to Qin Lie’s side.


That wasn’t all. Six rays of rainbow light flew out of Qin Lie’s glabella and took their respective forms.

With the six Spirits of Void and Chaos and a late-stage Void Realm expert by his side, Qin Lie finally felt a little less tensed.

Miao Yizi and him stared at the Curse Progenitor closely. The latter slowly climbed up to a sitting position using a nearby wall, but his eyes remained closed. It looked like the Curse Progenitor was arranging his thoughts.

Qin Lie and Miao Yizi waited patiently, ready to react at the first opportunity.

It took a while before the Curse Progenitor finally opened his eyes. A reminiscent expression appeared on his old, wizened face. “Time passes so quickly…”

“Are you the Curse Progenitor?” Qin Lie asked tentatively.

The Curse Progenitor nodded. “I understand why that girl is afraid of me, but why are you afraid of me as well?”

Qin Lie was caught off guard. He didn’t understand what the Curse Progenitor meant.

The Curse Progenitor’s eyes were bitter. “My body had been completely tempered inside that thing, and your grandfather had personally marked all of my soul fragments scattered in the Sky Bearing City. I’m fated to never escape the shackles of the Qin Family since both my body and soul had been seized. So what can you possibly be afraid of?”

Finally, Qin Lie realized what was going on.

Just like the other four Progenitors, the Curse Progenitor’s body had been tempered in the fourth space of the Soul Suppressing Orb.

For example, the Blood Progenitor had also been tempered by the Soul Suppressing Orb before. The Blood Progenitor was completely under his control because its body and seven-level Soul Altar had been inscribed in countless complicated spirit diagrams.

Could the Curse Progenitor be the same as well?

Subconsciously, Qin Lie started manipulating the Curse Progenitor with his soul just like when he had manipulated the Blood Progenitor.

It took only a single thought, and the Curse Progenitor started walking towards him with a helpless look on his face. He looked like his soul was being drawn in by something.

Miao Yizi yelled loudly in warning, “What are you trying to do?”

But Qin Lie’s eyes lit up instead as he let out a soft chuckle. His expression relaxed entirely as he said, “Don’t worry, he’s one of our own, haha.”

Miao Yizi looked astonished.

“I heard that the Qin Family is about to return. Is that true?” the Curse Progenitor asked.

Qin Lie looked at him curiously. “You know everything?”

“My body has been in your possession for the past couple of years, but my soul fragments had never left the Sky Bearing City. I’m well aware what the martial practitioners and artificers of the Sky Bearing City have been talking about with one another.” The Curse Progenitor nodded. “In fact, not only am I aware of everything that had happened during the past three hundred years or so, I remember all the events that had taken place even further back in time, barring those that your grandfather had purposely hidden from me.”

“Hehe.” Qin Lie’s interest was piqued. “There’re a lot of things that I’m aren’t aware of. Can you tell me everything in detail?”

A pause later, he suddenly recalled Great Master Tian Qi. “How much do you know about that old Spirit Race clansman from earlier? Has he ever contacted you during your time here?”

“Of course,” the Curse Progenitor answered calmly. “Great Master Tian Qi had been investigating the secrets hidden in this place, so of course he’s aware of my existence. He knows that I’d purposely separated from soul from my body to fool the God Race into thinking I’m dead. He knows that I’d merged with the Sky Bearing City to lead a negligible life.”

“If only the other three progenitors were alive as well.” Qin Lie sighed.

“They’re not dead as long as their inheritances live on. The Soul Progenitor, the Blood Progenitor, the Voodoo Progenitor, and the Corpse Progenitor still live in the form of their unique inheritances. The Soul Progenitor and the Blood Progenitor especially had played a critical role behind the human race’s rise in power to become ruler of Spirit Realm. I believe they are content with their achievement even if they’d all passed away.”

The Curse Progenitor pondered for a moment before saying, “Since my body and soul have become one, and the Qin Family is soon to return, I shall execute your grandfather’s will and activate the Sky Bearing City ahead of time.”

Before Qin Lie and Miao Yizi could ask further, he suddenly exploded into thousands of dazzling diagrams. They had vanished into the ancient walls, entered the ground or vanished into the clouds above.

Qin Lie tried to sense what was going on with his soul consciousness. He discovered that the formerly lifeless city was suddenly brimming with energy, almost as if it had come back to life.


A dull, faint rumble suddenly resounded from the bottom of the Sky Bearing City. The river beds that had been dry for three hundred years suddenly flowed again as if someone had poured liquid fire into them.

The famous mountains and rivers that surrounded the Sky Bearing City also started responding as if it had built a link with the city once more.

Even the world spirit energy that had been dried up for three hundred years was slowly but surely returning to its former density.

“Isn’t this a little too soon?” Miao Yizi’s expression changed slightly. “The six great forces are sure to notice this. If they were to rush over right now…”

Even Qin Lie was frowning a bit.

But the Curse Progenitor’s voice suddenly entered their ears from seemingly nowhere, “There’s nothing to worry about. The Sky Bearing City is an impregnable fortress after it starts operating again with my soul acting as the eye of the formation. This gigantic city had taken unfathomable time and effort to build, and there’s nothing the Genesis Realm experts of the six great forces can do against it.”

“It’s that powerful?” Qin Lie exclaimed.

“Three hundred years ago, your father would’ve had nothing to fear from the six great forces if his Soul Altar had exploded near Sky Bearing City instead,” the Curse Progenitor said proudly. 

“You’re saying that the strength of all the six great forces’ Genesis Realm experts combined is still insufficient to breach the Sky Bearing City?” Qin Lie asked.

“That is correct.”

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