Chapter 136: Super Trick? (Teaser)

Chapter 136: Super Trick?

It was as if it was snowing inside the stone tower. The bench, table, and floor, all made of stone, were frozen in ice, and the horrible cold someone to feel freezing cold all over.

Outside, sunlight was shining high, the lake was shimmering, and the temperature pleasant. In contrast, the inside of the tower was like the middle of winter—practically another world compared to the outside—and it caused Tang Siqi’s expression to change as she couldn’t help but cry out in surprise.

Inside the frozen little workshop, Qin Lie’s eyes remained indifferent with not the slightest trace of emotion inside his eyes. It was as if he didn’t notice her arrival at all.

Qin Lie continued to use the simple tools to break down the bones and grind them into bone dust. From beginning to end he never lifted his head to look at her even once, treating her like air...

Tang Siqi had been raised with love and care since she was a child, and ever since she arrived at Armament Sect, she was even beholden by all eyes. She was every young man’s dream lover, and no matter where she went, she was the focus of attention. Her voluptuous figure was always chased by countless gazes, and she had never been ignored so thoroughly by anyone before.

She did not receive the passionate gaze a normal man should have from Qin Lie. The cool and indifferent look in Qin Lie’s eyes made her feel extremely uncomfortable, almost as if she was being humiliated.

However, when she bent over and looked at the bone...

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