Chapter 1359: Unusual Movements

Chapter 1359: Unusual Movements

Qin Lie closed his eyes and communicated mentally with the Spirits of Void and Chaos. He silently used the "Soul attachment" secret art of the soul race.

The six Spirits of Void and Chaos became another six pairs of eyes and roamed Sky Bearing City.

Some eyes were high up in the sky, some thousands of meters below the ground. Some observed the movements of living beings, while others looked at ores hidden around.

The scenes appeared in his mind, the entire structure of Sky Bearing City, the vast streets, the towering palaces, each tower, they all appeared clearly.

He seemed to have moved the entire Sky Bearing City into his consciousness.


A body hidden in the fourth level of the Soul Suppressing Orb seemed to be activated by a certain unknown power. It suddenly burst of the strange air bubble and flew out of the Soul Suppressing Orb.

That corpse floated in front of him...

"Ah!" Miao Yizi paled and instinctively moved away from him, her eyes shocked. "Whose corpse is this?"

Qin Lie looked in shock at the corpse and said, "The Curse Progenitor."

Miao Yizi shouted, "Why did you release his corpse?"

"It came out by itself..." Qin Lie's eyes flashed with light. He ignored Miao Yizi's shock and said, "This Sky Bearing City seems to be related to him."

"Related to his corpse?" Miao Yizi mocked.

Shaking his head, Qin Lie did not respond to her and communicated mentally with Miao Fengtian to have him deliver the Heaven Curse Diagram from Jiang Zhuzhe.

After a while, a star door opened next to the Curse Progenitor's corpse.

Miao Fengtian did not come over. The Heaven Curse Diagram that the Curse Progenitor possessed in the past slowly floated out of the star door and fell above the Curse Progenitor's body.

His thoughts moved. The space he had torn open with his Star Door latent ability slowly healed again.

He looked at the delivered item.

"Heaven Curse Diagram?" Miao Yizi said in surprise.

"Yes." Qin Lie took a deep breath, his eyes gleaming. At the same time, the Sky Bearing City that reflected in mind seemed to shine.

He closed his eyes, his soul consciousness turning into thousands of threads that stayed within the Spirits of Void and Chaos, above the clouds and in the ground.

The soul thread that raised into the clouds looked down at Sky Bearing City, looked at the wide streets and treated them like lines of a spirit diagram, hiding some profound meaning.

The soul that went underground could also see the dry riverbeds hidden in the ground that were divided in a special way.

Sky Bearing City, each street, each palace, each plaza, each courtyard. They all seemed to be arranged according to a special pattern.

Underneath the city, the twisting rivers which had flowed with geocentric fire before corresponded with some of the setup in Sky Bearing City.

The entire Sky Bearing City was a spirit diagram that had used up boundless effort and spirit materials, and was actually full of complexity!

However, this "spirit diagram" seemed to lack something important—spirit power.

"In the past, the thick world spirit energy flooded back into the mountains in the surroundings after the Qin Family left. The city became unsuitable for cultivators to cultivate. Even the geocentric fire they supplied their forging stations with flowed back to the volcanoes, causing the artificers to not be able to forge..."

Miao Yizi's words describing Sky Bearing City moved through his mind. He thought on them and finally found the crux.

The world spirit energy that had went back to the mountains and the hot geocentric fire was the spirit power source of Sky Bearing City which had been lost!

The Qin Family had made sure Sky Bearing City was not as populated and prosperous as in the past and not paid attention to by the six forces.

This unique city was only sleeping and waiting for the patriarch of the Qin Family to return and activate it again.

Once the nearby spirit energy of the world and the dense geocentric fire came in, Sky Bearing City would become just as glorious as three centuries ago in a short period of time!

"That diagram merged into the Curse Progenitor's body!" Miao Yizi shouted

Qin Lie suddenly opened his eyes and saw the Heaven Curse Diagram that Jiang Zhuzhe had found was merging with the corpse of the Curse Progenitor.

The remains of the Curse Progenitor had been filled with complicated curse patterns to begin with. When the Heaven Curse Diagram merged, the patterns on the remains seemed to grow whole.

The Heaven Curse Diagram was the last piece of the puzzle to the Curse Progenitor's secret patterns!


Suddenly, rays of prismatic light appeared from the corpse of the Curse Progenitor. They twisted together and formed ancient diagrams. There were thousands of them that appeared next to the corpse.

With the corpse as the center, the world suddenly became mysterious, each diagram bright and ethereal like fireworks that exploded but hadn't dissipated.

The entire area looked like scene taken straight out of a dream.

Qin Lie and Miao Yizi were stunned.

A corpse that had no soul became so unfathomable, and released thousands of different diagrams of light. Even if he said the body of the Curse Progenitor had nothing to do with Sky Bearing City, Miao Yizi would not believe him.

"Did the Curse Progenitor build this city?" Miao Yizi asked.

Qin Lie grimaced. "I do not know."

"I only know that Sky Bearing City existed long ago, but it was unknown and did not have many secrets. Later, the Qin Family chose the Sky Bearing City as their base, and expanded Sky Bearing City greatly. This unknown city was enlarged tenfold before it became famous," Miao Yizi explained.

Her master and the old patriarch Qin Shan were good friends and she was in contact with Qin Hao when young. The estate that she had taken Qin Lie through previously belonged to her three centuries ago.

She actually knew quite a lot about this city.

But when the corpse of the Curse Progenitor suddenly showed its secrets, she felt she was not familiar with this city she had lived in for so long.

"Sky Bearing City was not built by the Qin Family?" Qin Lie was shocked.

"No." Miao Yizi shook her head.

"It seems this city contained secret before. Otherwise, my grandfather would not have chosen Sky Bearing City as the base for the Qin Family." Qin Lie thought for a moment and said, "Maybe the first owner of this Sky Bearing City was the Curse Progenitor."

As he finished speaking, he detected extremely hidden and weak soul presences gather from all corners of Sky Bearing City.

Those soul strands seemed to be attracted by the bright diagrams around the Curse Progenitor.

"Would the old guy come back alive?" Qin Lie was shocked.

"Would he?" Miao Yizi was also shocked.

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